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'He tells me it would really suit me,' he said. 'Liverpool is a great club with a lot of history. One day I would like to try a league like the Premier League. Let's see what happens. 'When I was a kid on the Canary Islands, we followed the fortunes of Manchester United and Liverpool. There are a lot of great teams in England. For all that Premier League influence growing up, his first team was not English, although it did have an Englishman in it. He laughs when he is reminded of the Englishman dubbed 'Vinny Sideways' at home but rated so highly in Spain that Las Palmas boss Angel Cappa made him the fulcrum of his team's midfield. 'I was a big fan,' Vitolo said. 'I talk to Lionel Scaloni, the Sevilla coach who played against Samways, and he says: 'Yeah, but Vinny was a bit crazy, eh. A great player but a bit crazy'. 'I remember going to games with my father and my friends and Vinny used to lose his temper with everyone! Samways was sent off six times but the Las Palmas supporters loved him and he made his mark on Vitolo. 'When Samways was on the pitch I was in the stand,' he said. 'I used to sit with the Under 12s and watch the game. The players used to come over and celebrate goals with us. That was in the old stadium and I was often a ball boy, too. I would wait for the players after the game to get a shirt signed.

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That was epic, he comes in lightning fast and strafes the battlements a bit, getting a feel for the defenses. Once he realizes that they have NOTHING to stop him, lol, he goes in for the continuous fire stream to break down that section of the wall, the dragon just hovers mid air at the sweet spot burning away the infrastructure. This Ice Dragon seems alot more coordinated and precise than normal dragons. Bran: It means I can see everything that ever happened, everything that is happening. Sam: Oh. Bran: By the way, why did you come here again. He knows why he came, he just wants him to say it - this is how Bran makes small talk now. That old ironborn guy was almost out of breath at the end. Kinda cheesy, Theon was getting his ass kicked, but thru the miracle of not having balls anymore, he managed to knock him out. I Don't think Theon killed the guy, I think he's still alive. His plan taking Castlery Rock was outwitted by Jaime's army. I believe Cersie may have said something to him inside her chambers that probably got him a little persuaded to fight with the Lannisters side again and turn against Dany. It just adds another complication into the mix that Tyrion would rather not have. It was hard enough getting Jon to bend the knee, he didn't expect Dany to bend to her knees in front of Jon too. So clearly this is an important piece of information. When Bob’s son, Luke (Joey Morgan), comes to live with them after a stint in rehab and finds himself in a dilemma, Erica and her friends embark on a series of hijinks to find justice for her potential future stepbrother. The comedy sequel reunites the core cast (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn) while bringing in their mothers (Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines and Susan Sarandon) in a Christmas themed comedy, with the hopes that the holiday hook will dull the potential for a comedic sequel downturn. He’s talking about Chris, a filmmaker, who is sitting right next to him at the table.


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Even so, Jon agrees that now is not the right time to go to Dragonstone. At another gathering of the Northern lords Jon informs them of Sam's discovery and Daenerys's invitation telling them that he has decided to accept. Many of the Lords, including Sansa, openly disapprove, but Jon stresses that they need both the dragonglass and powerful allies like Daenerys to have any chance at defeating the Night King. He names Sansa as Regent to rule in his place until he returns. Littlefinger tries to sweet talk Jon, but he sees through his manipulation and starts to walk away. Littlefinger informs Jon of his love for Sansa, which causes him to lose his temper and start to strangle him. Jon threatens Littlefinger saying that he will kill him if he ever touches Sansa. He then leaves the crypt and gives a farewell nod to Sansa before joining Davos on the ride to White Harbor, where they will take a ship to Dragonstone. Jon also introduces Davos while Tyrion introduces Missandei, who requests that they surrender their weapons. Jon and his entourage hand over their weapons to Daenerys Targaryen 's Dothraki guards. Davos remarks that it was a paradise full of palm trees. Jon and Tyrion talk about Sansa's marriage to Tyrion. Tyrion assures Jon that it was a sham and remarks that she is a lot smarter than she lets on, which Jon agrees. While Jon is aware about the fate of the previous Starks who had met with the Mad King, Jon insists that he is not a Stark. Jon and Davos are startled at the sight of Drogon and Viserion flying low over the causeway and dive to the ground, while an amused Missandei and Tyrion retain their composure. Melisandre responds to his prodding that she parted on bad terms with Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth because of terrible mistakes she made. Daenerys thanks Jon for travelling so far but insists that he is a mere Lord. Davos begs to differ but Daenerys responds that there has been no King in the North ever since Torrhen Stark bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror and adds that an oath lasts for perpetuity.


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International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group. Health Observatory data repository. 2016. Online data base. Development Policy and the University of California. Cycling Scenario: The Potential for Dramatically Increasing Bicycle and E-bike. Use in Cities Around the World, with Estimated Energy, CO2, and Cost Impacts. Forum data set does not include information for all countries considered in. HEAT. For these countries, fatality data from WHO (8) were used. Africa, which is similar to those found in higher-income countries such as. France. The lowest value of the range is used in HEAT to obtain conservative. Five levels of reliability were considered based on. Institute for Transportation and Development Policy; and. Sustainable Transport Approaches (PASTA): protocol for a multi-centre. UK. The Lancet, 2012.


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At one of the castle's exits, he helps Brienne and Podrick into a boat. Brienne tries to convince Brynden to come along, but he insists on not running away from this fight. He tells Brienne to continue serving Sansa and assures her that she will do a better job of it than he has done. As Brienne and Podrick escape, the Blackfish stays behind for a final stand against several Lannister soldiers. On the ramparts, Jaime is informed of the Blackfish's death. He then sees Brienne and Podrick rowing away on their boat. He quietly waves goodbye, to which Brienne waves back. Hellewell, Rowley Irlam, Jonny McBride, Leona McCarron, Richard Mead, Carly Michaels, Sian Milne, Camilla Naprous, Jason Oettle, Radoslav Parvanov, Andy Pilgrim, Oleg Podobin, Paul Shapcott, Jonny Stockwell, Gary Greenberg and Sonny Louis were stunt performers in this episode. In response, they almost always tell her she lies, implying that she has not given up yet her past identity as Arya Stark, therefore she is not ready to join the Faceless Men. The Night's Watch, Bran Stark and his subplot, The Vale, Samwell and Gilly in the Reach, and House Greyjoy also do not appear in this episode. No storylines in the North appear at all, neither Jon and Sansa's new Stark army or Ramsay Bolton at Winterfell. Most of the episode focuses on the converging subplots at the siege of Riverrun. Then he indeed killed them all (with Arya's help), and rode off eating a piece of their chicken. Lysa thought he was making fun of her, so she cut him off before he could explain what exactly he did with these. Thus Sansa never made any effort to contact her Tully relatives at Riverrun again, or ask them for help. That being said, her attempts to contact Brynden now aren't a very drastic change, as she would probably try to at least contact them if they still held Riverrun: in the episode itself, Brynden regretfully points out that Riverrun itself is besieged and he is in no position to send men north to help Sansa against the Boltons. The TV series had Brienne spot Sansa on the road out of the Vale, and thus follow her to Winterfell, where she spent the rest of Season 5 largely waiting for Sansa to light a candle in a window as a signal (actress Gwendoline Christie has openly said that after Season 5, fans would walk up to her on the street and complain that she didn't do much in Season 5 other than wait for a candle). Brienne's storyline picked up again at the beginning of Season 6, however, and gave a plausible and unconvoluted reason to send Brienne back to the Riverlands, and thus her subplot from the fourth novel: Sansa simply commands her to head south and try to develop a line of communication with her Tully allies commanded by her great-uncle Brynden.


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House Hewitt, the house that has held dominion of Oakenshield Island down south, has an interesting sigil: it’s an oak and iron shield on a field of blue and white wavy stripes. The blue and white coloring represents the ocean, but also matches the colors of the Others, who are the real monsters from the see. Lucifer’s frozen lake in the ninth circle, to be exact. He planted the living “Oakenseat” at Highgarden for the descendants of his firstborn son, Garth Gardener, to rule upon. Two other sons are John the Oak and Owen Oakenshield, so there’s a whole lotta oak goin on, is what I’m saying. It makes sense that oaken summer king people would defend against symbols of the Others. Lord Hewitt and his family suffer badly at Euron’s hand, and Euron gives Oakenshield to Gnute the Barber. But the Ironborn are like Others, and they rely on both goats and the sea for sustenance, according to TWOIAF. The ironborn would surely suffer famine every winter but for the endless bounty of the sea and the fisherfolk who reap it. And they believe they descend from merlings for that matter, so there you have it. They are pirates of the green Dothraki Sea that believe it’s literally wrong to plant crops in the ground (think, “we do not sew. ) Now check this line from TWOIAF about their sea goats. I have lots of notes prepped for the other six, but it will take some time to follow all the trail sand write them. I will do my best not to leave it hanging so long, so hopefully you’ll get that one soon. Welcome to your court-side seat to history in the making. That’s right. It’s the wordplay that was promised, the hidden key to understanding all the merling and squisher symbolism and, more importantly, the key to the weirwoodnet. Ever wonder why there are so many fish people legends on the margins of ASOIAF.


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Jisung probably turned the heat on for you seeing that it was pouring outside. You let your bag slide off your back and hit the floor. This got Jisung’s attention that you were finally home from working at the on-campus bakery. I was on a art hiatus for a while to take a break but I’m kinda back to it now. I made him years ago and he's always been one of the closest to my heart. I'm definitely going to go back and draw a lot of my old characters with my newer style. For my MA I’m creating characters and environments for a fantasy based RPG game. Susan started as a joke but I love her So Much ? uy me a coffee. If anyone knows the OP lemme know in the comments ty. Wolfie part two. Nearly done. Just the max darks and lights to add tomorrow. A wolf doesn’t concern himself with opinions of sheep. That’s a good quote for early chapters Bakugou, he’s come so far since then. What do you think, want to see me wear this look again. Released 38 ago today: The Howling (1981) Dir by Joe Dante. Rick Baker was originally doing the special effects for this movie, but he left to do An American Werewolf in London (1981), leaving the effects job for this movie in the hands of assistant Rob Bottin.


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Howard said women have struggled to get leadership roles since. No Texas woman has ever served as Senate president or House speaker. Richards, a Democrat, worked her way to the top, serving first as a county commissioner and the state's treasurer. But her campaign for governor was said to get a boost not by something she did, but by something her male competitor, Clayton Williams, a Republican, said. Electing more women to state legislatures may help reduce some of the masculine culture that allows discrimination to proliferate, Sinzdak said. Female lawmakers across the country report that it's harder for them to fundraise than men, although research shows no gender disparity. In Nevada, for example, the organization helped five Democratic women get elected in 2016. This year, the state ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. In Texas, Thompson proposed an amendment that created the state's first alimony law, and authored bills that were enacted into law requiring insurers to cover more forms of birth control, HPV screening and mammograms. She agrees that having women around changes the conversation. While the Sixers don't mention it, they never intended to select Embiid. They tanked during the 2013-14 with the hope of getting Andrew Wiggins, Embiid's Kansas teammate at the time. At the time, the Sixers thought they had a franchise center in Nerlens Noel. They even traded then-All-Star Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans on the night of the 2013 NBA draft for Noel, shortly after the Pelicans selected him sixth overall. Things changed after Cleveland Cavaliers took Wiggins first and the Milwaukee Bucks selected Parker second in the 2014 draft. So with the third pick, the Sixers basically had no choice but to select the injured Embiid in what was regarded as a three-player draft. He's a guy who was sidelined his first two seasons and missed 51 games last season with injuries. But there's no denying that when it comes to finding and developing unheralded players, Covington is part of the process.