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But unlike with services like Uber where drivers are vetted, the carpooling app crowdsources rides from everyday commuters. That’s led to customers complaining of flaky drivers, who were late or didn’t even show up, according to the app’s reviews on the app stores. Allowing customers to select only those drivers with high star ratings should help address that problem. In addition, riders can choose to only be matched with co-workers or drivers who have mutual friends with them, or filter their options by gender, among other things. The goal is to help riders feel safer getting into cars with strangers, on a service where drivers aren’t screened. Another new feature allows Waze Carpool users to improve their chances of getting matched, by allowing them to send out multiple drive or ride requests. After several complaints, posted to the Waze Carpool Facebook group, Waze responded that it’s working to “correct this issue. Presumably, these are launch day bugs that will be worked out soon. But they’re certainly souring some users on the new app. The updated version of Waze Carpool i s available for download on iOS and Android. Waze’s dedicated carpool app gets a big redesign slashgear. om. This month’s patches are now rolling out with the perfunctory bug fixes and security updates for Pixel and Nexus devices. If you need help, check out our guides on how to flash a factory image or sideload an OTA. The Big Bang is the rapid expansion of matter from a state of extremely high density and temperature which according to current cosmological theories marked the origin of the universe. Hawking said that the laws of physics and time cease to function inside that tiny particle of heat and energy. In other words, the ordinary real time as we know now shrinks infinitely as the universe becomes ever smaller but never reaches a definable starting point. Further, Hawking drew an analogy between the distorted time with Ancient Greek philosopher Euclid's theory of space-time, a closed surface without end. Pizza Hut is bringing back its Pie Tops sneakers, which can order pizza at the press of a button, thanks to a Bluetooth connection with your phone and the Pie Tops app.

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No need to get your knickers in a twist over 30 seconds of purposeful misdirection. My direct replies aren’t being printed for some reason. But the best thing going for them is that Ramsey is in charge now, not Roose. So maybe Ramsey will be stupid and come out to meet them on the field like he did with Stannis. Ramsey’s pride won’t let him stay behind his walls while Jon sieges the castle. She personally saw Stannis’s army slaughtered by Bolton men from that tower, and Jon is just making the same mistake. Can’t hardly wait! I am excited and scared at the same time. He also won’t do the same ”mistake” Stannis did, staying to long risking getting caught in a storm. Either way it’s not like we have time for a siege. I’ll just be careful if I read the articles from now on, like I am on other parts of the site. I mean since they weren’t armed I suppose it would be possible but I would think a few of them could have got away. My prediction before the season started was that Sansa would rise to Queen in the North. But I didn’t think we would see Rickon this year either. It’s not just the risk of more snow; it’s that he can’t provision this army forever (and he’ll start having defections if they wait too long with little results to show for the effort). The longer Jon takes to assemble an army, Ramsay can be undertaking his own efforts to consolidate his own support or undermine Jon’s efforts. Marg plays it so well that I was half expecting the HS to make a pass at her. Her prospects aren’t rosy, especially since I don’t think she will be granted a trial by combat after all. But for him being played by such an attractive man, I would be very much looking forward to his demise so that we can go on with the story.


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Liberty Tax professionals will advise you on any potential audits or inquiries coming from either the IRS or your state department of revenue. If you reach a point where you don’t believe you can go any farther doing your taxes on your own, your information can be transferred to one of the more than 4,000 conveniently located Liberty Tax offices. Free Double-Check at Participating Liberty Tax Locations. A Liberty Tax expert will review your return free of charge. This can be done at a participating office location. Liberty Tax Online tools Liberty Tax Online offers several tools and calculators you can use to help you prepare your return. They’re available on the site for free, so you don’t even have to sign up for the service to take advantage of them. But by doing so, you’ll be better prepared when the preparation begins. Tax Organizer To help you prepare to file your tax return, and to be as accurate as possible, Liberty Tax Online offers this organizer to help you get your information together. It will help you assemble all the information you need to accurately complete your tax return. Tax Calculator This calculator offers a dry run on your tax return. By inputting information on a few computer screens, you’ll get an estimate of your tax liability or refund. It’ll give you an opportunity to know what to expect, even before you begin the formal preparation process. But with this tool, you can create a mileage log that will record your miles for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes. You can even include business mileage reimbursement from your employer. You can either download a blank, printable mileage log, or fill in your miles on the calculator directly. W-4 Withholdings Calculator If you’ve had to complete a W-4 form recently, then you know it’s not a simple process. There are calculations that must be made, but only after you’ve made a series of sub-calculations. But you can use this simple one-page calculator to do the number crunching for you.


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Sympathy and positivity can be achieved through dystopian VR sites, but they require a benevolent and ethical approach. Browne recognizes that users are themselves within the VR space and hopes they will make choices that align with their ethics within that situation. His presumption is that by providing users with agency in a dystopian space that they will act morally or ethically. That users will, without question, ? d ways to remove as many students before they become victims. This is a naive belief. How users behave within these VR Toward an Ethics of Interactive Storytelling at Dark Tourism 585 experiences can only be suggested. Some users may choose to do nothing and watch intelligent agents representing students perish. This is how easily HERO’s experience becomes anything but heroic. It highlights the ethical stakes of dramatic agency in these dystopian VR experiences but fails to guide the experience towards one that is ethical and ultimately redeeming. Unlike the three previous shades of dark tourism, interactivity is at the core of VR dystopian tourism and requires special attention. In a dystopian scenario, a user may be acutely aware of their own morals and mortality. It is in these moments that the choices they make, the effect of their dramatic agency, has an ethical consequence. As an interactive storyteller, the ethical consequences of choices in these VR experiences must be transparent. If a user does not have a clear understanding of why a particular action may be unethical, a VR experience may enforce a behavior in a way that is immoral. Further, if a user enacts an unethical choice in ignorance, it may lead to misery and guilt about the act, which can in turn shut them off from experiencing compassion. When putting the user through the motions of a historical atrocity, each interaction must be transparent in its ethical consequence. Steps should be taken to support the user’s autonomy in making their choice, whether they’re the oppressor or survivor in the experience. Ensuring they are well informed is one way to encourage critical reflection on their actions.


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It was one thing to keep out Wildlings (which they failed at) and an entirely different thing to keep out the swarms of undead. We also have to remember that while the magic has prevented the Others from passing through so far, it doesn’t prevent the dead from being raised by the NK on the south side (LC Mormont’s attacker). In my opinion it’s a given that The Wall will come down or broken, Horn of Joramun or no horn. Instead of Bran crossing the wall and going to Castle Black, the Nights Watch could have traveled to Bran, seeing as he’s at the weirwood tree the Night’s Watchmen take their vows. I just don’t see Bran purposefully crossing the wall knowing he’s marked. Unless he and Meera hadn’t put two and two together. Everyone already knows Theon didn’t actually kill Bran or Rickon, and it would be really weird if Jon and Sansa hadn’t talked about how she was able to escape Winterfell. If anything, I think their reunion will be on the pleasant side of things, maybe with Theon apologizing and Jon easily forgiving. The Dragonpit will be some major action sequence involving at least one dragon, not some sort of peaceful negotiations of any kind. But with winter spreading rapidly and to the other Kingdoms, that might not help matters. Davos himself said that there’s only so much he can do to save the realm from some ice castle at the edge of the world. If he’s travelling south, it’ll be for tactical reasons, and it’ll be something too critical for him to resolve via raven or to delegate to someone else. I would expect that after her captivity with the Lannisters and the Boltons, Jon would feel confident that she can manage Littlefinger as Lady of Winterfell, especially now that the Northern houses are pledged to the Starks again and she has information that can easily turn the Vale against him. Also, we don’t have a timeline yet for when Brienne leaves Winterfell, assuming that’s where the scene between her, Jon, Davos, and the northern lords took place. IMO, the dead man was reanimated outside the Wall and then put into a kind of a sleeping mode to be awakened at Castle Black. IMO, that’s how it works: when the WW or the wights kill someone they kind of infect the body with some magic, as Uncle Benjen implied in Ep606; then a person can be reanimated as a wight. But the Night’s King does not have the power to reanimate the dead on the other side of the Wall: if he had, the living would have lost long ago. I really hope there is not a romance or marriage between them. What is their plan for a succession if they are married to each other and end up childless.


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