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Trump an 18-point win in the state last year. “She says she is willing to work with Republicans, but she has fought President Trump all the way, ” the narrator says in the ad. “McCaskill was all-in for Hillary, called her heads above the field. OK, well, election is over, your horse lost, time to move on, and since Trump became president, McCaskill has fought him tooth and nail. The McCaskill campaign did not respond to an email seeking comment. She voted against the Trump administration’s push for an Obamacare repeal, the confirmation of Neil M. Gorsuch to the U. S. Supreme Court and Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. She supported the White House’s push to repeal a stream protection rule, Rick Perry’s nomination to be energy secretary and Ryan Zinke’s nomination as interior secretary. In addition to Mr. Hawley, several other Republicans are considering running for the nomination: former Missouri GOP chief Ed Martin, state Rep. Paul Curtman, state Treasurer Eric Schmitt and state Rep. The actress stunned in a striped button-up top and matching bottoms, with open-toe heels. And, we felt major 70’s vibes after seeing her beautiful curls. See the rest of the red carpet arrivals at the TCAs in our above gallery. And, in case you wanted to recreate Z’s epic curls, we’ ve got the details. During a special episode of the show, set to air this week, “it lightly discusses and brings up the issue of sexism in the workplace which is something very common, especially when you’ re in the field of work where it’s mostly male dominated, ” Zendaya explained. Just like the fashion world, the young actress dominates important topics of conversation.


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Jatinder Singh Sippy, Kulveer Ko ur, Vijay Sharma, Naveen Gupta and Sanjeev Gupta have been nominated as Mandal Secretaries. Bhagat Ram Sharma and Surinder Jamwal are Mandal Media Secretaries. Chander Shekhar Jaggi is Mandal Treasurer and O. . Magotra is Mandal Office Secretary. Vijay Kumar, Swarna Devi, Balwant Singh Choudhary, Vikram, Jagdish Raj Choudhary, Om Nath, Jaswant Singh, Surjeet Kumar, Raj Singh, Ravinder Raina, Koushal Kumar, Sukhdev Singh, Charan Singh, Capt. Jameet Singh, Ramneek Singh, Antu Kotwal, Neetu Devi, Mohinder Singh, Surbhi Choudhary, Rinku Chouhan, Surya Parkash Sharma, Vikas Sharma, Ashok Sharad, Jageer Singh, Manmohan Singh, Kajal Devi, Narinder Gupta, Baldev Singh, Capt. Jaswant Singh, Ashok Ranyal, Kuldeep Raj, Bram Singh, Jatinder Kumar and Anil Sharma are Mandal Working Committee members. Jugal Kishore Sharma, during his second day visit to different areas falling in Nowshera assembly constituency Member of Parliament Jugal Kishore Sharma, during his second day visit to different areas falling in Nowshera assembly constituency, toured Bakhar, Lam, Ladoka, Bajnova and Seri villages of Nowshera alongwith MLA Ravinder Raina. The MP was also accompanied by SDM Sunderbani Kartar Singh and SDM Nowshera Harbans Lal. Jugal Kishore Sharma, during his touring of the said villages, held direct interactions with the people and received feedback about the ground problems and also i nvited suggestions for making each and every area well developed with the provision of basic amenities. Sharma also addressed the public gatherings and said that road connectivity is the basic requirement for the development and progress of any area and it is stressed upon the central government to sanction more and more funds for construction of new roads and widening of the existing roads. He also highlighted the Modi government’s decision to set up five new battalions of IRP for Jammu and Kashmir and said that major share in recruitment in these battalions will go to border youth for which repeated representations were being made during the past one and half year. The MP and the MLA announced rupees five lakh each for High Mast light for village Lam, cremation shed, water tank, bathing ghat at village Ladoka and rupees ten lakh for constructing Bakher to Channi road via Makam from CDF. District President Som Dutt, Mandal Presidents-Sanjay Kumar and Bodh Raj, Mohan Prashar, Sanjeev Dutt, Chotu Ram Choudhary, Panches and local Sarpanches also addressed the gatherings. A meeting of Jammu East constituency was held at party office headquarter A meeting of Jammu East constituency was held at party office headquarter regarding the upcoming Sushasan Sankalap Rally. Jammu East MLA Sh. Rajesh Gupta finalised all the arrangements in this meeting. Distt.


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Consistent with past voting patterns, the rural electorate, which holds a major percentage of voting powers despite being somewhat removed from daily functions of government and bureaucracy, proved to be the deciding vote. As in the past, and probably to a greater extent than before due to prevailing economic challenges, there was an outpouring of disgruntlement as people in the urban areas expressed feelings of frustration at being “undermined” by a rural vote they considered to carry less weight than theirs. This attack on the rural electorate failed to take into account a myriad of intervening factors. Despite adhering to a system of constitutional supremacy, the Constitution remains “a paper tiger” for many citizens. Given the predominance of agrarianism, more than 67% of Zimbabweans reside in the rural areas. The provisions of the Constitution remain an abstract and primarily meaningless concept for many. This is concerning for a system built on multi-party democracy, universal adult suffrage and free and fair regular elections. To secure the constitutional rights of citizens, there must be a concerted campaign to educate vulnerable populations of their fundamental rights. Allowing them to participate freely and knowingly in the electoral process will augment their capacity to advocate for their needs. The Constitution must be accessible to all in order to lead to societal transformation. If citizens are aware of their rights, they will be empowered to ask for their full entitlements under law rather than piecemeal benefits. This is where the concept of “transformative constitutionalism,” a post-apartheid South African theory, comes in. The compelling idea of transformative constitutionalism promotes the use of Constitutional values to advocate discernible and meaningful changes, leading to a more open, equitable and democratic State. It is a long-term project with the end goal of having citizens fully conversant about their rights, the role of state institutions, political leaders, as well as the concept of separation of powers. It is about removing these elements from the abstract and transforming them into tools for real action and accountability measures. Despite English, Shona and Ndebele being the most widely spoken languages in the country, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, many of which are spoken in the most remote and rural areas. The Constitution is not accessible to those in rural areas. The Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs recognized this, and five years after finalization of the Constitution, began the process of translating the document earlier this year, with a plan to translate it into at least 12 languages. However, even when translated, the Constitution will remain abstract and must be explained more carefully in the interests of justice.