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They chose to award a film that they found beautifully perverse, truthful, thick, sad, and visually poetic. They felt this is a film that is confident in its bold choices and is never afraid to seek empathy in characters who perform unsympathetic acts. They thought Rachel Griffiths delivers a courageous performance which hopefully continues to be recognized. The Social Justice Award for Documentary Film went to 10 BILLION: WHAT? ON YOUR PLATE? directed by Valentin Thurn. Jury members Anthony and Arnette Zerbe chose the film as an alarming glimpse of the imminent disaster of food shortage in the world. They felt the film exposes the precarious balance of greed on one side and creative innovation on the other. ? ake up, GREED is winning. Jury members Johannes Kuhnke and Neil Konigsberg chose VILLE-MARIE as the recipient of the Best International Film Award. Kuhnke and Konigsberg praised the performances of the actors and applauded Guy ? oin? film as a richly conceived and ambitious look at multiple characters coming together through tragedy and subsequent healing. They also noted the unique story elements of the film, particularly the soap opera that was within the unfolding drama. Sponsored by Santa Barbara and Tri-Counties ADL, The ADL Stand Up Award went to Paddy Breathnach? VIVA. The purpose of the ADL Stand Up Award is to recognize and celebrate the impact that storytelling can have in fostering mutual understanding and respect.

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ud's solo recordings from the same sessions are instrumental highlights of this epic set, besides a series of staggering improvisations by Abd-ol-Hoseyn Shahn? i, sublime ney and kamancheh playing by Mehdi Nav? i and the Armenian Hayk, and an anonymous tar solo from the South Caucasus, captured in Tiflis in 1912, red-raw and rocking. The two CDs are sumptuously presented in a hard-back gatefold sleeve, with a 26-page booklet containing full notes and marvelous photos on fine-art papers, stitched, not stapled. The music was restored from 78s at Abbey Road Studios in London. Operating somewhere between his label-mate Lussuria's gothic ambience, the ear-bleaching concrete of Helm, and the more blown-out cinematic visions of Leyland Kirby, Wounded Laurel oscillates between sublime and wretched with a gripping night-time narrative. A life-long musician, his groundbreaking work established him as a pioneer in the worlds of underground hip-hop, trip-hop, and the dance scenes stretching from New York to Paris to Tokyo and beyond. Drawing inspiration from the hypnotic trance of voodoo culture, Public Enemy, dub, and easy-listening jazz, Cam's style has assumed a new identity with each and every project since. It started with his 1994 debut, Underground Vibes, and he continues to redefine many of the sounds he had a hand in creating throughout his career. After the success of his last beats album Vintage Beats (VINTAGE 001LP), DJ Cam is back with a new instrumental hip-hop project called Westside (2004-2007). Twelve tracks composed, produced, and mixed by DJ Cam and made with an Akai MPC 3000, some vintage keyboards, and a drum machine, between 2004 and 2007. Scientist's name will be found on many dub releases in people's record collections. His connection to King Tubby is inseparable and many would say that when dub had fallen on quieter times, it was Scientist who breathed new life into it. His paired-down mixing style suited the new dancehall reggae sound that came as the '70s rolled into the '80s. Such was his stature that albums were now sold with his name on their jacket, Scientist vs. Prince Jammy and Scientist Meets the Space Invaders, to name but two. Here Jamaican Recordings have compiled some tuff tracks from that same period, before everything went digital. The soulful voice of Cornell Campbell has created so many fine tunes and his voice has been sprinkled over countless dub albums that might unknowingly already lie in your collections, as his vast catalog of Rasta influence, lover's rock, cover versions, dancehall and Gorgon-tinged tracks are so intertwined with the whole 1970s reggae era.

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'I brought it home and put it in my closet, but every time I looked at the box it gave me this horrible, creepy feeling, so I ended up throwing it in the dumpster a couple of years later. . That's according to a new report of one of the Korean firm's Galaxy S7 exploding. According to one unnamed Galaxy S7 Edge user, the phone exploded while charging. Scroll down for video An unidentified worker from 'one of the big' US mobile networks claims that a customer brought in severely heat-damaged S7 Edge that had supposedly exploded, reports PhoneArena. The owner of the phone is said to have been charging it overnight and had recently turned in their Note 7, following the firm's massive product recall. Samsung eventually recalled the product and ceased production entirely following numerous reports of the batteries overheating and exploding. The latest report is not the first time that an S7 Edge is said to have exploded. A man in Ohio recently sued Samsung after he claims that his handset overheating in his trousers last month, allegedly leaving him with second and third degree burns, reports PhoneArena. The site has also reported on another S7 Edge owner who claimed that their phone exploded while charging overnight. The troubled Korean technology firm eventually had to recall and cease production of its Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month. After going on sale on 19 August, reports of overheating batteries began to trickle in. The company initially began a replacement programme for buyers to exchange faulty handsets for new ones. However, after reports of the replacement devices exploding, the firm was forced to ditch the product altogether. The Brazilian-born Spain international has earned a reputation as somewhat of an old fashioned combative striker, causing defenders problems with his physicality. But it seems there's another side to Costa, with the 28-year-old recently taking time out of his match preparations to enjoy some down-time with his pet dog Bella. Costa, the former Atletico Madrid star, showed his softer side as he played with his pet dog at his home swimming pool. The in-form forward took to his Instagram account to upload a picture and a video ahead of the west London club's EFL Cup clash with West Ham.

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The man-made resort offers a variety of activities. The Japanese do not have the time to go to appropriate holiday places. The resort is easily accessible and quite impressive. The Japanese have come up with another innovative idea. From the land that brought us the virtual pet and the. Lying southwest of Tokyo, the capital city ofJapan, the. Even if this beach holiday is anything but real, it does. The water is chlorinated and electrically heated so that. Yet, if holiday-seekers want to bypass the beach scene. But why spend good money on an artificial beach or ski. First of all, bathing off the Japanese coast isn't very. Furthermore, the sea is cold, polluted and crawling. As for skiing, the winters in Japan aren't cold enough. The Ocean Dome offers choices ranging from a simple. For questions 8-15, choose the answer (A, B, C or 0) which you think fits best. Living in South Africa, I had always taken the wildlife pretty much for granted. For this reason, I suppose that the way my European friends used. They would ask me what I thought at the time were really silly.

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Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. Palestinians first began participating in the Great March of Return on 30 March, one of the biggest mass demonstrations since the Second Intifada. In presenting their ill-conceived plan to Jordanian officials, U. . peace negotiators Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt have demonstrated a bias and ineptitude that will derail Washington’s self-proclaimed peace plan and further undermine U. . credibility in the Middle East. When Palestinians were expelled from their homes in the British Mandate of Palestine during the war that led to Israel’s independence, the kingdom welcomed the refugees and granted them citizenship to ease their humanitarian burden, but in a limited capacity so as not to affect Palestinians’ national aspirations or their political future. They are still considered “stateless” awaiting repatriation, as provided by Jordan’s legal, regional, and international commitments. The popular phrase “Jordan is not Palestine” was and remains a vital national security concern in the kingdom. For almost seven decades, the poorest refugees in Jordan have been cared for by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). UNRWA operates 171 schools in Jordan, serving more than 121,000 students. Its 25 primary health centers handle more than 1. million visits a year, and 10 recognized refugee camps shelter around 370,000 refugees. In this sense, taking the refugee issue off the negotiating table is, as Trump is fond of saying, tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Widespread tax evasion has further contributed to ballooning Jordan’s debt to 95 percent of GDP. The lack of funds has triggered runaway inflation at a time when the state struggles to provide food and water for 670,000 poverty-stricken Syrian refugees. Proposed tax reforms and price hikes this spring spurred a general strike by labor unions that brought down Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki.

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The story goes that in the upcoming season Cersei will grow more powerful at King's Landing as Tommen's regent, as she will gain more control over her young son. However, the growing miseries of the people of the King's Landing will give birth to a new army of the Poor Fellows to fight for the underprivileged under the banner of Faith Militants. The Faith Militants will pose a major threat to the queen and the eventually expose her, triggering the controversial scene where she walks nude before her people covered in what appears to be blood, mud, and perhaps faeces, the Watchers on the Wall reported. Game of Thrones Season 5 is adapted from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, the fourth and fifth books from George R. . Martin's best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. More Entertainment News The Prestige: The Films of Christopher Nolan Nobel Prize 2014: Who are the Favourites for the Literature Award. Stephen Collins 'Suicide' over Child Molestation Claims Revealed as False Alarm: 7th Heaven Star Alive and Well Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes Becomes Bravo's Highest-Paid Reality Star Arrow Season 3 Premiere: Where to Watch Episode 1 Online; Producers Tease 'Big Surprise' on Flash vs Arrow Crossover Episode. Home suboxone get high right-arrow copy Can Suboxone Get You High. Reviewed by Marisa Crane, B. . Call (888) 966-8152 About the reviewer Marisa Crane is a writer and editor specializing in mental and behavioral health. Verify Your Insurance We’ll verify your benefits and let you know if you’re eligible for care at an American Addiction Centers facility. Check My Benefits According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), over 2. million Americans struggle with substance abuse disorders related to opioid drugs, both prescription painkillers and heroin. While it is an opioid, and it does block pain receptors and induce a mild euphoria, this effect is thought to plateau if large doses are taken, meaning that after a certain amount, it will no longer produce any effect. The addition of naloxone to buprenorphine in Suboxone is meant to act as an abuse-deterrent, as naloxone is an opioid antagonist. When taken as directed, the naloxone remains dormant; however, if the drug is altered and then injected or snorted, the antagonist blocks opioid receptors, and it can induce opioid withdrawal syndrome.

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om. Apple's premium iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone to date, so it's only fitting that it comes with optically stabilized dual rear cameras, impressively high-quality video capture and a gorgeous display. So does all that make up for the high price of entry. If you’re recycling job descriptions, especially ones that may be out of date,you run the risk of attracting the wrong talent for your business needs. Here, strong collaboration between hiring managers, recruiters, HR reps and department heads is essential. “If the HR team understands what the team is trying to accomplish in filling the role, and the hiring manager can clearly articulate the business strategy, both teams can work together toward the goal. Ideally, HR partners are meeting regularly with the business on many talent topics and can perceive a hiring need before it becomes urgent,” says Julie Barker, senor director of global talent at Appirio. An efficient hiring process that includes regular check-ins on changing job descriptions and job requirements can boost efficiency and hiring quality. Here are five tips for improving your department’s job descriptions by fostering better communication with HR and recruiters. It sounds obvious, but make sure the person writing up the job description and requirements knows how to do the job. It’s easy to overlook small details in the day-to-day workload if you haven’t worked in the same position, so consider consulting current employees as part of the process. “This discovery should be a partnership between the HR business partner and hiring manager, which dives deep into the current team’s skill set, business strategy and goals for future, which then is documented in a job description,” says Barker. If an HR department or recruiter handles job descriptions and job listings for your company, take time to foster communication. A hiring manager or department head might understand the day-to-day duties and skills necessary for the job, but an HR rep or recruiter will understand the current hiring market and talent pool, says Don Robertson, chief people officer at Apttus. “Bridging this gap requires a time investment, sometimes a substantial one, but it pays off in spades as effective, well-placed employees take your organization to the next level,” he says. If you hired for a role just one or two years ago, you still want to reevaluate the job description. Things change fast, especially in the technology industry, so the skills and requirements you listed two years ago might already be outdated. “Roles, and their requirements, evolve as a business does.