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During his long recording career, albums David worked on have received 50 Grammy awards and film scores have earned 2 Oscars. David has composed music for many films, and for commercials for George Lucas, Panasonic, Sony and others. He orchestrated and conducted scores for Dead Man Walking, Friday Night Lights, Oliver Stone? W, Scott Pilgrim versus The World and the Oscar-winning score for Brokeback Mountain. In recent years, David has enjoyed recording and arranging for Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Radiohead, Elton John, Air, Cat Power, Leonard Cohen, Beck, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Macy Gray, Beyonce, Metallica, The Mars Volta, Josh Groban and Dido. Ludek Drizhal Drizhal most recently composed the score for the film ALABAMA MOON directed by Tim McCanlies. He has worked on a number of Starz Productions as well as independent films, such as BADLAND directed by Francesco Lucente and SIMON SAYS directed by Bill Dear. He recently finished work on the European production U PANA BOGA ZA MIEDZA (God? Little Village) with acclaimed Polish director Jacek Bromski. Ludek graduated with a Masters of Music from the USC Thornton School of Music where he also taught for six years. ACTING JURY includes: Scott David David has been in casting for nearly 15 years and worked with many amazing Casting Directors such as April Webster and Nan Dutton. Past film credits include THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 2012, THE CHICAGO 8, amongst others. About The Feel Good Film Festival The Feel Good Film Festival celebrates films and the filmmakers and creative artists that create entertainment with positive themes, happy endings, that make audiences laugh, and that captures the beauty of our world. Written by Rasquin and Rohan Jones, and featuring Rasquin? directorial debut, HERMANO tells the story of ? aniel. The opportunity of their lives arrives when a soccer scout invites them to tryout with the city's best team: Caracas Soccer Club. But tragedy intervenes bringing everything back to the soccer field, where they must choose what is more important: family, revenge or their lifelong dreams.


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Et cetera. An ecosystem whereby the very environment is literally spiritualised with their own respirations; an ecosystem where the people can live entirely in themselves as their own environment. In this scenario, the Protestant vision of a godless, natural world, of endless struggle, is overcome by the monuments of joint labour. Monuments which can produce their own versions of the sublime. The threat of nature is symbolically kept at bay by the tangibility of the monument, and the community of that monument. As though the Germanic peoples originated deep underground, perhaps Plato’s allegory of the Cave refers to this. Were they driven out of those underground caverns, or did they migrate to the surface, of their own accord. The profitable play with cultural occlusions, the exploitation of cultural differences, in endless, shell games, of every sort of piracy. In what cultural event of primal anxiety did it receive its most powerful impetus. Where and when, does the modern conspiracy form, the industrial production of falsehood, emerge as profitable calculations of background xenophobia. So the Norman conquest was the vector for initial entry of the Jewish Diaspora into Britain. The context is financial from the outset. n addition to finance, there were factors of religious intensification, increasing Christian piety, which brought the differences between the Judaic and Christian into an increased relevance. To be of the Hebrew faith, became increasingly precarious in the early centuries of the millennium, a context of insecurity in which Jewish identifications took on a distinct status in accord with the functional relationship of their feudal role between Norman sovereignty and Anglo-Saxon peasantry. Et cetera (given Wagner’s considerable interest in the Occult, it might be difficult for him to evade such accusations). Every modern conspiracy is based on that puritan model of production. The site of greatest, quantitative, conspiracy production, is the USA, more specifically, the southern and rural USA, though the culture, of course, has global extent. That puritan model, began in England and migrated to the USA, where it has its most virulent form.


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C. Sarafian, Frank Vincent, Al Waxman, and Marc Lawrence. The show received seven Emmy nominations in all, including for outstanding movie, Harmon’s direction, and Steve Shagan’s script. Harmon also received a Directors Guild of America Award nomination for Gotti. Based by Howard Fast on his historical novel of the same name, The Crossing relates the brave story of General George Washington’s ragtag Revolutionary Army crossing of the icy Delaware River from Pennsylvania to attack British-backed Hession forces at Trenton in December 1776. This superb film was steeped in historical context, providing an understanding of the man, his times, and the perilous nature of the Revolution. Jeff Daniels was fine as the doubt-filled Washington, and Roger Rees portrayed General Hugh Mercer, with Nigel Bennett as General Horatio Gates. Rene Ohashi’s photography won the American Society of Cinematographers Award, and the film was bestowed with a Peabody Award. Having done well by one American Army commander and future President, Harmon directed a show about a similar trying time in Dwight Eisenhower’s military career. This was the general’s apprehensive spring of 1944, when he planned, ordered, and launched the DDay invasion of Normandy. Tom Selleck starred as Ike, with James Remar as Omar Bradley, Timothy Bottoms as Walter Beddell Smith, Gerald McRaney as George S. Patton Jr. and Ian Mune as Winston Churchill. Ike was nominated for six Emmy Awards, including for outstanding movie and Harmon’s direction. Parker novel about a big city cop becoming a small-town lawman pursuing a serial killer. Gotti was the expert telling of the life, times, and prosecution of New York Mafioso John Gotti. Armand Assante won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of the mob kingpin, and the cast included Anthony Quinn, William Forsythe as Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, Richard New York Television Theatre: Yes Is for a Very Young Man (1966) Gertrude Stein’s 1946 play features an ensemble including Burris DeBenning, Paul Benedict, Harriet Richards, and Josephine Lane. Movies: The Big Rip-Off (1975), The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective (1976), Dear Detective (1979) Hargrove is primarily a writer and producer of TV movies featuring Raymond Burr’s Perry Mason and Peter Falk’s Columbo.


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While in a hover or low-speed flight the mass of the spinning engine components, combined with the massive airflow passing through the engine would normally have been so great that the rolling tendency would have been impossible to counter. To solve this problem, the two sections of the engine, the bypass fan stage and the high-pressure compressor, along with their associated turbine stages, rotated in opposite directions, thereby zeroing out the gyroscopic forces. The solution to aircraft control in low-speed and hovering flight required an exceptionally high level of cooperation between the engine and airframe designers. Ultimately, a system of reaction controls emerged, which bled air off the engine compressor and ducted it to the wing tips, nose and tail. A normal stick and rudder operated the conventional aerodynamic controls in cruise. However, when the pilot moved the nozzle level on the throttle towards the Short and Vertical Takeoff settings, the hydraulic system of the aircraft proportionally phased in the reaction controls. This arrangement resulted in a flight control system in which the transition from normal forward flight, using aerodynamic control surfaces to low speed and hovering flight, using reaction controls, was seamless. From the pilot's standpoint, he flew the aircraft in a conventional manner all the way from high-speed flight to a hover with no change in technique, other than having to position the nozzle lever. Hawker-Siddeley designed the P. 127 around the revolutionary Pegasus engine, once Dale and his team had finalized its design. The design team took great care to minimize the weight of the aircraft with the incorporation of innovative features such as a tandem landing gear system that included retractable outriggers. By October 21, 1960, the first P. 127 had begun tethered hover testing and on November 19, 1960, it made its first untethered flight. The first successful transition from cruise to vertical mode took place on September 12, 1961. The P. 127 also demonstrated supersonic dives in 1961, but these tests ended after one of the forward fiberglass nozzles failed because of the aerodynamic forces, resulting in the loss of the aircraft. Support for the Hawker-Siddeley program within the British military vacillated between enthusiasm and complete disinterest. The sixth P.


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