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She looked broken at that scene with Jon even without tears, and when Jon said he’d bend the knee if he could, her first reaction was to almost cry and say she hopes she deserves his and the North’s loyalty. That is a complete change from any of Dany’s usual “fire and blood” demeanour. That was all gone now, replaced by a Daenerys that was humbled and devastated by losing one of her children and realizing her dragons can be killed and so she can be, too. She literally saw the “dagger through the heart” scar and now she understands just how far Jon will go to protect his people. She lost Viserion but she “had to see” what the White Walkers are truly like and now she’s seen what Jon is truly like as well, how he was willing to be left behind so others can escape and be safe. It’s why they’re having all this sudden talk about succession. Even Jorah was in on it when he told Jon to pass Longclaw onto his future children. The convo with Tyrion about the line of succession, her telling Jon she can’t have children, even Jorah telling Jon to keep Longclaw and pass it down to his children, because maybe Jon also wonders if he can father children with his undead sperm. Dany and Jon are each products of magic in some way so it stands to reason that both together will produce an heir. I’m still hoping Cersei was lying to Jamie about him being the father of her child. Even as a book reader, I found the incest disturbing. Ned married Catelyn even when she was his brother’s fiancee so it’s almost an incestuous relationship (consider Henry VIII saying taking Katherine of Aragon to wife was a great sin). The Starks also have a history of an uncle marrying his niece, if I remember correctly, Jonnel Stark and his niece Sansa Stark.

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The coffin must be large enough to accommodate two persons, hence special construction or modification is likely to be necessary. The usual devices of Satanic ritual are all employed. Addi- tional accouterments include a cat-o'-nine-tails with which to scourge the celebrant, a cruet for the Wine of Bitterness, and a goblet The celebrant (Pope) is attired in tattered and decaying vestments. The King is represented as counsel for the celebrant; he wears rags and a miserable crown made out of cardboard. He carries a sword. The woman in the coffin should be sensually appealing and seductive, the opposite of the wan, pale concept usually associated with death. The Twelfth Enochian Key is read, and the Tribunal begins. After the accusations have been made, and the King allowed to intercede on occasion, judgment is passed and the priest reads the Denunciation (City of Dread- ful Night). Stopping halfway through the Denunciation, the priest signals that the Wine of Bitterness be proffered to the celebrant who, accepting his last drink, listens while the litany is completed, after which the priest signals to make ready for the final abasement and joy for the celebrant. The lictors (guards) remove the celebrant from his seat and place him, face downward, on the coffin's lid. The priest then reads Biblical passage, Hebrews 1:6-12. After the scourging, the celebrant is lifted from the lid of the coffin. The priest then knocks three times on the coffin with a staff or the pommel of the sword A scream is heard from within the coffin, and the lid lifts from inside.

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CORMAN; The first film that had an imme was not a horror film at all, it pact on was Mutiny on the Bounty. I’m not particularly pleased but on the other hand, very few offend you, or are you GORMAN: with it, I remember was making the Poe pictures, serious critics have done that. It’s about fighting back against being given orders, I think; you’ll always find that in my movies. AIP asked me to make two horror films in that correctly—that style, and I said, “I think this sales tool of putting together two low- — budget horror films is starting to run out. Gycles come and go, and the audience was getting used to it, and I suggested they should instead let me make one biggerbudget horror film in color. He and I were sitting having lunch one time, and he said, “We are craftsmen. We occasionally it are making product, and if rises to the level of art, a wonderful thing. But we should not think of ourselves as artists. I agree with that. FANG: Alfred Hitchcock also considered himself a craftsman, and it wasn’t until later, when French critics noticed that there were recurring themes and obsessions in his films, that he began to be regarded as something of an autexm And now, obviously, he is considered the Master. Are there recurring themes or obsessions in your directorial pictures. I that’s always notice a focus on the “other” or the outsider. So I “So, you’ve to Miller mixed comedy with the macahre.


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Another didn’t believe that online action melee would sell because their spreadsheet said so. Another was concerned that we didn’t have experience in online. We would have to develop much more to prove otherwise but it was not something we could fund ourselves so we had to put it on ice. I asked one publisher outright which kind of bet they were more comfortable with. It was proved to be a fallacy once the indie scene started taking off. Now the story goes that you can either be indie or a blockbuster AAA with no room in the middle. I should note that although the publisher was very keen to partner on this, development was to be done at our expense. It has always been important that we work within whatever constraint box we had to craft something that we felt had soul in it and it felt like there was still room for us to do this. You were fighting an ever adapting enemy that required you to collaborate in squads and constantly adapt and change your attack patterns. This is a pre-vis of how we imagined the gameplay looking. In effect, this would be the world’s biggest boss fight. The creature was a beast that lived in the cloud driven by a complex adaptive AI server. Tens of thousands of players would take part in taking down this monster over the course of months and years.

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Suggested talking points: A Dog's Purpose Watch, Shower Milk, A Genuine Ouija, Workplace Departure, A Solid Oak Frash, Hack the World, John Hancock Episode MBMBaM 338: Thunderwall Listen Jan 17 2017 What's up, Gearheads. Sugggested talking points: Justin's New Car, Bassism, Altaba Answers, Ronald's Sex Commercial, Tapping, Brendan Frasier Deep Dive, Too Many Stuffies Episode MBMBaM 337: Seaburglars of the Archipelago Listen Jan 10 2017 Last week, we kinda threw our hat over the fence vis-a-vis zagging on y’all. Suggested talking points: Zag Update, Fushigi Update, Robe Rules, Gary Spangler, Volvo Comms, Good Mugshots, 50 First Fake Dates Episode MBMBaM 336: Twenty-Something-Teen Listen Jan 03 2017 We spend half this episode coming up with a name for the new year, which is as important an endeavor as we can undergo. Suggested talking points: THE NAMING OF THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2017, Sriririririracha, The Fushigi Art Patronage Episode MBMBaM 335: Rise of the Star King Listen Dec 26 2016 Happy Candlenights, everybody. Suggested talking points: Stuck Santa, Wrapping Preservation, Fashion Santa, Hallmark Madness, Star King, Rudolph's Vindication, Toys for Dogs and Babies Episode MBMBaM 334: BYOBurger Listen Dec 19 2016 This episode sure is like a hurricane folks. Suggested Talking Points: DuckTales Scope, Buchin’, Bounce House Castle In The Clouds, Monkey LaLa Regrets, Squirrel Biscuits, DogsOnly Dot Com, Juggalo Family Values, Full Coverage Chug Episode MBMBaM 333: The Full Randall Listen Dec 12 2016 It’s another mostly sleep deprived episode this week, so please enjoy our nearly incoherent ramblings about Japanese reality shows, Prince’s vault of personalized music and an outline for a new, Oscar-worthy installment in the Home Alone franchise. Suggested talking points: Terrace House and Piss Tales, Pseudonym, When Doves Actually Cry, Jinglepockets, Wrestling Identities, Sext Mystery, Three-way Godzilla Battle Episode The MBMBaM Guided Sleep Experience for Spiritual Harmony Listen Dec 07 2016 Lay back. Episode MBMBaM 332: TV Toilet Tourist Listen Dec 05 2016 It's our first episode as all dads, and it's kind of a club banger. Suggested talking points: Dadvice, Young Lovers, Food Pic Stealer, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, Cool Weed Tricks, Touched By An Old Angel, While You Were Sleeping Fans, Courtesy Ginger Ale, Ducking Punches Episode MBMBaM 331: Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 112-121 Listen Nov 28 2016 Well, now Griffin had a baby too. Listen, we've heard all the jokes already, so let us just save you some time: The McElroy Brothers can't stop procreating. We get it. Ha-ha.

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Then Jon Snow got ganked in the Season 5 finale and it seemed all was lost. Fan theories held firm though (for readers and viewers) and there was hope that a Lord of Light loophole would save everyone's favorite beautiful bastard. This would be the first time that a major fan theory had the possibility of being confirmed, one way or another. Fully untethered from GRRM's pages, Season 6 would proceed to hand out happy moments and payoffs like they were pocket candy. David Benioff and Dan Weiss were now finishing the story in a markedly different fashion than Martin would - despite some overall plot beats being the same. Thrones was now more of a traditional TV show than the celebration of audience contempt that we'd all grown to love (despite its knack for traumatizing us). Longer episodes sure (most by 10 minutes, the finale by 30), but fewer chapters overall to tell a story that would usually be spread out over 10. The silver lining to only having seven episodes was the increased frequency of massive battle sequences, which used to only come once a season. The show's seasonal budget was, assumedly the same, but now more money was being put into the episodes. Thrones can no longer be too depressing and cutthroat, nor can everything play out too close to the way people expect. It's a very slim Venn Diagram here for this tricky balancing act of tenderizing and terrorizing. Their demise didn't crush our spirits and make us want to rage-quit the series. Weiss and Benioff have a near-impossible task and a near-impossible audience to satiate.

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Irving scored 19 points in the third quarter, when Cleveland used a 20-4 run to take a 74-53 lead. The Associated Press contributed to this report. James has triple-double as Cavs rout Knicks 117-88 in opener cbs46. om The Latest: LeBron James hooks up the Indians before Game 1 article. n. om. After stumbling upon the story of 97-year-old World War II veteran Jim Schlegel, he knew he had found his man. Schlegel, like all Cubs fans, had to wait 71 years to see his team make it back to the World Series, but unlike most, he was actually at Chicago's Wrigley Field to experience it the last time around in 1945. Lemonis got in touch with the family and offered two front-row tickets to Game Three at Wrigley Field, where Schlegel could potentially see his Cubs come close to clinching the Series for the first time since 1908. But after Lemonis offered to donate two tickets, the family said it plans to donate the funds to the Purple Heart Foundation instead. Andreas Athanasiou had a goal and an assist and Thomas Vanek scored for Detroit (5-2-0). Petr Mrazek made 28 saves for the Red Wings, whose last five-game winning streak was Jan. 13-27, 2015.

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He saw a trickle of steam from the plastic spout. 'You told me you weren't married - have you ever been? he asked. 'Do you have a family? . It has a certain something about it. Then he seized his chance, although the words came out clumsily. Brighton was full of cool bars, but right now he couldn't think of one. Maybe just a pub first time, he thought. 'Whereabouts do you live? he asked. As she began pouring water into the pot, the doorbell rang. She went out of the room and came back in accompanied by the beanpole-tall frame of DC Nicholl, dressed in weekend casuals.

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Bochniak trying to grab hold of a limb, but Kennedy keeps himself safe as he controls from the top. Bochniak scoots to the cage and works to his knees. Kennedy continues to press from the outside and works to drag the action back to the floor. Bochniak still working hard to escape but just getting no space. Bochniak turns to his knees and gets to his feet, but Kennedy still controls the body. Bochniak turns inside and is trying to work free, finally freeing himself with a little more than a minute. Kennedy quickly grabs a Thai clinch, drives a few knees to the body and then drives through for a takedown. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Kennedy, 10-9. Bochniak tries to defend against the cage, but Kennedy changes levels and drags the fight to the floor. Bochniak quickly to a knee and trying to create some space, but Kennedy just drives him against the cage, wrapping the body and tripping the action to the floor. Bochniak turns to a knee, and Kennedy slips over to the back, but he can’ t get a choke in. Still, Bochniak can’ t get free, and as he tries to rise, Kennedy just pulls him right back to the canvas. Bochniak tries to work to his feet, but Kennedy just unrelenting and gets the action back to the ground.