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Would love to see you live, come to Nashville plz. Jerry Ratchet 5 thang tru? Everyone hating on the homie Golden BSP are just jelly cause Eazy didn't drop a collab album with them, and they don't have a clothing line either. Lil Sip Lil Chicken Strip 1 thang tru? I must say, I love Golden's verse, but it's sorta blue balling by how short it is. Sad face. pacheco2309 6 thang tru? Song should be longer bro gotta keep it on repeat. OfficialBrandonT 6 thang tru? eazy mac is my mom and golden bsp is my dad. Aryaman Shukla 3 thang tru? This guy should be poppin instead of lil pump. EazyMacOfficial 3:24 Eazy Mac X Golden BSP - Leave Me Alone (Official Video) EazyMacOfficial 2:11 Eazy Mac - Tortured Genius (Official Video) EazyMacOfficial 2:29 Eazy Mac ft.

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Then, when the musicals were made into films, the ballets were included. An American in Paris, of course, had a very daring ballet, so Arthur Freed decided that he wanted a big ballet at the end of Singin’ in the Rain—even though it didn’t really fit in the film. SINGIN’ IN THE GREEN: RAIN (1952) 15 But it turned out surprisingly well. But, if we’d had anything to say about it back then, we would have made it shorter and more appropriate to the film. It’s not really our favorite part of the picture, except for looking at Cyd Charisse. GREEN: No, we didn’t, but we definitely didn’t have Cyd in mind either. How do you feel about the scarf dance—which Kelly claims was one of the most difficult things he ever did. Which implies you weren’t so sure in the beginning. COMDEN: Well, at first, I think we were a little taken aback. It goes on so long that it heightens your awareness of what they’re actually doing with that huge scarf. And then you start wondering how the heck they’re actually doing it. COMDEN: GREEN: I think she’s a bit sexier than that. It was cut from the film because it slowed down the narrative, but Kelly has always said that it was one of the best dances he ever did in his whole career.

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, Ma Yen, Phu? g Hoang, K. Le Sat, Luu Nhan Chu bi m? sai tu? g Tr? L? ra danh r? v. Li? Thang du? theo Tr? L? d?

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Advocate is none other than dynamic Malaysian fitness instructor Ishaq Vadillo. As a young man trying to support his family through financial difficulties, he was repeatedly told he was too young and wasn’t taken seriously. However, he persisted and took on various jobs before discovering fitness as a passion. It all starts with determination and perseverance. R U Tough Enough? Southeast Asia is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 and above. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for closed-door auditions and a total of four finalists will be chosen to represent Malaysia together with the previous winner Vincent Mallang, a fitness trainer from Sarawak. The finalists will then take part in a “Final Showdown” at Sunway Pyramid on December 2. ince its launch in Malaysia in 2014, R U Tough Enough. And this year, the competition launched for the first time in Singapore and will be introduced to Vietnam as well. Taking centre stage at the showcase was the Nikon Z7. Both D-SLRs and mirrorless cameras have their own unique characteristics and strengths. It is our belief that these two systems will continue to coexist as both are equally popular among consumers.

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All these potentialities also become extended beyond the material world into representation in language and written texts. From this position to the introduction of hermeneutics as a concept there is only one small step. In anticipation of Facebook’s new profile interface, the Timeline: Tell your life story with a new kind of profile it’s worth noting how various brands have used the same strategy to creep into our lives. Their campaign It’s good that some dreams never come true features a young girl wishing when she grows up to “wear pink leggings and dance in the disco with a man in a crimson jacket”. Meanwhile, in another execution, a young boy wishes to “become a businessman, drive a Lada 6 and be married to a top model”. Facebook’s Timeline, giving consumers the chance to narrate and curate their own unfolding life stories, will bring further attention to these symbolic contact points between brands and biographies. And if brands give us a way to tell our stories, from everyday interactions to overviews of life stages, perhaps one day we could even rewrite As You Like It just by listing brand names. And a recent ad for San Miguel lager reveals its narrator, at the end, to be the beer itself. It’s not strictly prosopopeia, as the car doesn’t speak in its own voice. But it’s in the same conceptual ballpark: the object or product becomes a living thing with subjectivity of its own. But to find this trope in the serious register of high-end advertising might signify a bigger change. We’re already used to cars and devices that speak to us. India has caught up with the West in the 21st century.


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Television takes a break, and horror takes over the high-def titles from the past. We wrap up the show with Denise and the Quick Flicks, and we wrap up the year with this final 2016 edition of The Weekly Podioplex, brought to you on The Chronic Rift Network. Quick Flicks Cruella The National Film Registry’s 2016 additions Gotham City Sirens Star Trek Discovery Links Visit the Chronic Rift site Send us an e-mail Tweet on Twitter: The Chronic Rift, The Weekly Podioplex, Denise, and Michael Listen on Stitcher Radio Leave a review on iTunes: The Chronic Rift Shop the Rift’s Best Bets or search our Amazon Store. Direct download: Podioplex122016. p3 Category: The Weekly Podioplex. Barbara is given the opportunity when she is mistaken for an Aztec god. For her, it's the perfect opportunity to end some of the barbaric behavior of the Aztecs, but for others, it's an opportunity to jockey for power and in doing so, endangers the lives of the time travelers. Current Rankings 1 - Marco Polo 2 - The Daleks 3 - The Aztecs 4 - An Unearthly Child 5 - Edge of Destruction 5 - The Keys of Marinus. We start off with Eve Arden in “Our Miss Brooks. It’s Christmas Eve, and Connie seems destined to spend it alone (if you don’t count her pathetic little Christmas tree), but what would a Christmas comedy be without a little miracle. Then it’s time to “Meet Me at Parky’s,” where that congenial Greek restaurateur, Parky himself, will spend the end of December looking for tickets to the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game in Pasadena. This may be the last week on top for our animated heroine, but Disney's doing pretty well as they debut Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In home entertainment, it's super-villains working off prison sentences, peculiar children with super powers, and a biblical epic to start things off.

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I'm actually quite glad to not be preached to any more. Their episode reviews are thorough, and they take a good line between revealing the plot from the books without giving away spoilers. The one major problem with this podcast is that Jim and A. on get so negative at times, often without good reason. This is especially the case during season 6, which is universally understood as one of the better seasons. Related More from Game of Owns - The Game of Thrones podcast. Takes podcast, hosted by Kevin Peterford, Thomas Levy, and Steven. The podcast is hosted by Kevin Peterford, Steven Gonzalez, and Thomas Levy. If you are looking for exciting takes regarding movie and television news, this is the podcast for you. Jose hears from game director Dustin Browder about Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. We go behind the scenes of The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. Jose enters the world of virtual reality in a new way with the Virtuix Omn. Based on our viewers’ overall rating for each service.

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I’m not proposing that we include dogs and pigs and insects in our Constitution as individuals. I don’t think they have much more place there than do corporations, which have falsely claimed constitutional rights. But we might want to consider giving our environment as a whole a right to survive. In September 2008, Ecuador created a new Constitution by a two-thirds public vote that included some changes that we might want to avoid (such as aggrandized executive power) and others we might want to consider, such as the recognition of legally enforceable rights of nature or ecosystem. While an ecosystem can’t sue on its own behalf over violation of its rights, people can do so for it. We should have a right to decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing. We should have a right to health care of equal high quality. These are things that ought not to be privileges for the wealthy but things to which we all have adequate access, in other words: rights. These should include the right to form and join a labor union and the right to strike, the right to employment (not to be confused with antilabor laws that go by the misleading name “right to work”), and the right to a living wage — that is to say, just and favorable remuneration for work ensuring for the worker and their family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection. We should have the right to a reasonable limitation of working hours and to periodic paid holidays. Not all of this will be acceptable to the US Chamber of Commerce, but most of it will make sense to most Americans. Each month, every adult would receive a check from the government for the exact same amount. These checks, notes the Citizen Policies Institute, would be “large enough to meet basic costs of food and shelter.

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Joffrey died, which planted the seeds of Tyrion killing Tywin, which left the Lannisters wide open and emboldened House Martell to Kill Myrcella and House Tyrell to rise, which left Cersei and Tommen in vulnerable positions causing Cersei to make extremely bad decisions that left her family more powerless. This eventually led Cersei to undo her mistake by eliminating her enemies not knowing that this action would push Tommen to kill himself and this created a further rift between Jaimie and Cersei and ultimately Jamie left her at the end of season 7. Cersei from the start has always sought power for the sake and security of her family not for the sake of just having power. Yes, Cersei is evil but her family has been her motivation from day one. So yes Cersei cares about the Iron Throne but she has always held her family dear. That’s why I feel like Sansa is the YMBQ and not Dany because Sansa seems to fit the bill for Cersei’s prophecy. Now this is what I think it means for Sansa in Season 8: 1. Sansa and Jon will be endgame and will get married for love and Jon will be the future King of the Seven Kingdoms. I’m going to get into Jon becoming King in a future meta but ultimately I think Jon and Sansa’s relationship is going to be critical in season 8. I personally believe that they are the future of not only the North but of Westeros. The way I see it, Sansa and Jon are the best hope for Westeros. There is a reason that they have the healthiest dynamic on the show right now and they are shown as co rulers. I think this is foreshadowing a greater role for both of them as the future King and Queen.