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Gimlet, son of Groin is a dwarf appearing in the wellknown Harvard Lampoon parody Bored of the Rings bythe famous Dutch author Tolkkeen with four Ms and asilent Q. The original dwarf being, um, lampooned here isof course Tolkiens Gimli, son of Glin. Four fried rats. This is a spoof of the restaurant scene in The BluesBrothers. Jake orders Four fried chickens and a coke,and the waitress (Aretha Franklin) asks him whether hedlike chicken wings or legs, etc. This is partly a continuation of the Blues Brothersreference (after Jake asks for the fried chickens, Elwoodasks for two slices of dry toast), and at the same time anod to the Marx Brothers. In the cabin scene from ANight at the Opera, Groucho is giving his order to thesteward outside the cabin; Chico is calling out And twohard boiled eggs. This happens severaltimes, with Groucho ordering a multi-course meal inbetween. The eisteddfod is a real Welsh concept, originally acontest for poets and harpists. For quite a number of episodes she ran the funny oldantiques shop from which many props and plot deviceswere available. When people entered the shop, she oftenappeared holding a double barrelled shotgun anddescribing herself as a poor defenseless old lady orcalling from just off the scene to describe the many(non-existant) security devices she has installed. This recalls the legend of the original (Asiatic) StNicholas, bishop of Myra in what is now Turkey, whothrew a bag of gold (on three separate occasions) throughthe window of a poor man with three daughters, so thegirls would have dowries, saving them from having toenter lives of prostitution. I dont know about other countries, but in theNetherlands we still celebrate St Nicholas day (onDecember 5th) rather than Christmas. We do celebrate Christmas, but we have no traditionof a fat man in a red suit going ho-ho-ho while deliveringpresents. Only onre-reading did it dawn on me that what Terry is trying totell us here is that chalked on the guitar is the number1. The White Rabbit in Alices Adventures in Wonderland: The Duchess. Terry doesnt like the Alice books very much, though. Shave and a haircut, two bits is a classic rock n rollrhythm (used in just about everything Bo Diddley did, forinstance). Eyeball Pudding was usuallysemolina, Dead Mens Fingers are sausages.

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and the cause was listed as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, with obesity as a contributing condition. We ask that you remember Q in your prayers and raise a toast to the sky in his name. . It started off as a site for artists to release their mixtapes, but quickly became popular for posting user-submitted videos of public fights. Now, the website has grown to become a go-to place for pop culture news. And it just kept growing in that sense,” said O’Denat. Fox News also beat broadcast election coverage, with NBC’s 5. 9 million viewers finishing second. FBN’s Inauguration coverage led by Neil Cavuto was the highest in network history and marked FBN’s first total day sweep of CNBC across Business Day, Prime and Total Day this year. OJ Simpson”) directs and executive produces the new season that arrives in March. Six inches of brown sludge coat every street and sidewalk. The “Columbus” star glided in to the Kia Supper Suite on Sunday night (Jan. 22) with co-star Parker Posey, jumping behind the bar to grab their own drinks (just water bottles). Here, the Blues Traveler front man (fresh in to Park City from D. . plays with Bob Weir. He has been in Park City for a new Amazon series from the creator of “Transparent. . From Marti Noxon, they kept the guestlist for their post-screening celebration at the Stella Artois space much more intimate than others that toasted in the space.


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5A years with physical disability certificates were selected using a questionnaire distributed by a patients ' association. Each participant was asked about employment status, income, and receipt of disability pension as a social independence index, and about financial and psychological distress as a psychological status index. Furthermore, each participant was asked to freely describe his or her difficulties, anxieties, and needs pertaining to life in society. Seventy-one (50%) were female, and 94 (66%) had a grade 1 physical disability certificate. Fifty-nine subjects (41%) were employed, 37 (26%) were unemployed, and 45 (31%) were students. Frequent hospital visits, low total household income, low individual annual income, work dissatisfaction, and receipt of a disability pension were associated with poorer psychological profile. In an open description section, subjects expressed desires for better pension systems, support for medical fees, and employment support. Because financial issues can adversely affect the psychological profiles of adult CHD patients, enhancement of social welfare and employment support may improve their social independence. The objective of this study was to investigate serum A4 levels in early adolescent and young adult prenatally androgenized (PNA) female rats, a model for PCOS. Pregnant rats were injected with 5 mg T daily during gestational days 16-19 (PNA rats, experimental group) or an equal volume of vehicle (control group). Female offspring of both groups had tail vein blood drawn for serum analysis at 8 and 16 weeks of age. ELISAs were used to quantify serum A4 and T levels. Serum A4 and T were elevated in 16-week-old PNA rats compared to controls. There was no significant difference in either hormone at 8 weeks of age. The PNA rats demonstrated elevated serum A4 and T in young adulthood, as has been observed in women with PCOS, further validating this as a model for PCOS and underscoring the importance of serum A4 elevation as a parameter inherent to PCOS and a rodent model for the disorder. Significant A4 elevation develops between early adolescence and early adulthood in this PNA rat model. To address these inconsistencies, we compared a sample of 23 female PTSD patients with either early life trauma (ELT) or adult trauma (AT) or combined ELT and AT to 18 age-matched non-traumatized female healthy controls in the TSST which was preceded by intensive baseline assessments. During the TSST, we determined a variety of clinical, psychological, endocrine and cardiovascular parameters as well as expression levels of four HPA-axis related genes. Using a previously reported definition of HPA-axis responsive versus non-responsive phenotypes, we identified for the first time two clinically and biologically distinct HPA-axis reactivity subgroups of PTSD.


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PIMPBOT: Look-y here, grandpa, I gots a 10 percent senior discount on all my ho's today. RANDALL: Tastelessness, it seems, usually gets laughs. I think we could both agree that the interviews are our favorite part of the show. GROSS: That's Conan O'Brien and Tony Randall and Pimpbot, recorded in 1998. And with me to introduce our interview with Conan O'Brien is FRESH AIR TV critic David Bianculli. What do you think Conan O'Brien brought to late-night. DAVE BIANCULLI, HOST: He was the thinker, I mean the real abstract, out-of-the-box. He didn't want to do anything that was in the box, I don't think. I don't ever think he was the best interviewer, and some of his performance stuff went off to the strange side, but a lot of the things he did were very, very clever. And if he had done nothing but Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, I would think he'd earned his place in late-night history. GROSS: Well, he's always had this like love of pop culture and a kind of surreal take on it, which has been really wonderful. He took a lot of knocks from the press when he started the late-night - his late-night show. BIANCULLI: I actually liked him. And I was. GROSS: Good for you. GROSS: Mm-hmm. BIANCULLI: But if you look at this as TV history, Johnny Carson was rocky his first couple of weeks and you just sort of, you let people build into the job and you look at what their strengths are and what their sensibilities are. And he had it. He had a playfulness there that was really welcome at that time.

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--Washington State University. Moore, Jayme E. 1989. The significance of mouth imagery in the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Thesis (M. . --Ball State University. Morrissey, Jill S. 1992. Defiance and punishment Sylvia Plath vs. Mosesso, Angela Mary. 1984. The shedding of old skin Virginia Woolf's influence on Sylvia Plath. Thesis (M. . --San Francisco State University. Muckleroy, Mark Wesley. 1999. No glazing the vision of Sylvia Plath.