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20 to 22, at Cinema Under the Stars in Mission Hills. Screens at 11:55 p. . Saturday, Oct. 22, and 11 a. . Oct. 23, at the Ken Cinema. Screens at 6 p. .

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Box attached well. That's fine. Fun, but fine. Theoretically, it should work good if I will link other parts - I'm on the way. I wouldn't wonder if the angry brown box appeared very soon, too. That's fine in the 3ds max (3 bones), but looks like in the game it's just attached to one bone. Anyway, I can do THAT, of course, but it doesn't look pretty I'll keep looking. BTW, does anyone have saved files from this thread. I couldn't find them on my HD yet, maybe I never had them. His legs ARE OK.

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I have gone well over my word limit and I still have more to say about fucking Secret Window. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner, crying about the future of the Fantastic Beasts franchise. What should have been an exciting beginning to an extraordinary franchise instead became an orthodox YA adaptation in the vein of The Maze Runner and Divergent. Director Nikolaj Arcel and Hollywood Hack Akiva Goldsman took King’s magnum opus and distilled it down to a ramshackle 90-minute gasp that was as forgettable as it was maddening. Look, it was never going to be easy to adapt The Dark Tower series, especially outside of the television medium, but most fans would agree that better minds might have prevailed. Sadly, the only ones who truly remembered the faces of their fathers on this go-around were Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers, two actors that seemingly appeared straight out of another movie. Hopefully, they’ll find the right one in the near future, but let’s not palaver over that fool’s dream for too long. Oy. No Smoking is a 2007 take on King’s short story Quitters, Inc. (previously adapted in 1984 for the film Cat’s Eye ) from director Anurag Kashyap.


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Since there were none and infrared signatures were absent from the stairwell, she opened the door and mounted the stairs. Extending her weapon in front of her, she began to climb. He had received Skinner’s notice that Scully was moving, and maintaining radio silence as long as she could. She was trying to find a maintenance worker who could give them the code to the furnace room, to disarm some kind of a bomb Drexler had put there. He pointed to the teenager, Nathan. “You! Boy! Get up! . Mulder was ready to jump if necessary, hoping this kid wouldn’t be stupid enough to say something provocative.

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You may wish to elicit further information about a particular event that the patient experienced. For example, in cognitive-behavioural 19: HYPNOTIC PROCEDURES IN PSYCHODYNAMIC THERAPY 235 therapy you may be asking questions such as 'What are you feeling emotionally at this point? ; 'Where in your body are you experiencing that? ; and 'What thoughts are you having at this point? 2. You may wish to help the patient access positive feelings and resources, as in the 'clenched fist' procedure (Ch. 12) and in certain desensitisation methods for counter-conditioning anxiety (see Ch. 20). 3. You may wish to help the patient re-experience, re-interpret or reconstruct a significant memory in a more adaptive way, or imagine more effective coping.

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Khairlanji might have appeared less deserving of national coverage due the comparatively small number of casualties. When Dalit massacres became frequent in the late 1970’s (due to the growing politicisation and assertion of Dalit villagers), they became of some use to the central government, which attempted to oust their political rivals in several states through the imposition of president’s rule (Brass 1998; Mendelsohn and Vicziani, 1998). The Khairlanji case obviously lacked such political salience, insofar as the Congress was part of the government both at the centre and in Maharashtra, the latter thus being supported by the former. Different opposition parties in Maharashtra did make noise on the issue during the opening of the winter assembly session in early December with the sole aim of destabilising the coalition government. But the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, gave a clean chit to the Maharashtra government, notwithstanding the protestors’ allegations of official complicity in concealing the massacre. Despite its support to the central government, the CPI(M) was the only national party to support the agitation by sending its feminist leader and politburo member, Brinda Karat, in Vidarbha. On 10 November, while the protests were reaching their height, she condemned the concealment of the rape by the local authorities during a press conference of the KDHKS and expressed her indignation, thus providing legitimacy to the issue and to the protestors’ outraged reaction, whose violent protest on Nagpur streets was at its peak. In this regard, one may think of the community’s public manifestation of outrage as a partly organised and partly spontaneous act of public communication addressed to the state and the media. It meant making sufficient noise and creating enough of a nuisance that the administration would reconsider its indifferent attitude, and the media would start reporting Dalit atrocities as critical issues. The Dalit activists’ ability to stage publicly such an insurgency, their communal discourse and networks thus proved to be the more efficient to raise an alarm, compared to other progressive networks and discourses that called on the responsibility of Indian citizens.

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