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Next time it could be me on the scaffolding - Bart Simpson's lines. Next time it could be me on the scaffolding. - Bart's Board. Next time it could be me on the scaffolding. --Bart Simpson. Next time see if the hard drive is actually spinning. Next time swipe one of Daffy's routines. - Bugs Bunny. Next time the devil brings up your past, bring up his future. Next time we slide, look where you flail! -- Professor Arturo. Next time you give away your old clothes-stay in them. Next time you post, think about it, will ya? - Jack Butler. Next time you see me,I'll give you a LOT more to appreciate.

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Those ballots will be brought to Lansing for the audit this week that should last for at least three weeks, said Chris Thomas, director of elections for the state. “We don’t have any suspicion of fraud. One precinct from Gibraltar couldn't be recounted because the ballot container was sealed with duct tape after the zipper broke and a replacement container couldn't be located. Across the 26 counties that had begun recounting the ballots, 322 precincts couldn’t be recounted. The partial recount showed Democrat Hillary Clinton narrowed her loss to Republican Donald Trump by 102 votes after about 2. million votes were recounted. But since it was stopped before it was completed, the election results certified by the Board of Canvassers on Nov. 28, which showed Trump winning by 10,704 votes over Hillary Clinton, stand. The issues that came up in the recount will result in the state starting to investigating whether more substantial audits, which could include closer looks at the ballots, are needed in future elections. Currently, the state audits a sampling of precincts to check how accurately ballots were recorded and the security of ballot containers. Attorneys for Republican President-elect Donald Trump, the Michigan Republican Party and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed lawsuits to stop the recount. After hearings held in state and federal court, the recount started Dec. 5 and lasted for three days before it was stopped Wednesday night by the U. S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith.


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(in press). Video game play and lucid dreams: Implications for the development of consciousness. Dreaming. Gackenbach, J. I. (in preparation). Transpersonal implications of telepresence resulting from being online. Manuscript accepted for inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication Special Issue on Religion on the Internet. Poster presented at the third biannual meeting of the Science of Consciousness, University of Arizona, Arizona. New York: Norton. Gee, J. (2005, June). Learning is the Engine that Drives Good Video Games. Invited address to the biannual meeting of Digital Game Researcher Association,Vancouver, BC. Advances in applied developmental psychology (vol.


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Bridget, czterdziestoparoletnia (znow) singielka - po rozstaniu z Markiem Darcym (Firth), skupia sie na pracy i kontaktach ze starymi i nowymi przyjaciolmi. Czeka j. Dostepnosc: produkt niedostepny (ostatnio dostepna: 17. 1. 019 09:38). A ich glowne zmartwienie polega na tym, aby ludzie nie dowiedzieli sie o ich sekretnych poczynaniach. Kiedy tyl. Dostepnosc: pozycja niedostepna (ostatnio dostepna: 17. 1. 019 09:38). Blu-ray 73,60 zl praca zbiorowa dystrybutor: Filmostrada, rok produkcji: 2016, nosnik: Blu-ray Nowa Anglia, rok 1630: William i Katherine prowadza bogobojne zycie wraz z piatka swych dzieci, osiedlajac sie na skraju nieprzebytej dziczy. Dostepnosc: produkt niedostepny (ostatnio dostepna: 08. 1. 017 12:36). Wiedzial, ze tylko w ten sposob bedzie mogl pomscic jego smierc.


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Would this not imply that she believes her Army could take King's Landing if she chose that route. And blew up the Sept and thousands of other innocent civilians along with it? -The loyal civilians who have been oppressed and abused and mired in poverty since the beginning of the show? -Interesting how in just this past episode you had Jaime warning Euron about the capricious nature of the civilians. They love you this week and the next week they'll beat you in the streets or something to that effect. I think these points would suggest that Dany winning over the locals (despite her foreign roots) wouldn't be as impossible as some suggest. Or to the extent that it would force her into risky workaround strategies for taking over KL. And last one, I know it was discussed earlier in the thread when I mentioned it. ut I'm just going off of memory here so please correct me if I'm wrong. But weren't the dragons 'selective' in who they attacked in the battle with the sons of the harpy in the fighting pit as well as the slave owners. Didn't see this until now so this may all be a moot discussion after last night's episode, but you're right, there is a vague disparity in terms of how the various armies have been described up to this point. That said. The issue with the Dornish army was time: Ellaria Sand was on her way back to muster for battle but was intercepted by Euron. Remember, Cersei's army is comprised of both King's Landing's garrison and the Lannisters. And Riverrun wasn't overtaken by force because it was clean up after a bloody war in which both sides were weary of attrition.


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Is it possible to survive in such conditions and do not go below the line, when all moral frames are vanished. Men are there to greet them; their slaughter is the first stage of their transformation. They courageously confront the delicate and charged issues and present personal and political points of view about the reality in Jerusalem today. Ten of thousands of them leave each month for Asia and Middle East. The Gospel According to Lift-Man Albertas is a rich allegory that one can read in several different ways. Religious references and allusions to Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot urge themselves upon us, and Matelis's view of reality is just as sad as it is humorous. They live in a huge realm of steal and trash where they have already restored numerous very old and broken machines. The sound of cracking branches, after a while we notice the movement of hatchets. The Lebanese war is over but the Syrian one still rages on. He has killed hundreds of people, is an expert in torture and kidnapping, and for many years was a commander of the state police in Chihuahua. The tradition stems from funeral rites where the deceased person was given food on his deathbed to protect him on his journey to the afterlife. Today, the ritual of giving the last supper to the condemned person has been detached from its origin, and can be perceived to be as absurd as the punishment it accompanies. Filmed entirely within the offices of Al-Ahram, the country’s largest state-run newspaper, the film is a series of carefully composed tableaux that expose the institution’s functioning and the former regime’s strict control over information. With the aid of a hidden camera Haanstra observes people in the most diverse situations and shows the unusual in the usual and reverse. Petersburg, filmmaker Victor Kossakowsky has made a documentary, which he himself describes as a comedy.


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Iirc, they had classified that Bran photo as belonging to episode 10 long before the finale aired. Countdown clock almost under 100 and we’ll be in double digits until the premiere. In season 7 I think Littlefinger will first tell Sansa who Jon’s Mother is and later tell Sansa who Jon’s father is. To be honest I don’t check what titles HBO gives to the pictures too, so the fact that they picked a shot from 610 surprised me. Now I remember all the discussion caused especially by the one of Melisandre leaving Castle Black in ep 5, because the edge of Sansa’s cloak could be seen in that as well as what looked like Longclaw (which later turned out to be a random dude on horseback with a random sword). Weren’t people saying Sansa looked pregnant in one of her promo pics. Pairing the “Those who feel they’re touched by madness” line with Cersei was a particularly nice touch. Westeros has never been blessed with a finer or more stylish crop of monarchs. Madden has worked steadily since departing GOT, but he hasn’t quite broken out to the extent that some of his co-stars have. He’s been in a couple of shows that I haven’t yet watched (Klondike on Discovery and Medici: Masters of Florence on Netflix), and I think he’s been doing a good bit of theater as well. Hopefully this Amazon pilot, if it goes to series, will give him another much-deserved boost. We identified the sleeve of the person sitting next to him as being Jon and figured out he was wearing a Stark uniform lol. People were going crazy because her armor had dents in it too haha. I think it had to do with how her dress was designed and the pose. There’s no question that it’s the wall, indicating that the Night King will set eyes on the wall this season.