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s head. I bet it was interesting. Mikey: I am dead certain that in the original script, those stairs were in the drawer. Solee: Hahahaha! Maybe he’ll tweet me and verify that. Mikey: Hooray! Yes, I felt that with only 3 found footage movies this month, the ratio was much too low for my usual October, so it was time to kick it into gear one last time. This one is entitled Hollows Grove, and not Grover’s Hollow, which is the terrifying story of a beheaded muppet on a rampage. Solee: Hahahaha. You’re so dumb. Comment on this entry. When I look at the list of horror movies available on Netflix or Hulu, I just want to spend the rest of my life churning through them all. Solee: I am also sorrowful that this is coming to an end. But if you are, please look through it to provide us any information you can about what happens in it. Solee: I don’t think I’m a fan of the “movie within some other medium” format. Unless it’s Peter Falk reading the best love story of all time to Kevin from the Wonder Years. Solee: Don’t reference your songs within your songs. It’s pretentious. Mikey: Hey, you referenced a song! Cool.

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That words alone fluttered my heart. Of course looking at it in a different light, it's almost the same as the duke buying a horse but, it was repeated so many times in his mind whenever he looked at her and felt this thump. That was the key in knowing he saw her past the beautiful gown and expensive jewels. I don't take it well when a person only sees another person as a result of a makeover. It feels fake. And he's not the richest man in England. Finally, a story where the noble had a loving relationship with his mother even how overbearing she was. A duchess who loves her son so much, she almost forced him to marry a serving girl. I've read a lot where the nobles do love each other but, not as touching as this. His 14 years old dog somehow came back to life, he's the new Marquess after the death of his father and his enchanting fiancee is waiting for him, or so he thought. She wanted to end the engagement. 8 long years was enough for her to want a life of her own. And the more she said no, the more the Marquess will fight for her and showed her his love. Perfect right? Well, the story did not go that way. Instead of the eldest son of a Marquess, I got the youngest son. As a second son, he will not have anything on his name. And yet, here he was, trying to convince her to marry the man that left her for 8 years. Because I got a different story than I hope, so the last resort was to have the eldest brother coming home, proving once and for all the he was indeed an ass. Screaming was required but, I was too let down to care.

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He will have to try to sleep at night knowing he pushed a little boy out of a window etc. He’s not ready yet so almost protests too much about how much he loves Cersei to convince himself. I hope I’m right and that he grows a pair soon as I agree they are stringing it out rather. And yeah, good job to the show for avoiding its worst habits and backing away from giving the BWB the Show! orne treatment. The rumor being much more than they initially succeeded can’t be anything else, especially since Cersei treats it as a silver lining. But at the end it just fell apart into incoherence. If joining the acting group had been a way of getting her to Westeros it could have been a great story, but the show decided we needed more corpses instead. If the FM decided she needed to be killed for disobeying orders, why should they change their mind just because the first assassin they sent failed. In the books it had everything to do with developing Jaime’s and Brienne’s characters, but the show had already moved them beyond that point. For Brienne it was just another snipe hunt, accomplishing nothing. And the Blackfish, after reading Sansa’s letter and remarking how much she is like her mother, doesn’t even want to stay alive long enough to see her. In a show that has so many story lines going on that they can’t do justice to any of them, they should have just left out the Riverlands plot. He had to stop the bleeding before he could accomplish anything else. He failed because good intentions always fail in the WOIAF. By the way, he was a military genius in King’s Landing, but in Meereen all his military ability has mysteriously vanished, and he’s dependent on Grey Worm to lead the defense. Sad. It’s the one part of GRRM’s books that I really detested. Maybe the show will still find a way to bring her back, but with Beric still “alive” it looks doubtful. If so, the High Sparrow may have a surprise coming.

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European critics prepared with Hercules pens alone could confront its many hydra heads, but American critics scattered to the four winds like frightened goatherds at the sign of subtitles unless they saw breasts. and fast. The bourgeois neorealist sentimentalism of the 50s they were ready to understand, by the 1960s, but then came Antonioni's Blow-Up in 1966, and there was no putting Italian cinema back together again, even if it was shot in London. All the best corpses and models and stoop-shouldered socialist toothed, deathly pale birds a casting call could couch. It didn't mean Italian cinema hadn't had its humpin' head handed to it on a Matisse bowler Salome platter by Blow-Up. It was like the Black Knight declaring none shall pass. First they wisely found where Fellini was hiding (under the mawkish life-is-a-carnival-metaphor merry-go-round) and strung him up by his heels, but when it came to slitting his throat, they got squeamish and only pretended. They bravely ran away, suddenly afraid of committing too far in the dark direction, winding up stumbling on their dad's secretly stored Fascist Party parade uniform in the attic. Finally, unwilling to settle for all these faints and fantasies, all the empty cafe talk and amnesia and hallucinations, Argento grabbed a razor and made the cut, for real, on the throat of the woman, the artist as psychopath, and from that gaudy rococo throat gushed a dishwasher ocean of red. The Money talked, or rather it psycho-babbled, and you had to be an idiot if you let your feeling of virginal castrationist angst hang you up into being afraid to listen to it. BIRD was a horror film the way 1966's BLOW-UP was a conspiracy thriller, or PERFORMANCE a British mobster 'lad' film, or PSYCHO a film noir. In other words, the paralyzed post-BLOW-UP Italian cinema of the late 60s, she a-needed ow-you-say, not just a knife to her throat but slashes in big red strokes, tearing the canvas of the screen as well as her lovely neck, just to get her ass moving out of the post-modern pop art ruins and into the down and dirty 70s. And that's where A QUIET PLACE IN THE COUNTRY (1968) comes in. For it is one of the weird, more vaguely satirical brothers of Argento's film, caught up in the same immediate post-BLOW-UP blast paralysis pop radius. It's the cool uncle the Argento generation never sees anymore except on rare holidays when we can get away to visit him at his 'funny' farm. We'd never know from his address how cool he is, I mean what is up with that title. A QUIET PLACE IN THE COUNTRY sounds like a Squaresville Merchant Ivory bucolic revery so trite and drawn out that only a half-asleep grandmother could like it. The line between artistic genius and psychotic mania has seldom before been so succinctly erased, and that deserves at the very least a more evocative title. That let's you know, I think, the level of absurdist surrealism and maniac amore you're getting when you make the trip to this mega-obscure proto-giallo. It's also got the best performance of a young Franco Nero, as an unhinged modern art painter named Leonardo, and it gave me a totalcrush on him.

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At Paddington station, with a label around his neck saying “please look after this bear”, the Brown family (including Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins) find him and decide to take him in. FIrst about Colin Firth’s “conscious uncoupling” (a term coined I believe by Chris Martin’s failed marriage) from the project; Colin Firth was originally meant to be voicing the little bear himself, but decided along with the creative team that it was best to part with the project. Secondly, the BBFC rated the film as “PG” rather than “U”, which caused a massive stir (not helped by newspapers, certainly) due to “sexual references”; it has since been changed to “inneundo”, which is a small downgrade, but it wasn’t as if before this Paddington was wearing a bra and eyeing up Mr Brown like a toyboy. So in the face of this swirling controversy, people were worried about quite how this national icon was going to be portrayed on screen. I mentioned earlier about the conscious uncoupling by Colin Firth from the movie, and in a way actually I’m glad because I now cannot imagine him having any other voice apart from Ben Wishaw’s. Colin Firth’s voice would feel too aloof and not playful enough. The animation of the bear himself is phenomenal, giving him so much presence and emotion in the movie and none of that dead eyes that other animated characters have suffered from in recent years. Director Paul King of Mighty Boosh fame does a fantastic job of placing Paddington firmly as the focus of every scene, and making him not seem out of place at the same time. There are scenes that are sad and scenes where Paddington is in danger, but these scenes are absolutely necessary for a family film so that there are bits where the kids can root for Paddington instead of watching him stumble through life (as entertaining as that is! . It’s a love letter to the character, and to British charm and wit. Please, PLEASE take your children to see Paddington over Nativity 3: Dude Where’s My Donkey. Obviously miffed by this, they cook up a scheme to kidnap Rex and hold him to ransom, demanding their money back. And in this case your level of tolerance with Charlie Day’s voice (mine is higher than perhaps some folks’ is). It is by all means not going to convert anybody new to the franchise, and it has just the same level of filthy gags, comic ineptitude and some admittedly quite funny cameos from major stars such as Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Anniston. It’s so similar in fact that it bears the question quite why this one was made; dollar signs are the answer here, of course, nothing more. Quite how absolutely hapless and stupid Dale and Kurt are while coming up with these schemes is certainly entertaining to watch, and some of the phonetic jokes are better than the pointlessly filthy ones. I for one can find a rude joke quite funny and have a high tolerance of them, but the same thing again and again and again can get a bit tiresome. Still though, there are enjoyable things to be found in Horrible Bosses 2, such as the admittedly quite slick editing (they love a good montage) and entertaining sequences, even if it is farfetched and ridiculous. The cameos from old horrible bosses Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Anniston do feel like they’ve been blu-tac’d on to the plot somewhat for the sake of having them back, but they’re JUST ABOUT enjoyable enough to warrant them being there.