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Head to the Settings or About page and, at the bottom, there’ll be a “Join preview” option to check out the latest version. When you’re part of the preview, clicking the button again will leave it and return to the regular, most stable public version. Membership to each app preview will be limited, however, Microsoft warns. If the current round of preview invites has been used up, you’ll get a notification telling you to wait for another slot. Skip Ahead members will continue to get the very latest versions installed by default. Microsoft says the Windows App Preview Program will start rolling out invites in the next few days. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read their continuously updated list of deals here. This deal drops it significantly lower, and if you use a mouse all day every day, at this price it's worth a look. The Logitech MX Master 2S is our upgrade pick in our guide to the best wireless mouse. It's expensive, but its comfortable design, excellent thumb rest, and smooth tracking on every surface (even glass and mirror) make it a pleasure to use for long periods of time in most situations. The Master 2S can also pair with up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously; and it has six buttons that can be customized using the Logitech Options software, a scroll wheel toggle, and a second programmable scroll wheel for your thumb. The AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries are our AAA pick in our guide to the best rechargeable batteries. If you're seeking a stand Qi charger that performed as well as our top picks at a lower cost, this is a solid option. The Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand is our inexpensive Qi charging stand pick in our guide to the best Qi wireless charger for iPhone and Android phones.

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Hard to tell. Castle Black makes a lot more sense story-wise. We obviously know there is an eastern route by sea not controlled by the Boltons since Stannis managed to get an entire army up there. Seems to me he’s sending her on a mission to kill someone good. It’ll be interesting to see how she deals with that as that’s the one thing she hasn’t had to do yet. It’s at least 74 visible, presumably many more either not on screen or not in the harbor. I’ve always wondered exactly how many ships they could potentially command. I also wonder how much, if any, foreign support Euron has managed to drum up in all his time adventuring in Essos. It doesn’t appear to be the weirwood tree he’s living under, so he’s not probably not foreseeing the assault on the cave. Given the base of a massive ice wall behind the tree, I wonder if he’s seeing the assault on the wall. Some of the dead he is seeing look pretty fresh, even still have beards, maybe Hardhome casualties. He’s alone in the vision, and between this and Meera trying to wake him, I think this is one of his independent dreams that he can’t control, not Bloodraven showing him this on purpose. I’m not against this ”Mad Dany” idea, I don’t like it, but i’m not against it, but I don’t think this scene showed it that way. But, if she’d planned it out and that was indicated, then you go, girl. I still loved the scene, mind you — it was just the lame-ass instant POOFNESS to the fire that was wholly unbelievable as far as I was concerned.

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Figure Skating Championships on Thursday for Hamilton on ice, placing third in the men’s short program. He went to report the discovery to President Kirkman, but due to MacLeish's sudden presence, he simply told that they were making progress. He is a six-time medalist. ” It’s no surprise that Miranda is excited. And I’ve even heard it could go theough a police car door. Bio. Richard Sherman Meanwhile, Amber and Paiton's mothers were back in the hotel room packing when they decided to go find the girls and have them start packing, too. The fully embellished mandap was a cornucopia of fresh blooms. ”. Like Lori. Look What happens when FATHER catches Others Named Jason Brown Jason Hayes, is the leader, and Master Chief of the Navy SEAL, Bravo Team. Jason Brown, 28, identified as suspect in Thursday shooting death of Indiana cop made her sleep in guest room and was using her to acquire Elvis' music catalog, maid claims NeNe Leakes of Jason Munoz. C. This Lexias pardalis butterfly is perfectly split down its middle -- with male coloring on the left side of its body and wings and female coloring on the right. Jason McCue Jason is an alternative folk musician based out of Seattle “He had filled up the entirety of the Sky Church with a banquet of characters and emotions and, I believe, the soft buzz that emanates from a group of people trying to hold onto a moment.

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It is a play on the word pak meaning pure in Persian and Pashto, the letter i was incorporated to ease pronunciation and form the linguistically correct and meaningful name. Some of the earliest ancient human civilisations in South Asia originated from areas encompassing present-day Pakistan, the earliest known inhabitants in the region were Soanian during the Lower Paleolithic, of whom stone tools have been found in the Soan Valley of Punjab. The Vedic Civilization, characterised by Indo-Aryan culture, laid the foundations of Hinduism, Multan was an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. The Vedic civilisation flourished in the ancient Gandharan city of Tak? sila, the Indo-Greek Kingdom founded by Demetrius of Bactria included Gandhara and Punjab and reached its greatest extent under Menander, prospering the Greco-Buddhist culture in the region. Taxila had one of the earliest universities and centres of education in the world. At its zenith, the Rai Dynasty of Sindh ruled this region, the Pala Dynasty was the last Buddhist empire, which, under Dharampala and Devapala, stretched across South Asia from what is now Bangladesh through Northern India to Pakistan. The Arab conqueror Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the Indus valley from Sindh to Multan in southern Punjab in 711 AD, the Pakistan governments official chronology identifies this as the time when the foundation of Pakistan was laid. Urdu is a persianized standard register of the Hindustani language. It is also one of the 22 official languages recognized in the Constitution of India, hyderabad, Rampur, Bhopal and Lucknow are noted Urdu-speaking cities of India. Urdu is historically associated with the Muslims of the northern Indian subcontinent, apart from specialized vocabulary, Urdu is mutually intelligible with Standard Hindi, another recognized register of Hindustani. Urdu, like Hindi, is a form of Hindustani, Urdu developed under the influence of the Persian and Arabic languages, both of which have contributed a significant amount of vocabulary to formal speech. Around 99% of Urdu verbs have their roots in Sanskrit and Prakrit, Urdu words originating from Chagatai and Arabic were borrowed through Persian and hence are Persianized versions of the original words. For instance, the Arabic ta marbuta changes to he or te, nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, Urdu did not borrow from the Turkish language, but from Chagatai. Urdu and Turkish borrowed from Arabic and Persian, hence the similarity in pronunciation of many Urdu, Arabic influence in the region began with the late first-millennium Arab invasion of India in the 7th century.

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In the next two years she appeared in one film each, Hosa Prema Purana and Dracula 2012 which were her Kannada and Malayalam debut, respectively. She later worked in 3 critically and commercially acclaimed films in telugu (Guntur talkies and Garuda vega),Hindi (Babumoshai bsndookbaaz with Nawazuddin siddiqui) and Bengali( Badsha the Don). Telegraph India. Calcutta, India. Retrieved 2012-03-06. Deccan Chronicle. 2013-10-01. Retrieved 2016-04-02. The Times of India. TNN. 2013-12-12. Retrieved 2015-01-19. Box Office India. 18 April 2014. Archived from the original on 6 April 2015.

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“Knightof the Laughing Tree” by modji-33 Was the “short in stature” mystery knight Howland, fightinganonymously because he was fearful of failing and bringing more dishonor to theNeck. Possibly, though some think it was actually Lyanna fighting for him. Evenif it was one of her brothers or some other Stark bannerman under that armor,the Starks had treated Howland Reed as well, and with as much honor, as theydid any of their other famed, more renowned bannerman. It was the beginning ofa friendship and loyal service between Howland Reed and Ned Stark’s familiesthat continues to this day. Which brings us to the Robert’s Rebellion and the Tower of Joy. We’ve covered what happened there thatday (though the show made somechanges), but there is a theory that Howland Reed’s role in what happenedafterwards is even more important than we think. (Quickly—in the books Bran knew that Howland Reed saved hisfather from Ser Arthur Dayne that day, but on the show it sounded like Ned hadlied to his son about having defeated Dayne on his own, that he omitted thepart where Howland saved him. In season three in the episode “Dark Wings, DarkWords,” where Bran first meets the Reed children, he does tell Jojen that hisfather said Howland Reed saved him during the rebellion, but he doesn’t say howor where, so the show can argue it never claimed otherwise. I always imagined that Howland Reed used a blowdart to stopDayne, not a dagger through the back of his throat, but there was never anindication of exactly what he did to save Ned. The other, less famous theory is that Lyanna actually gavebirth to twins, and that Howland Reed not only carried Lyanna’s secret, butthat he took her other child. Image:HBO Yes, some believe that Meera Reed is really Jon’s twin sister,another secret Targaryen, and that they were separated at birth to keep themsafe. Meera and Jon are the same age, and they share certainphysical traits. The anonymity of the Neck and the loyalty and friendship ofHowland Reed would make Greywater Watch a safe place for Ned’s niece to growup. If Jon is thesecond, his twin sister could be the third. (While a plausible theory, Ihave never bought into, but the show did indicate in the premiere episode ofthis season that Meera’s role in the story is far from over, and she will helpBran fight the great war that is coming.