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Why kill off the CotF who are the caretakers of the land. Crastor provided them with baby sons and the NK simply turned them into WW, it didn't even look like a painful process since the baby wasn't crying when it happened. How do you know it wasn't the First Men that killed them. Does that make the First Men, from which the Starks are descendants of, evil. Perhaps his higher purpose is to save the world from man itself. They don't look a happy bunch marching towards the wall. He is no more evil than say the god Rhillor, but this does not mean he is not destructive or bent on the destruction of mankind. They upd their level of badness by killing the CotF too. Innocence as in the killing of innocent people being the barometer of pushing you into the bounds of evil. The Night King seems to be working towards something, just as Robb was. Even if they were beholden to their purpose, their purpose was actually to defend the COTF against the First Men, not total annihilation of the world. Until you've established why it is they kill, their stance on good or evil is indeterminate. There's Brans flashbacks, the cave paintings, NK and WW at Hardholme, NK and WW killing the old three-eyed-raven and CotF. And the obvious plot for the united Westeros to stop the NK and his army. That itself shows there is meaning behind the NK's actions. Nature doesn't discriminate, floods, tsunamis, bushfires, earthquakes etc. Where does that place some of our greatest despots in history who are universally considered evil but no doubt were just working to a plan which was justified in their view. I'm not sure I can come up with any motive that the NK may have that wouldn't be considered evil given the means that he is achieving it by.

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She went all the way down to Winterfell just to save him once and now that Yara knows that Theon is the last living heir apart from Euron she will be very happy to help. No one in their right mind would give Rickon to Ramsay. Last time we’ve seen Rickon and Osha, she was told to bring him to House Umber. Ergo: seems they’re going to break their oath and won’t protect Rickon anymore. That’s always good news when you know someone innocent ends up in Ramsay’s grounds. As soon as Ramsey said they only needed the Carstarks, Umbers and one other family, I was all, NO RICKON. Because Osha was supposed to have taken Rickon to the Umbers. We don’t even know if they made it to the Umbers, but even if they didn’t, they were probably taken prisoner by someone and held as collateral. He sends Rickon running to Jon, but kills him with a bow and arrow as he reaches safety. I think the only thing that would shock Ramsay is if a very weak and broken person had the balls to do him in. I’m not a fan of torture, but Ramsay needs a little taste of his own medicine. And if Theon survives, I think he will only be able to do it if Ramsay is gone. I think he and Sansa are going to ultimately reunite the North. I hope the Greyjoybstuff is more interesting than in the books BC ehhhh. I covered my eyes and hummed so that I couldn’t hear what was going on. It was sickening! I can’t wait until someone gets revenge on Ramsay. I normally don’t read these threads as I don’t watch the show.


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Of course, we know the mofo is immune to fire, but she doesn’t. Engulf every single one of these walking corpses in flames, girl. No way it’s true, but that would be some kind of something. Maybe he’ll just keep showing up in sentient zombie form to rescue Stark boys from wights. Where the hell did the wights get those very long, very shiny chains. Kept thinking of Wind River while Gendry was running through the snow. Poor viserion. His sibling was crying for him at the end. Both remaining dragons crying out for Viserion. SOB. If it’s a plot to trap LF, shouldn’t Sansa and Arya be fighting in public so that LF either sees it or hears about it. I would suggest that the sisters have an elaborate game to try and trap Littlefinger, but then I remember that mess from Season 6 where Arya sauntered aimlessly through Bravos, got knifed, and lived to fight and bounce all over the place before defeating the Waif. I kept thinking the writers would straighten out the logic of that mess this season but no, we are suppose to believe that Arya was both dumb and invincible. So, not holding out hope for a logical storyline this time around. Interesting question about sansa, arya’s reaction to Dany. Considering Dany’s father burnt Stark kids’ grandfather and Uncle (Ned’s father and elder brother) beginnings cannot be warm welcomes. I would like to know Jon’s feelings then about the incest. She’s competent and sane and even if you don’t like her personally, her experiences have given her the skills necessary to hold Winterfell.


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A BBC investigation has found that thousands of young people - mainly girls and women - are being threatened, blackmailed, or shamed with digital images from the innocently flirtatious to the sexually explicit. Obtained by men - sometimes with consent, sometimes through sexual assault - these images are being used to extort money, to coerce women into sending more explicit images, or to force them to submit to sexual abuse. But in our society, a naked picture might lead to her death. And even if her life isn't finished physically, it is finished socially and professionally. Most cases of this form of abuse go unreported because the same forces that make women vulnerable also ensure they remain silent. But lawyers, police, and activists in a dozen countries have told the BBC that the arrival of smartphones and social media has sparked a hidden epidemic of online blackmail and shaming. One young woman from rural Tunisia told the BBC her story from a women's prison on the country's north coast. It began when she was sexually assaulted and photographed naked by a friend of her father. The images left her at the mercy of her abuser, who subjected her to months of sexual violence, while also blackmailing her for money. It was not until the man threatened to rape her younger sister that Amal reached her limit. She invited him to her house and murdered him with a meat cleaver. Another young woman, the 16-year-old victim of a gang rape in Morocco, set herself on fire in July this year, after her rapists threatened to share images of the attack online. The eight accused were trying to intimidate the girl's family into dropping the charges against them but instead drove her to suicide, as she suffered third-degree burns and died in hospital. It is in India and Pakistan, however, that the use of mobile phones to record sexual assault appears to be most widespread. In August 2016, the Times of India found that hundreds - perhaps thousands - of video clips of rape were being sold in shops across the northern state of Uttar Pradesh every day. In one example investigated by the BBC, a 40-year-old health worker took her own life after a video of her being raped by a gang was circulated in her village via the messaging service WhatsApp. The woman appealed to village elders for help but, according to a colleague, received no support from a society which saw her as not only sullied by the attack, but even to blame for it. But the power of these images in conservative societies can cut both ways.


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The ideal candidates will partner with store management on creating, building and maintaining displays including product distribution, shelving, and pricing. It is the policy of the Company to treat all applicants for employment and all team members in a manner that does not discriminate against them because of their race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, military obligation, disability or any other status or characteristic protected by local, state, or federal law. Segundo o porta-voz, a responsabilidade na area venezuelana e do presidente interino Juan Guaido. O Brasil reconhece o deputado oposicionista Juan Guaido como presidente interino da Venezuela. A lista completa esta disponivel na pagina da Aneel. They will stock merchandise according to company planograms and greet customers on the sales floor. Venda Terreno Hipica Porto Alegre RS Cache Translate Page. Por ser atriz eu dirijo, falo e posiciono um ator melhor. O Res-do-chao tem a sala e cozinha luxuosa equipada em plano aberto. This role must be able to communicate effectively to understand, assess, explain and provide solutions when called upon to do so. A strong cust Sitio em Furnas MG Cache Translate Page. A situacao e o caos e nao e culpa da Santa Casa, simplesmente nao tem mais lugar. A maior parte dos atendimentos da Santa Casa (66%) e prestada pelo SUS. Como vou escolher quem sobrevive ou nao? , ele falou. Anunciada a proposta no dia 20 desta semana, Bolsonaro ja comeca a escutar o rebulico no seu proprio eleitorado. O sindicato nao pode mandar os funcionarios ficarem em casa nesse contexto, como a CUT fez com as 3600 familias demitidas pela Ford em Sao Bernardo. O pedido foi feito ao Ministerio da Justica e Seguranca Publica pelo Departamento Penitenciario Nacional (Depen).


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Not beyond the realms of possibility but it would throw about two whole books that GRRM has written out the window. But this episode did not feel organic in any way, besides maybe Bran's story. Not to sound overly whingey but I think it's suffering from a lack of GRRM's carefully crafted, interwoven threads. Really disliking the fart (low brow) attempts sneaking into each episode as well. Ramsey is the worst cardboard cutout villain since a Warner Brothers cartoon from the 80s. All the political intrigue and plotting for the throne and all that is over with. Now it's moving towards the dragons vs white walker eventual battle. Maybe he'll forward the white walker threat storyline. The old Khaleesi telling her that they were about to meet where to raid and enslave a people this year all but confirmed it in my mind. Can't remember the exact line, but it was the way he responded to Missandre's comment about fighting the masters the only way they knew. Plus he keeps rewriting parts of the book over and over again. And sometimes you don't get to see a character or characters until 2-3 episodes later i. . Jorah and Daario. To get the best experience you need to watch multiple eps at a time. Its his creation, and if it takes him x long to write a book, that is up to him. I really hated the Rickon ended up in Ramsay's hands, and Summer being killed off like that. Ugh, God I hope it doesn't play out like that in the books.


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Akan tetapi setelah peresmian jembatan ini, lebih dari 1. 00 kasus bunuh diri. Petugas kepolisian kerap mendapati kendaraan sewa yang terparkir begitu saja di sisi jembatan. Upaya pemerintah kota tidak berhenti di situ saja, mereka membangun pagar pengaman tambahan di sisi jembatan. Golden Gate Bridge ini merupakan maha karya dari seorang arsitek asal Ohio, Amerika Serikat bernama Joseph B. Strauss. Kemegahan Golden Gate Bridge yang didesain tahan gempa ini disokong kurang lebih 1. 00. 00 baut. Selain itu, keunikan dari jembatan ini terdapat pada warnanya yang dianggap tak biasa, yakni perpaduan merah dan jingga. Pemilihan warna jembatan ini sebenarnya didasarkan pada berbagai pertimbangan. Salah satunya agar terlihat secara jelas oleh kapal yang melintas dan juga untuk melindungi jembatan dari kabut yang mengandung air laut dari Selat Golden Gate, di perbatasan Samudera Pasifik. 129 dID U KNOW Tower Bridge Jembatan ini mulai dibangun 1886 dan selesai 1894. Lokasinya di atas sungai Thames yang berdekatan dengan Tower of London (menara London) sehingga disebut dengan Tower Bridge. Jembatan ini adalah kombinasi jembatan gantung dan jembatan angkat. Ciri khasnya adalah 2 menara kembar setinggi 65 meter berada di tengah jembatan yang membentang sepanjang 244 meter. Jembatan ini dapat berlahan-lahan membelah menjadi 2 yang ditarik ke masing-masing menara. Dua sisi jembatan ini bisa diangkat sampai 86o, yang memungkinkan kapal besar dapat melintas di bawahnya.