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I’m sure there are some people who mix them up as well. Seriously do they think we’re such dimwits that we’d confuse Asha with Osha. It sounds more Ironborn-y than “Asha”, which sounds too modern, IMO. Not a good name for a tough-as-nails type of character. “Yara” sounds tougher with the hard consonant of “r” in there. Im only finishing book three right now and as the show didn’t speak of Edric, I think Ive only heard of Gendry at this point of the story line. I think Asha and her loyalists will flee to align with either Dany or the northern houses. Because Euron is a very evil man who Asha believes murdered her father. I think Yara gets axed this season could be a way to streamline the ironborn story and get rid of characters who should have less to do going forward Maybe but didn’t GRRM confirm Asha would return as a pov in TWOW. Asha is probably the only Iron Islander that I like. Unless you think that she won’t be recognized as the heir because she is female and that Euron will be elected. Thus forcing her to abandon her homelands to go to another alliance. In that case I can agree that she would want to jump ship “pun intended” and go to another allegiance. But since its not too important to the story I will. Euron then marries her to very old Eric Ironmaker without Asha even being present. I think Damphair even says go find your brother and bring him home because he believes Theon has a stronger claim. I agree. The actors said more characters are interacting with characters they haven’t met before this season. I believe Theon and Yara will meet and look for new alliances in order to recover the power in the Iron Islands. They will take ships to Danny to travel to Westeros.

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yes, but I'm actually hoping the NK turns the Mountain against her (. And even then the underwater parts of the island may have been sheer. So when the old witch told Dany that her son will conquer the seven kingdoms (or something like that) in season 1 or 2, was she prophesying about Jon and her son. I liked the storyline but feel it would take up half a book if GRRM goes that way. I thought it hadn't, so I was confused that the Hound knew who he was. Surely the Hound, like everyone else, would assume his brother was dead. I even thought I heard Cersei refer to him as 'Ser Robert' in the finale, but could be wrong. The general populace probably avoid thinking about such things I'd guess:). Nothing to show that they were actually playing Baelish at all. If they all knew it was Baelish that was going to be on trial, Sansa could have just ordered guards to seize Baelish and bring him to court. But no, let's have this sham trial and have Arya walk out for no reason just to try to shock the audience when Sansa addresses Baelish. Baelish has been doing this longer than Sansa and Arya have been alive. And of course, the show can't help but throw in cornball lines, so Sansa throws in the 'I play a little game, I assume the worst' line that Baelish had just said to her. Because he said that to her just before so now she's saying it to him. Not like they needed to record his confession on tape. Just like we never saw Bolton do the deal behind the Starks back but we saw the aftermath. I don't feel every little thing needs explaining or air time but that might be just me. Let's show the sisters talk about each other how one is going to kill the other, portray it as real, only for it to not eventuate but instead transform into Baelish dying. In retrospect it did look easy for him at winterfel. Arya was sick of his cry baby sulking and just put the turd out of his misery.


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Although it’s supposed to be a comedy, it doesn’t pull many laughs. Vince Vaughn is too type-cast, and his attachment to Jennifer Connelly just isn’t believable. She is convincing in her concern for him, but he doesn’t seem to have a clue about what is involved in a loving relationship. The other couple is not believable as two people who have been married for years. I kept wondering how Ron Howard and Jennifer Connelly could have been involved in this film. I wonder why some people think these kinds of stories are funny. Hardback Book by Kurt Seligmann published in Great Britain in 1971. When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master. Plus, it helps tie in A New Hope directly with my third favourite Star Wars film, Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Each of us moves through life encountering teachers, those who already have key abilities of intelligence, judgment and experience, realized as wisdom. An excellent coincidence that George Lucas used to his advantage when building the lore of Star Wars for us young fans. Thus making those initial choices seem intentional and enmeshed with later stories. The value of of prequels and sequels is that they enrich an already great story. When the content lines up, exploration of themes is worthwhile. And when you watch Revenge of the Sith, you can see how handily Obi-Wan beat Anakin, how he admonished him for taking a risk and getting cut down, but only because Obi-Wan had wisdom which Anakin did not. Through repeated viewings, with different genres, and by having shared experiences. A popular one that is a perfect example of this is a parent watching one of their favourite movies with their child. You witness their emotions as they experience similar feelings that you had the first time you enjoyed that art, and then you gain the enjoyment of sharing that art with them, plus another bond you now have available in relating to your child. I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it. Cross Talk is a passion project, and this exemplifies that passion very well.