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This 'rave alarm pressure' is limiting us too much as artists and keeps us afraid of playing the most challenging, deep and beautiful music, as we are afraid of losing the floor. The Frankfurt-born Markus Fix grew up at the decks of Helium bar, is now at home behind the decks of cocoonclub Frankfurt and has been providing us with his innovative reinterpretation of House on labels such as Cecille and Oslo for the last three years. The B side belongs to the 32-year-old Leipzig resident Sven Tasnadi. He simply knows how he could drive a dancefloor mad. However, speaking of a comeback of Lorber would be both consequent and not thinking far ahead, as Tres is an artist collective being rather entrenched in the Frankfurt Tech House scene. Besides Lorber, 2Dollar Egg member Eric Besier and Bernd Maus, one half of Gadgets and co-owner of Freebase, one of Germany's most successful record shops, form the trio Tres. After two Maxis for Lorber's nummer label, the three beat wizards are now pumping up the bass on four tracks (two of them being included in the digital version only) to majestic size. Lorber is, together with his companions, in any case succeeding once again with a variation of electronic dance music that besides its focus on demanding movements still leaves enough room for nuances and personal interpretation. The first to rework the fine tune is Stockholm's music workaholic Jesper Dahlback, whose subsonic bass line is setting a hedonistic imperative right in the beginning. Also Dave Ellesmere, well-known through his releases on Kanzleramt and Intacto, is using the power of Low Frequency Oscillations and thus invents modernistic catching Dub Techno for 2010. With an explicitly percussive version, the Space DJ institution Steve Lawler is showing that visionary Techno in Ibiza can not only be found at Amnesia. The flip side belongs to London-based DJ and producer Tim Green. But his fans and followers rather perceive him as some kind of a magician, a spirit, a shaman. Although Vath's work transcends into performance art, architecture and design, his preferred way of communication is music. Techno and House are his inborn language, his most immediate way of expression. Like few other musicians, Vath manages to push his music beyond the limitations of certain musical styles. He opens up towards his crowd in a deep and profound way: Mysteriously, Vath builds an incredible connection with everybody in the room.


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I on the other hand though that was some of the best work Emilia has done. Maybe on my 7th or 8th viewing I’ll have a better thought. It’s devastating. They hold such a great significance. Not sure how she and Bran can get away from an army of White Walkers with no help. I agree with the post made earlier: NO MORE DEAD DIREWOLVES. You laid your life down for Bran, now you can go in peace. ? ost heart wrenching scene. Hodor and Summer, did not see that coming at all. Ramsay’s words still come to mind in situations like these “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention. . She was simply pointing out that Jon’s bastard status doesn’t really matter. Ramsay is just as much a bastard as Jon and houses have sworn to him. Yes he was l legitimized, but Jon has a true Stark behind him. Sansa will be the Stark Lady and Jon her sword and strength. Perhaps Arya and Jon are the only Starks that will survive.


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Fri-Sat. 8pm. Dec 1-Dec, 16. Christian Phillips and. The overall and overwhel ming implication is their. Hlpdito Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868. Schujman’s play, translated into English and directed. Sat, 8pm. Through Nov 10. Oleg Liptsin. founder of. Chester) — this straight-ahead bio-concert quickly. Joy Carlin confidently stages the elliptical time-. Milter, Jennifer Proctor, Katie Rubin, Betsy Salkind. Hoyle), both technically available in Zurich at the. John Dickson directs local playwright Brad Erickson's. Works revives its production of Jean Racine's neo-.


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Itse hankin vanhan rintamamiestalon ja loysin sisaisen pihamyyrani, viehatyin salaojista, katonharjan tuuletusputkista ja rupesin pitamaan hiljaisuudesta, vaikka ainoastaan kaupungin aanet olivat aiemmin tuudittaneet syvaan uneen. Kun innostuin lumien tiputtelusta katolta, tajusin myos tapaturmavakuutuksen arvon. Brysseliin muuttaessani opin, etta kuutio tavaraa kulkee halvalla rekan kyydissa Euroopan halki, kaukolampo on kiva juttu, ruisleipa on hyvaa ja ettei hienokaan asunto tuo onnea, jos on yksinainen. Understanding your character and taking time to convince you This post is dedicated to Miss Ong Aili, girlfriend and fiancee of 1 year now. As both island countries depend heavily on tourism for jobs and income, broader physical changes driven by ocean warming and sea-level rise have significant implications for small islands around the world. Java is a particularly vulnerable island, with growing populations and declining land for rice production. He provided examples of the kinds of spatial analysis that might prove useful for business executives, investors and others. The expedition ended in Boston on the last day of June, after two nights in Bermuda. A secondary mission is to demonstrate how geographers address these issues and to promote a broader geographic perspective on sustainable development issues. Students also benefit from the knowledge gained from these experiences and subsequently shared in the classroom and through research projects and study abroad programs. Koin-koin tersebut berlapis perak, masing-masing memiliki bentuk,warna dan gambar yang unik, dengan setiap bagian belakang menunjukkan puncak Palau senjata. 3. Expensive Motorbikes, Somalia Lagi-lagi somalia mengeluarkan uang yang unik yaitu berbentuk sepeda motor sebnarnya masih ada lagi koin dari somalia yang unik yaitu berbentuk mobil dan gitar 4. Coin with Actual Piece of Concorde Heat Shield in it, Tristan da Cunha Untuk merayakan ulang tahun ke-40 uij penerbangan pertama pesawat supersonik Concorde, pulau Tristan da Cunha menerbitkan uang 5 Pounds. Genuine Pearl, Palau satu lagi koin unik dari negara Palau gambar kerang laut tersebut terbuat dari kerang air laut asli dan koin yang terbuat dari sterling silver 7. Yellow Crystal Elsa, Sierra Leone koin ini di buat untuk mengenang 100 tahun dari kelahiran sorang penulis terkenal Joe Adamson, dengan singa diambil dari salah satu bukunya yang memenangkan penghargaan akademi awards yang terukir pada kristal kuning. 8.


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Cannot wait for the battle at Eastwatch by the Sea. Ooops, wrong franchise, but still - gott dayuuuum that was a wild ass episode. It honestly made up for the whole season being a little lackluster, the payoff was so satisfying. Direwolf Badassery - Beginning to think the writers forgot Ghost exists. Jon Snow Mania - If the weather report this season called for Snow, then you better get your shovels cause we’re at PEAK SNOW right now. The body count in this episode was staggering, so staggering that I almost wonder if part of it had to do with HBO not wanting to renew a host of people’s contracts. RIP Margaery, Tommen, Loras, Grand Maester Pycelle (did you know he was in Star Wars ), Walder Frey (I know you know he was in Harry Potter), The High Sparrow, Amazing Mustache Tyrell Guy, and Lancel Lannister. I feel like next season is finally going to be about two things - the battle for the Throne and the battle vs the White Walkers and I couldn’t be more stoked! 2. Earlier this season Cersei “chose violence” and we finally see what that looks like when seen all the way through. She dresses in some wild evil witch black get up and then proceeds to take a page from her brother’s book and pop some wildfire and incinerate everyone. What will she be like when she has no children to ground her. I think we got a taste when she set the mountain loose on Septa Morgane. The easiest way to put this is she has no shame - ZING 3. The citadel scene was cool but I don’t truly understand where this story is leading. My guess would be Sam is gonna find the ultimate white walker killing weapon - but why is that necessary considering Bran is now back at Castle Black and knows a lot about the white walkers and apparently still has more to learn. Also major Harry Potter vibes from the Citadel.


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Just because show Daario gets that fleet doesn’t mean Vic’s role is useless in the books. Hack away if you’d like adaptation, but I still have them right here! (you obviously cannot see, it but I’m pointing at my head). I love it when the books and the show take different roads to the same destination, but my concern is when that destination is reached. The day that season 7 episode 10 airs (still a few years away at least). That’s when the show will undeniably and irrefutably spoil the books. I strongly believe that the show will closely resemble the book at the end. For now we still have diverging paths to the same destination and will do for a couple years to come (I’m still hoping for a TWOW release before season 6 though, but I’ll deal if it doesn’t). The problem for me will come in the final season with book seven still way off in the distance. Will I still enjoy the books when they come out eventually? Probably. But I won’t enjoy it as much anymore and that makes me sad. Thanks for not shoving your boobs in our faces ala Tybee style. I don’t understand how this story “got away” from him to this extent. That would mean not ever knowing what becomes of fAegon, Arianne, Euron, Manderly, etc. And yes, these characters may not have a major impact on the end game. While I can accept the logical reasons for eliminating from the show, it doesn’t lessen my desire to know what happened.


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At the conclusion of the interview, Carville said, “I can’t think about the election right now, what I can think about, what I can talk about, is how unprecedented this is. And how the House Republicans and the KGB are trying the affect our democracy. Bony put the hosts ahead after only three minutes before Wayne Routledge equalized for the Swans five minutes later. Stoke went back in front 10 minutes after the interval with an own-goal by Alfie Mawson, and Bony headed in a third goal to put the result beyond doubt in the 73rd. It was the third straight league win for Mark Hughes' Stoke. Bradley lost 3-2 at Arsenal in his first game with Swansea and drew 0-0 at home to Watford in the second. Stoke moved up to 12th while Swansea stayed in the relegation zone, five points from safety. Bony hadn't scored since December last year but grabbed two against Swansea, both set up by Joe Allen, who had been heavily linked with the Swans before Stoke swooped this summer. Xherdan Shaqiri's near-post corner was nodded into the air by Neil Taylor and Allen reached it, knocking the ball into the six-yard box with his left foot to leave Bony the simplest of finishes to get off the mark. Bradley saw an equalizer from his team's first attack. The recalled Fernando Llorente held the ball up for Gylfi Sigurdsson and he lifted a cross into Routledge, who headed in the equalizer. Stoke's Charlie Adam struck either post with left-footed attempts before Marko Arnautovic was frustrated by the woodwork after collecting Allen's pass and shifting to the side of Swansea goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, with a narrowing angle working against the Austrian as he fired against the post. Stoke would take the lead again not long after, although it came via a Swansea player. Glenn Whelan's superb pass was latched upon by substitute Ramadan Sobhi and he fired toward the far post, with Mawson's intervention only diverting it past Fabianski. A third Stoke goal arrived 17 minutes from time as the Allen-and-Bony connection worked again. The Welsh international fired into Fabianski and, when the ball came back to Allen, he flicked to Bony to head home. Swansea felt aggrieved when Routledge was denied a penalty.


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Thanks. If the pc’s motherboard is very current while there are no computer OS issues, modernizing the storage space literally will take under one hour. It’s one of many easiest laptop upgrade treatments one can think about. I hope to give something back and help others like you aidrd me. Generally, you’ll get 1-5% back in various purchases. However, if you possess the cash on hand to make the purchase fully, then, paradoxically, this is the best time for you to use the card for several motives. However, if you possess the cash there to make the purchase 100 %, then, paradoxically, this is the best time just to be able to use the card for several factors. Persons throughout every discipline are using the credit card and people who not using the credit card have prepared to apply for 1. Persons from every discipline are using credit card and people who aren’t using the credit cards have made up their minds to apply for just one. I am looking ahead on your subsequent put up, I will attempt to get the hold of it. I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thanks! . What may you suggest in regards to your put up that you made a few days ago. It will be valuable to everyone who usess it, as well as me. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe.