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Unless the writers wanted us to assume the hostility was an act. But I don't think they want this to be the ordinary promotion that happens for just any series. Whoever made the decision to have that scene cut, is an absolute fool because you're right, that whole thing was very stupid and half-assed in how it was executed. You have these two sisters going at it and then suddenly, they've made up and kill him. I'm guessing the remaining guys at Castle Black led by Edd will also be zombies. I was hoping we'd see Meera and that we'd finally meet Howland Reed, but I guess not. And the scene with Tyrion where he is so agitated and upset about Dany and her dragon roasting the Lannister army, then burning the Tarleys, is important. Tyrion showed how truly conflicted he is when confronted by the reality of what it will take for Dany to take power, and become queen of Westeros. We've also been shown how Varys and Tyrion discuss Dany among themselves and talk about how to rein her in. Then Tyrion calls her impulsive to her face, and he tells Cersei later, that Dany is a good ruler because she listens to his advice. All these are bread crumbs setting the stage for multiple betrayals. IMO. I think Varys is going to tell Dany that Tyrion is going behind her back with Cersei. Because unlike Tyrion, Varys is not torn or conflicted about Cersei, or the nobility, and the old houses of Westeros. The way it was presented made it look like she'd seen through Littlefingered and figured out how to take him down, if Bran had been the one to tell her what LF was up to she wouldn't have been at all impressive. Which of course means that Bran lost another big moment, but I can live with that. Remember, the earlier scenes leading up to this between Sansa and Arya, show the two sisters being hostile to one another. Even to the point of Sansa appearing to ask for guidance from Littlefinger. So when she calls Littlefinger's name we're supposed to be as startled as Littlefinger. He was blindsided.

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You have to protect him. Promise me. . So this episode blew away every possible favorite episode I’ve ever had. That was just so perfectly how I wanted her storyline to play out. I feel like Arya alone would have come close to making this episode my favorite. The writing seemed great for this episode, as well. Huge investment in episode 7, I assumed that SOMETHING would come of it this season. Boy, hope that Jon is not going to end in similiar fashion. Because this show is the devil, I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow in the end Sansa doesn’t kill LF, even knowing what he does. Nadia. Given what Sansa did to Ramsay, I wouldn’t be shocked at what she might to LF. I do hope HR makes an appearance in the show at some point. House Frey is done. And yes you’re totally right the Hound is a bigger character than he seems. The Hound and Sansa’s stories are linked. They downplayed it a bit in the show because of Sophie’s age in the first couple of seasons but in the books its kind of obviously a big deal. GRRM clearly wrote them as the Beauty and the Beast love story of the series and I’m certain that will come into play next season. The Hound’s role is important not only as a potential lover to Sansa but also because he acts as an agent of her awakening in more ways than one. He prompts her to see through the BS and to value truth above all (she needs him right now doesn’t she?

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Now we'll have to replace all the ship's windows, Tom reported. Now we're engaged and I'm so glad that you met Mom and you know Dad. Now we're gonna guide you into some power lines - Tom. Now we're smart, we use Terminate 1. 1 Pro! - Pakleds. Now we've got Sax and Gore in the movies and the White House! Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of the promise. (Gal 4:28). Now what are you going to do with it? - Koloth to Dax. Now what does this have to do with the movie? -- Crow T. Robot. Now what pocket did I put that sonic screwdriver in? Now where am I gonna land this modem with no carrier? Now where in the HELL are those roadmaps! - Scully to store clerk. Now where the HELL are the road - maps? - Scully (WotC).


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Fall of France Summer, 1941 - Germany invaded France and set up the Vichey government, which lasted until the Allies invaded in 1944. Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies 1940 - Formed by isolationists who believed that the U. . could avoid going to war by giving aid in the form of supplies and money to the Allies, who would fight the war for us. Smith Act Required fingerprinting and registering of all aliens in the U. . and made it a crime to teach or advocate the violent overthrow of the U. . government. Tojo (Hideki) Prime Minister of Japan (1941-1944) and leading advocate of Japanese military conquest during World War II. Election of 1940: candidates, issues Democrat - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Republican - Wendel Wrillkie (lost by almost 5 million votes). American losses were 3000, Japanese losses less than 100. In response, the U. . declared war on Japan and Germany, entering World War II. Japanese relocation The bombing of Pearl Harbor created widespread fear that the Japanese living in the U. . were actually spies. FDR issued executive order 9066, which moved all Japanese and people of Japanese descent living on the west coast of the U.


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gremlins. judo chop. arghhghg! Call me for a free readin' and I'll give you the real scoop on Rita! Leave it already, all this talk of a Rocky 6 recently from Stallone. We have also started a dead sitcom dad club -- Robert Young, Brian Keith, Robert Reed are all charter members. So, my lovely Rita, do you think this is the year I should reach out from the great beyond to all those HH-seance clubs. When it comes to accessories, handcuffs say so much more about a man than cufflinks. She's a Barrymore! Her choice of husband is profane, though, but that's another subject. Please to tell mister Jim Carrey I say tenk you viddy much. Empress of ALL of Transylvania: It's me, darling, Bela (channeling through Steve). Why can't they understate it, as in my movies, and just keep the accents heavy. As for what happened, well maybe life has become so frightening that filmmakers figure they have to go to extremes to scare us anymore. Rita, I can't believe the state of the women's movement today. Back in my time we'd just do a little jig, show some skin and the bucks would come in. Now these girls are gagging themselves, removing ribs, getting fake noses put on, and filling there boobs with goo. My greatest regret is that that last movie with Belushi: homies still ridin me for that, even on the other side. Tell the boy there's a special place for those who make it with girls young enough to be their great-grand-daughter. Oh, if you ever see those sons of mine, give em a good whack or three, won't ya.

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She is faced with a champion's duel where a riding knight of Meereen challenges her to choose a champion that will fight for her. Grey Worm, Jorah and Barristan all volunteer to stand as her champion; she refuses all three as too valuable to her. Daario Naharis, commander of the Second Sons, then volunteers to be Dany's champion, and she accepts. As Naharis quickly dispatches the Meereen champion by killing the champion's horse, Dany begins her siege of the city by speaking of freedom to the gathered slaves and then catapulting the broken chains of those she has freed across the city walls, demonstrating her previous successes. As the slaves examine the broken chains, the Great Masters look on, perhaps in fear. Conleth Hill ( Varys ) and Gwendoline Christie ( Brienne of Tarth ) very briefly appear among the wedding crowd in the background of the first scene. This was later corrected on the DVD and Blu-Ray release. She previously recurred in the second and third season. He filmed this scene before filming for his actual death scene last episode. The day will come when you think you're safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. In fact, she had not found Shae, but mistakenly thought Ros was his lover. The character is most likely named after Elio Garcia, who runs the Westeros. rg fansite, and who co-authored the World of Ice and Fire sourcebook along with his partner Linda. The only character by that name is Orys Baratheon, but he never was a king. There is the possibility that he was a local king before the Seven Kingdoms were unified, in spite of the Valyrian-sounding name. Nor does any Targaryen king match the description given for him: enacting well-received reforms but ruling less than a year before his own brother murdered him in his sleep. To construct siege engines to take Meereen, she had her army disassemble the ships which she sailed to Astapor in, which had been following her army north along the coast. It is possible that they were acquired from either the Second Sons or the Yunkish, or constructed from timber acquired on the road. She was raped and murdered at the Nightfort by unknown people. As the Hound previously explained, he is crossing back south from the Twins through the Riverlands so he can reach the Vale of Arryn and ransom Arya back to her only remaining free and wealthy relative, her aunt Lysa Arryn at the Eyrie.