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They shot KL city streets in Spain, but most of our vision of what Westeros landscapes look like come from Northern Ireland or Iceland. The dragon flying overhead in the vision pretty much secures the city’s survival until Dany hits. I don’t think Cersei is currently thinking about the pots of wildfire. It’s definitely not hinted at in her storyline, yet. Aside from the common threat she makes “burn THEIR cities to the ground”. That can’t happen in the coming three episodes, even if they’re exceptionally long and even though we haven’t seen Bran for a while. In all honesty, I’d rather have Dany say goodbye to Meereen with a fiery bang, then the Wall coming down, to preferably they’d sync. Dany has a lot of things she can do in two seasons of being in Westeros (seeking alliances), while the White Walkers will become tiresome and aimless. So I doubt we’ll see KL burn (entirely), as Cersei hasn’t been mentioning the WF at all. Heck, I’d take that over CleganeBowl to be honest. Such as that it is likely that Bran has been moving south and is close to the Wall when we next see him. Like how Ramsay has probably already set-up his battlements by the time we next see him, and how Tyrion is now just chilling after an absence of two episodes. I do think it would be a fun plot twist to destroy the Iron Throne and all of KL before Dany even arrives, but I really don’t see it happening this season. Or perhaps Drogon’s dragonfire during the attack will accidentally ignite the hidden wildfire, causing a chain reaction and Dany accidentally destroys the whole city. Oops. The North of Spain has more to do with Ireland than with the rest of Spain, in terms of the landscape. Plus Sue and co find ways to keep us from straying too far away. I love this community for its enthusiasm and the wonderful journey that is piecing together what may happen in the next season from the snippets we hear about —thanks to Sue, mostly. However, for the weekly critical conversation about the episodes, I’d rather listen to podcasts, and I do listen to quite a lot of them. Currently, these ones: A Cast of Kings, EW’s Game of Thrones Podcast, Baldmove’s Game of Thrones Podcast, Game of Owns, Nerdette Recaps Game of Thrones with Peter Sagal and the Guardian’s The Citadel.

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It's still one of the best shows on TV and I love the characters and battle scenes. I feel something is missing this season though, compared to previous seasons. Either that or they should have sped up other parts of the show earlier, towards the end of S5 it felt like they were dragging it out as much as possible in the hopes that by the time S6 started the next book would have been released and it wouldn't have been as much of a spoiler for book readers, now obviously they're past that point so it just feels like they're steaming ahead. But then again I don't have Sky Atlantic in HD so I usually watch episode in worse quality than this leak anyway. And it was all because of the poor TV-esque forced conflict between Sansa and Arya as well as the continued out of nowhere Dany paranoia at the beginning. Neither Arya or Sansa are dumb but they are being made purposefully dumb in order to force this storyline along. Arya would have understood Sansa's perspective if this was any other season and Sansa wouldn't have been dumb enough to buy into Littlefinger's obvious plot. The plot should fit around the characters, characters shouldn't be changed to fit the plot. Dany questioning everyone that has stuck with her thus far for no other reason then to create a bit of conflict is equally annoying especially considering her scenes in the last half of the episode where she felt like a completely different character. The paranoia scenes go against everything they've developed with Dany so far and they stick out like a sore thumb. She's a positively schizophrenic character at this point and it's purely down to these poorly written scenes. It makes no narrative sense for Daenerys to doubt Tyrion after everything, it's just another forced plot contrivance. The rest of the episode with the Westeros Avengers beyond the wall was really good but the bad writing in the other scenes just completely ruined the episode for me. I liked how it ended although I admit I'm getting quite bored of the White Walkers, there's only so much you can do with a villain that is essentially a force of nature rather than a character especially in a show like this which is very much character focused. Unless the Night King suddenly becomes chatty and interesting, I'm not looking forward to a potential season of him. I'm hoping my theory from last week is correct and they are dealt with quickly as the main narrative pull of the White Walkers is seeing how everyone will work together and the writers have set up that alliance already and it'll probably happen in the next episode. Anything else in the White Walker storyline ultimately feels like padding. Viserion's death was well done and sad although the first trailer for this season that showed a dragon with blue eyes spoiled the twist and we could have done without. It's nice that the writers remembered for a few moments that Daenerys isn't a random paranoid mess too and I liked the cementing of the alliance between her and Jon. And so if someone can kill the Night King, the rest will be dust.

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It takes a bit to ramp up, but when it does, I found it pretty effective. Also, I love found footage movies, and this movie was pretty clever with that way of filming and telling their story. Not super gory or anything, but has some really great unsettling bits. I think this is a solid horror movie, barring the ending, imo. I'm really surprised that the guy who went on to do Resident Evil did this. That was the 11th time I've watched it in theaters. But it was far from the trainwreck it was made out to be. I'd rate it higher, but some of the big centerpiece jokes fell painfully flat (Jeebus, that dance scene was rough), and the product placement came so hard and heavy that I was expecting the movie to end with a coupon code for Arby's or something. My longest movie. These Italians weren't very good writers of American dialogue. I was okay with it in Sergio Leone's westerns because the films weren't so dramatic and vulgar. The story, acting, score and sets were all good, but I wasn't blown away or anything. I didn't like the protagonist, which is fine, but he wasn't very compelling either. A movie being tied to an existing movie that was fantastic, remaking it and it being disappointing automatically means it receives the heated hate. That new Point Break isn't necessarily a terrible film, but oh damn is it not what it's supposed to be. I haven't even seen this new Ghostbusters because I didn't necessarily love the first movies as much, but I can totally imagine if you're a fan of those movies you'd think this new one was garbage. The original movies were about fun and wackiness weren't they. This one seems to carry some agenda from what I've heard and doesn't touch the funny or wackiness of the originals. Don't think it's ever mentioned, but I'm pretty sure it inspired Until Dawn. There's a little detail in the background of that film, which just reminded me of that game.

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emy, I found you through Kate and have lurked on your site ever since. BTW, your blog on 50 Shades and bandaided balls should come with a warning label. I wish i could look half as fabulous as you! s that a black cat I see. Maar is het niet logischer om eerst goed na te denken over je verhaal, over wat jou als werkgever onderscheidend maakt. Dat kan namelijk ook richting geven aan hoe je je recruitmentsite inricht, en via welke social media kanalen je dat verhaal het beste over het voetlicht kunt brengen. Want hoe belangrijk site en (social) media ook zijn; uiteindelijk zijn het middelen en geen doel op zich. Where as well might I get that kind of info written in such a finalize way. I’ve a impel that I’m just at the present running resting on, and I have been by the look not on representing such info. It serves as a great inspiration to new and old dads alike. hank you. Also the power sale has games for lower prices, so that may reduce the amount you get for them. It just depends on the kind of promotions they have going on. It’s very colorful as well as lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller as opposed to touch display screen, but the ball player itself feels a lot smaller along with lighter. From Grandma to her great grand children, the photos are extraordinary and fun images that make eyes and hearts smile. We’re so glad you were there to photograph this special time. It is after all for our benefit. rom their writing it is obvious that they understand that we are inbred pricks from out in the sticks, with six fingers and toes on each side, or some variation, depending on whether our dad married a cousin or a sister. espite this they are quite prepared to take into account our inherent mental instability and make sure that we don't encounter views that conflict with theirs, that will only confuse us. On balance I am for it, for the same reasons as as you, but only if it is accompanied by the message that actully BUYing NEW books is the ONLY way for authors, and therfore books, to survive.

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