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Rounding out the top 5 in Manhattan were Douglas Elliman Property Administration with 27,465 units in 310 buildings, AKAM Associates (a division of AKAM Dwelling Companies) with 24,267 units in 171 buildings, Halstead Administration with 19,313 items in 234 buildings and Rose Associates with 13,146 items in seventy five buildings. New York is probably the one metropolis in the world the place it isn’t thought of a fake-pas to ask your pal how much they pay upon entering into their apartment, and there are entire sectors of the media devoted to retaining all eyes on sales trends and real estate gossip. For the purposes of this ranking — which is predicated on data from town’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development — we targeted on the companies that have an ownership stake in less than 50 p. of the properties they manage. Before you look by our listings and providers, listed below are some useful links to help you get aware of BestAptsNYC and agents, and to learn concerning the New York City actual property market for renters, buyers, and sellers. Since then, the Manhattan apartment market has been in a interval of worth correction, with substantial price cuts on many listings and reductions on new buildings, brokers stated. Some 2,892 sales had been completed in the New York Metropolis borough during the first quarter, in line with a report from the Douglas Elliman brokerage agency and the Miller Samuel appraisal company. In Manhattan, some locals are additionally starting to grumble, brokers say, about the new China Worth”, a phenomenon that can see Chinese consumers sweep in and outbid different buyers, typically with all-cash gives. Buying or selling your subsequent New York dwelling or New York actual property property may be the one crucial transaction in your life, subsequently it is necessary you’re employed with someone who has the expertise, professional expertise and integrity to make your subsequent New York actual estate transaction pleasurable and stress-free. KWNYC is a licensed actual property broker located at 1155 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10036. The mayor additionally vowed in September to force owners of buildings bigger than 25,000 sq. New York Metropolis has one of the most torrid actual estate markets within the nation. Monika Tu, a dealer at high-end actual estate agency Black Diamondz Property Concierge in Sydney, says that over the previous year mainland Chinese have turn into eighty percent of her firm’s enterprise. Benjamin James Actual Property is Manhattan’s main mid-sized residential brokerage.

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Jon loves the north and his family more than anything that's what the show has shown us yet he has not been back home and he barely reacts to his younger siblings coming home it's bad writing plain and simple Pred rokem Tammy Noella Remember when jorah told Jon about handing down the sword to his future children, well I'm predicting that they both will live and have more than One child or twins and will rule as King and Queen. Jon's prejudice of Dany is that Dany is Mad King's daughter and can be as mad and cruel as her father. Dany thought Jon won't bend his knee because he values his pride over the survival of his people. It took them a while to realizes they both have good heart. Dany sees Jon's action and open wounds, and sees Jon's selflessness. And Jon sees what Dany would do to save people, even with the cost of her child. Pred rokem Raed Alghamdi Whats the name of the the music piece that starts at 1:47. Never wanted anything more than to live in Winterfell. He couldn't bow the knee to the crazy kid of the mad king, his people would turn against him and he would lose his home, respect, and maybe what little family he has left. But when he realizes she could be a great ruler, he gives up his power as King in the North because he never wanted it to start with. THAT being said I still do not like it, Jon would be a better King. Pred rokem Nick Jon is the real player here, once he gets that marriage consummated, he can pretty much tell her to get stuffed. This is ultimately the best way to subdue this psychopathic, egotistical bitch. Shes done nothing but lead by her sense of entitlement and her ability to suck foreign cock for seven seasons now- finally it will backfire on her.


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Men in Black (Barry Sonnenfeld 1997) played with this idea by constructing a rigid bureaucracy for extraterrestrial visitors to Earth requiring immigration papers and work visas. In this X-Files episode, the focus is firmly on those (human) foreign workers who enter the United States illegally. As Scully, herself, notes in the episode, “The only aliens in this story are not the villains. They’re the victims. At the episode’s conclusion, Mulder and Scully have called in the “HazMat” (hazardous materials) team to isolate the rampant fungus. As the episode has played with narrative perspective all the way through, the arrival of the HazMat team is seen differently from those experiencing this arrival. A few moments later, viewers are presented with Mulder and Scully’s perspective, as they retell their story to Deputy Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). While a cultural source explanation would dismiss “Village Woman’s” story about the arrival of chupacabras from outer space, Mulder and Scully’s explanation demonstrates the phenomenon behind “Village Woman’s” story. But the face, as any fan or follower of UFO lore could attest, is that of an extraterrestrial Grey. The final time the graffiti is shown, amended into the plural once Soledad has joined Eladio and the two chupacabra brothers migrate down back toward Mexico, episode director Tucker Gates does a fade transition into the next scene: Mulder and Scully debriefing Skinner. Gates is making a clear equation between Skinner and the chupacabra graphically while opening a discursive can of worms at the same time. As the chupacabra is equated with extraterrestrial Greys, so too does Skinner become equated with alienness. This is not to suggest that The X-Files is suggesting that Skinner is, in fact, extraterrestrial but that potentially we are all “alien” to each other. Keeping in mind how the episode has been playing with narrative perspectives, for example, the “Village Woman” seeing extraterrestrial chupacabras while Mulder and Scully see the HazMat team, to the migrant workers Mulder and Scully are just as alien as the chupacabra.

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That’s why we get this line from Beric which we quoted in the green zombie series. I think that a lot lately, because that is what is being implied here and elsewhere with fiery sorcerers emerging from Lightbringer bonfires, burning sea dragons, burning wooden gods, and other symbols of the burning tree. Beric is pretty well-established as a resurrected greenseer symbol and an Odin figure, so this talk of him being reborn in a grove of ash cannot be coincidence. But because those ash trees also symbolize Yggdrasil and thus weirwoods, the scene here also evokes the weirwood grove of nine we just hang out in. Inside Beric’s grove of ash we have the resurrection of an Azor Ahai figure who represents a burning tree sorcerer and a moon meteor, and inside the weirwood grove of nine we saw symbolic depictions of the weirwood net awakening and the moon meteors being born. This grove of ash is another version of ground zero, in other words, and we can see how the ash trees do double duty by depicting the rising ash as well as the presence of magical trees. Arya also describes Gregor’s lance as having left a crater in Beric’s ribcage, which means that Beric’s wound is suggesting both a meteor impact crater and Odin’s impalement on the tree. This is another message to us that the landing of the moon meteor and the creation of the burning tree sorcerer are connected. Beric does light his blade on fire with his own blood, just as Nissa Nissa lights Lightbringer on fire with her blood. Also, because the sun and moon were in alignment, the eye-blinding analogy can be applied to sun and moon people alike. Perhaps the simplest way to say it is that the eye-blinding represents the conjunction of sun and moon, just as the burning tree does. Both sun and moon have to be sacrificed in order to be transformed, and both greenseer and tree were transformed when the first greenseer carved the first faces and wedded the trees. Redgrass Field was of course named for the blood shed there when Bloodraven’s armies and other fought against those of the Blackfyres. Bloodraven received his Odin makeover on the bloody grass, in other words, just as Beric speaks of having been born on the bloody grass, and in this way, Bloodraven’s and Beric’s Odin transformations are linked to one another.