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A young Damien standing with cross tombstones, with red eyes and the quote at the bottom. Photo was printed at a professional photo lab, not cheap printing paper. All our items will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Famous Ink Authentics. A young Damien standing with cross tombstones, a creepy photo that Harvey signed flawlessly. Photo will be shipped securely, flat in a top loader. Photo is matte finish and was custom printed at the professional photo lab. We have a new pod up, which means we have a new theme. A Bay of Blood is a 1971 Italian giallo film directed by Mario Bava. It is about a series of murders that occur over an inheritance battle for a bay. It is considered one of the most influential films of all time with American films like Friday the 13th directly lifting some of its kills. It started the trend of “body count” films, something that is still extremely relevant in the American horror genre today. It is also considered Bava’s bloodiest and most micro-budget film. It is a testament to the outshining legacy of the giallo genre. The film takes place in Austria and focuses on a young American man and Austrian woman who inadvertently release an evil, sadist Baron from the 1500s. The Baron, hideously disfigured, goes about killing lots of people and chasing around our leads for much of the running time. This isn't one of Bava's films that he's beloved for. It's not terrible, but it's a bit repetitive and there's a lack of gore and tension. The acting is just okay, with the female lead just screaming a lot. However, the cinematography is gorgeous, with a great location and plenty of ambience. It's worth owning just for that and the atmosphere.

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Call for quotes on typesetting, pro- duction and printing. Those who would like to donate can drop off teddy bears at the mentioned locations now through April 30 at any time. Those who need them to be picked up can contact Mary Price at 570. 86. 646. Bears will be donated to the following charities: Children’s Advocacy Center, Ronald McDonald House. Moses Taylor and CMC’s pediatric dept. Women’s Resource Center and Abington are fire departments. Shown, from left, are, Mary Chuff, Kaitie Robertson and Celina Mahalidge. Pick- upfro m 4 to7 p. m. t th e Da lt on FireHall. The y wil l be col - lec tin g dre sse s at theTrip p House, 10 1 1 NorthMain A ve. Break fast in- clude s, all-y ou-ca n-eat: frenc h toast, sausa ge, fruit, orang e juice and bev erage. CellPhones andiPod s wil l be col lec tedfor free. ot accep ting Air Cond i- tione rs, Humi difiers,Stoves, or anyt hingbut electr onics. Baske t raff les, foundtrea- sur es,10vendo rs anda my ste ry purse. Info:570. 42. 61 3.

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The irony? In one of our first meetings, we were discussing conservative criticism of CNN, specifically by Rush Limbaugh. Jeff asked me of my CNN appearances: “Have you ever been censored? To which I replied with the absolute truth: “No. Alas. Alas that is no longer true. A lynch mob that, as Mark Stevens attests, is all too willing to threaten physical violence in service to what Stevens called “an organized terrorist action. This isn’ t a question of my abrupt dismissal being deeply, offensively wrong — which it is. Nor is this about the right of CNN to fire anyone it chooses. I can understand the Kathy Griffin problem with a bloodied severed head of the President. But I did not understand the dismissal of Reza Aslan, the host of the CNN documentary series Believer. I don’ t agree politically with Reza — we once debated on Don Lemon’s show. But in fact I told Jeff Zucker that if it helped I would be more than happy to speak up for Reza’s right to tweet offensive sentiments of President Trump. They had nothing to do with his show and he seemed to me from both debating him and watching his work that he was a decidedly good person with a sizable body of knowledge about his subject. Exactly the kind of person CNN or any other network should be pleased to host. While assailing the President in such vulgar terms (a piece of excrement etc. isn’ t tasteful, Americans have a long, colorful tradition of using strong and yes, even vulgar language to criticize presidents. My firing by CNN mirrors the Google firing of memo-writer techie James Damore. Damore wrote of his firing in the Wall Street Journa l, saying among other things, this — with bold print supplied by me: Indeed. I have of a sudden without warning been excommunicated by CNN, as Damore was at Google.

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You also are 18 or older, or have the authority to register these participants and agree to the waiver(s) for them as their parent or legal guardian. By registering a child under 13, you are consenting to the collection of the child's information that you are providing for the purposes of registration. Previously, he was the U. . national security editor of The Guardian, where he was part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team reporting on Edward Snowden’s NSA disclosures. Before that, he was a senior writer for Wired, where he won a National Magazine Award for reporting on Islamophobic counterterrorism training at the FBI. That was the driving force to shift into becoming a privacy hacktivist and, later on, solely addressing corporate surveillance, web tracking, and algorithm manipulation. His last project began in 2016, is, and has been used in time of turmoil, or during electoral campaigns (Italy, France, and Argentina) to monitor how the algorithm influences public discourse. In addition to being a fabulous lockpicker and escape artist, Aidan claims to have secretly ghost written the epic biography: The Secret Life of Harry Houdini (ISBN 10: 0743272080). He co-founded a successful Silicon Valley startup and did pioneering work in virtual reality. He is an author and teacher, and goes around the world giving talks and workshops. Mitch promotes hackerspaces, open-source hardware, and mentors others wherever he goes. He is a co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, and is president and CEO of Cornfield Electronics. She was a member of the European Parliament until 2014 and promoted copyright reform, competition, and interplay between technical and legal standards. Before working on Outline, he's been involved in anti-malware initiatives, productizing liquid democracy, and internationalizing products. When not geeking out, he can be found dancing Tango in New York. As director of Futel, he runs Portland’s fastest-growing payphone network. With C. . .

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ATTENTION HAFLER AND DYNACO OWNERS: We build new higher performance circuits in Hafler and Dyna audio components. Write or call for free catalog and sample of our monthly newsletter, Audio Basics. Jensens Stereo Shop. 2202 River Hills Drive, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337. (612) 890-3517. QUALITY. USED AUDIO EQUIPMENT. Play it Again Sam. 12611 -SR. Madison Avenue, Lakewood. Ohio 44107. (2161228-0040. MC. Visa. WOOFERS-MID-TWEETERS-X-OVERS. SR, 3238 Towerwood Dr. Dallas, TX 75234, (214) 243-4145. Woofers, mids, tweeters, hardware, crossovers, grille cloth, plans, kits, information, much more. Box 36052, Sarasota, FL 33583. (813) 953-5363.