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If he's not young Ned at TOJ, then what is his purpose. You folks can straighten me out, but i don't recall scenes in-book of young Ned. I recall references to him as foster of Jon Arryn, but that only served to establish backstory. What am i missing? With the exception Howland Reed, there's no one left to do a flashback of TOJ. Further, is there anyone left who could to a flashback pertaining to young Ned. I see no speculation about casting Howland Reed, Lyanna and the babe. Although I put together the Theon TWOW sample chapter to one of Bran's weirnet visions. I'm totally fine with HBO using Sean Bean to play the TOJ scene. Still hard for me to envision full value of that scene if Lyanna not there. Where do these dimbulbs get off thinking they can rewrite one of the greatest fiction writers of all time. Shireen, Myrcella, Barristan Selmy (although he might not be dead), Stannis (again, might not be dead). I'm afraid GRRM let the producers kill off these characters because they will be killed off in the next book. The show is so drastically different from the book that my head is spinning.

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Principally this basically involves doing what his mother Olenna tells him to instead of whatever he wants because he knows she's smart. Evidence in his favor: every great lord of Westeros except for him is dead. To elaborate: At the beginning of the series, the eight Great Houses are Stark, Tully, Arryn, Greyjoy, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell, and Martell. With the deaths of Jon Arryn, Robert Baratheon (and later Stannis), Eddard Stark (and later Robb), Hoster Tully, Tywin Lannister, Doran Martell (and later Trystane), and Balon Greyjoy, the only head of a Great House who is still growing strong is Mace Tyrell note Of course, the Season 6 finale made it moot with him going up in wildfire together with his entire family. She may hold the record among the show's characters for number of memes generated per minute of screen time. Within a day of the episode airing, people were already joking about how if she had 3 dragons, the show would have been over 3 seasons ago. Dany: You three. Explain. Now. Grey Worm: Tyrion did it. And continuing her Memetic Badass run, no one even remotely accepts the possibility that even one of her 62 soldiers died in battle. Leeroy Jenkins. Within a few hours of the episode airing people have already begun making jokes about Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale as the Riders of Rohan arriving to save Jon's army. Contrasting Hodor heroically holding the door with Wun Wun heroically opening it.


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'How do I learn to build stuff? 'Help me find music that makes me feel small and insignificant. 'Take three kids and a flute. Anne says the flute should be given to her because she is the only one who knows how to play it. Bob says the flute should be handed to him as he is so poor he has no toys to play with. Carla says the flute is hers because it is the fruit of her own labour. How do we decide between these three legitimate claims? '. Another Kalman cartoon, on New York. 'My love of New York City and love of cleaning are well known. And I want to help. My city it like any city: mind-bogglingly complex. 5000 Years of Indian Art. Roadside America: Mega-Messiahs.


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I believe it just took a while to sink in that was him. Yeah but nobody else knows that yet but Bran and Sam. So he doesn't know he was having sex with his aunt lol. And I am sure she will get pregnant because they put too much emphasis on her telling him twice she can't get pregnant. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Meh, Targs are cool with sibling marriage. Find it interesting that Lyanna had a marriage in the faith of the Seven to Rhaegar, when she (stark) worships the old Gods, and Targs don't worship much of anything. I would imagine he is sad because he knows they are all doomed. From what he has seen of life it's sad and terrible. He cares for both of them, and he knows there won't be a happy ending for them. He knows he has to tell her things she won't want to hear. I have a friend who is 21, and her aunt is a teenager. They are only 4 months apart and graduated from high school together. Sounds like they were going for unification, peace and prosperity. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk 10-4 Just seemed odd to me but hey I watch it for theatrical value.


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Featuring exclusive content and interviews for Game Of Thrones, Sherlock, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and so much more. This film introduces the training program designed to help anyone become better at this basic communication skill. Well, follow these four tips and you'll know just how to write a great novel. I'm Procrastinating Writer, otherwise known as James Edwards. I do my best to give whatever opinions and knowledge I've learned whilst writing and pass them on to you, either to help gain a bit of sanity back in this lonely pursuit OR to help you along if you've only just started writing novels. BUY THE BOOK - THE SCIENCE OF SCREENWRITING: The Neuroscience Behind Storytelling Strategies -. It's an analysis of Baby Driver that breaks down the chase scenes, the screenplay, and the structure of the movie. A pun I thought of as a title but chose not to use. Scriptwriting Tips From Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright And Nick Frost. Kevin Spacey and Edgar Wright interviewed by Simon Mayo. As always, I hope you enjoyed, like I said, no new film dissection next Saturday, but coming soon: a discussion of a great script by Aaron Sorkin. Now that I think about that statement-saying a great script by Aaron Sorkin is like saying a script by Aaron Sorkin. Special thanks to Christian for Voice Over post processing, check out his channel here. Video is all about storytelling and even short, self-produced videos need to effectively tell a story.


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I’ll say this: Margot Robbie is an absolute gem as Harley Quinn. Her performance is perfectly pitched between sweet and menacing, highlighting both the childlike qualities of the psychiatrist and her brutal, violent tendencies. She wasn’t overly sexualised, which was a concern after Robbie’s role in The Wolf of Wall Street, aside from one scene where she licks her prison bars, But it’s hard to know whether that was meant to be sexual or just creepy. Maybe both. Not that Deadshot has much of a personality; he is dutiful in regards to his work, has a disregard for human life, even his own, and his only real passion appears to be shooting people. That is the character we got in the trailer, but I don’t believe Smith is the right man for the role. Smith doesn’t do so well with the stoic, dry witted characters. As an actor, he’s at his best when he’s allowed to emote and be a little silly. Even in The Pursuit of Happyness, where Smith takes on a serious role, there is physical humour and Smith’s feelings are often at the forefront of the scene. I’m not saying his portrayal needs to be more wooden but there are a lot of actors who have made a name for themselves by playing hardened, misanthropic men and are suited to the role. Most notably she takes a bath in some black liquid which could be something magical or might just be really dirty water. In fact, the only other Suicide Squad member to get a speaking line is Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang. All of the members were present and accounted for but by far it was Margot Robbie and Will Smith who got the majority of the focus. That seems a little out of sync, since people are going to come to see Harley Quinn and Deadshot regardless.