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If you wanted to push it, both are spectacles that require a theatre setting for the proper experience. This parallelism bespeaks an irony pervading contemporary cinema. By downplaying narrative in favour of moment-by-moment immersion in environment (landscape, dreamscape, etc. , “slow cinema” and Hollywood blockbusters have become strange bedfellows in this “haptic” aesthetic. Why the ocean? What is it about the sea that makes it more than a setting ripe for (narrative) adventure but one of the supreme testing grounds for cinema itself. Beyond the obvious production dangers (that make studio executives nervous and can often foil small crews), the sea challenges filmmakers to think beyond the “window” and “language” film theories (schools of thought that have dominated film theory for decades) and focus on other modes of sensory experience. Not just the tactility of wetness but the ebbs and flows of a moving, living medium. Both Pi and Leviathan use digital cinema to disorient the viewer: to warp our usual Euclidean axes of the horizon line and gravity. It makes you dizzy, imbalanced (not just sea-sick but cinema-sick!

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It? a bond that lasts unconditionally, so reducing LSH to a monster seeking blind, brutal revenge still gets this point across: If everything else is lost, once you have forgotten what your name or your purpose was in life, your family is the only thing that still matters. Marrying Jon and Arya because it would now have the profitable element of being a suitable solution for Westerosi-problems could falsify this statement to quite some extent. They would certainly have a shared bloodline from Aerys II and Rhaella albeit Jon’s would be mixed with Stark’s. It’s a mostly mindless exercise in fun, and those are the best. Also, I’m not going to include S6’s new directors, simply because I want to roll with a hype list based on previous directors only. Perhaps it could be combination of all those three options. It’s hard for me to imagine them being a romantic couple. on knows nothing (nothing new ? ) about his possible family relations to Dany.

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But what we've had is basically many years now of games being built with the same formula. I mean truly a person basically knows what to expect from nearly any modern AAA game or even game video they watch as far as the structure and experience provided. Because they (nearly) all follow the same basic structure and style. They all seem to strive to deliver some form of movie-like experience. I think this is why pixel art 2D games became popular again. It's pretty much the opposite of AAA shooter experiences as far as I can tell. I do play Blake Stone, Duke Nukem and Catacombs from time to time and I might try the new Doom game not sure since it seems a lot closer to the modern clones than what I had first thought. I'd be more interested in seeing a list of recent AAA platformers, shmups and so forth. I really do wonder where are all of the other games, types and viewpoints. Okay, maybe a modern game like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time done in FP would be cool.


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Palu milik Thor yang berat sekali seharusnya tidak bisa digantung pada gantungan baju di tembok, tentu jebol bukan. Sang professor menyuruh Wolverine untuk membantu Professor X muda diperankan oleh James McAvoy dan juga mutan-mutan lainnya. Karena kelangsungan dari hidup mutan-mutan ini di masa depan bergantung dengan keberhasilan mereka di masa lalu. Jadi akankah mereka berhasilkah dalam misi tersebut. Muncullah didepannya seseorang bernama Sewashi, keturunan Nobita generasi keempat di abad ke-22, dan Doraemon kucing robot penjaga di abad 22 yang membantu orang dengan gadget rahasianya. Sewashi merasa bahwa keluarganya menderita karena utang yang Nobita tinggalkan hingga sampai ke generasinya, dan dalam rangka untuk mengubah masa depan bencana ini, ia mengutus Doraemon sebagai penjaga Nobita agar bisa memberikan kebahagiaan di masa depannya, dan Doraemon tidak senang dengan hal ini. Akhirnya Sewashi memasang program ke Doraemon agar dapat memaksanya untuk mengurus Nobita. Doraemon tidak bisa kembali ke abad ke-22 kecuali Nobita hidup bahagia. Akankah Doraemon akan berhasil misi ini dan kembali ke abad ke-22. Autobots dan Decepticons telah menghilang dari planet ini setelah pertarungan tersebut.