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I just want to let you know that I am probably super right and will spoil the end for all of you, lmfao. As somebody who is thinking about this a lot since the season ended, feel free to do it, but keep it under spoiler tags. First, I apologize to fans, shippers and book crazy lovers who will hate my observations, but I am trying to analyze what the show and Books are telling me. Forget your pairings dreams, forget crazy theories, LISTEN to what the show its telling you. (I am a big Arya fan, used to hate Sansa, always thought Jon and Dany would be together and be happily ever after and wanted Jon Snow as a king, now, some of those things may happen, some will not and as a reader you have to accept that, even if it breaks your heart) Army of the Dead Dont ask me about the White Walkers, I dont know and dont care much about them. They will be defeated, I bet my ass they will go to KL, not just the North and cause a lot of damage, they will probably bring the cold of winter with them and many will be dead. Jon and Dany are the Prince and Princess that was promised and together they will defeat them, with the help of weird Bran. The Dragons probably wont survive, that was their whole purpose, thast why they hatched, to save Westeros from the army of the dead. The country will be left in shambles tho, and that’s bad. Jon Snow I think its safe to say that Jon Snow will be King right. Jon will marry both Daenerys and Sansa (just like Aegon the Conqueror). Jon and Daenerys daughter will carry the Targaryen name of his mom and be the heir of the Iron Throne (they will change the laws of succession); Jon and Sansa kids will carry her Stark name and be the heir of the North and Winterfell. When Dany says goodbye to Dario Naharis, she tells her that if she wants to rule Westeros she will have to make alliances, the best way to make alliances is by marriage; he asks her to take him too, and she says that she cant have a lover, Dario then responds “A King wouldn’t think twice about it, ” and then she reply: “is that what you want. Lady Olena told Daenerys that the Lords of Westeros are sheep, if Aegon Targaryen, the savior of the Kingdom tells them that he is marrying both women, they wont say anything about it. I think its pretty clear now that Jon will marry Dany, not only we have lots of foreshadowing in the books about that (her third marriage is for love) we now assume she will be preganant in season 8 and Jon Snow promised that he will never father a bastard, so if she is preganant they will get married. Thats Jon Snow thing, he will never father a bastard. As I said, I do believe that he will marry both, Sansa for love and Dany for duty (like Aegon married Visenya for duty and Rhaenys for love).

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The young man who plays young Ned seems many years off from becoming Sean Bean. They're probably better than GRRM on plot, though, so that's why I'm watching. Instantly recognizable as the character he's supposed to be (although tbf that's mostly because of the haircut), and definitely not too young looking to play 20. I guess we haven't really seen him actually act though, so it's too early to pass judgement. I don't know if you intended the level of grave seriousness and torment I imagined. It's very uneven in all respects but I unashamedly love it and still get excited about the next episode. I'm guessing a lot of people here watch with friends and family without actually intending to watch it, but I've seen 70% of Big Bang Theory that way and have never went to the thread to complain about how harrowing that was for me. Some of the dialogue in this episode has been making me worry. When it doesn't meet expectations we get upset at it and we keep watching it. ILX also has this superiority thing where we all want to remind each other that we don't find the writing or acting satisfactory. I was wowed by the guy who played Dayne, though -- double-handed long-sword ninja. Even up until the end when Jon exits the scene more like he needs to take a shit really bad and less like he handed over the responsibility of lord commander over to his very best still living friend (besides Sam). Smalljon Umber is totally playing Ramsay with the offer of hostages. Isn't it just (arguably) one of many occasional clumsily written and acted scenes. I hate this show. I watched the first season, was transfixed. I read the first three books, and realized in Book 2 that I had no interest in Daenarys or Jon Snow and started skipping their chapters.

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? Saat itu saya memang lebih merasa bebas tanpa dikuntit dan ditempel terus. Rindu yang tak ada gunanya karena saya sudah tak ingat nama dan wajahnya. Jadi nantinya untuk 1 adegan, kita akan disuruh menontonnya 2 kali dengan gaya reaksi dari keduanya yang tentu saja akan sama sekali berbeda. Seperti misalnya ketika kita tahu Bryce begitu kesal saat Juli terus menerus menempelnya, pada adegan berikutnya kita akan melihat betapa Juli kegirangan dapat terus menempel Bryce. Tak seperti saya yang akhirnya terpisah, uhuk. Bryce dan Juli terus bersekolah di sekolah yang sama sampai mereka beranjak pra remaja. Kejadian demi kejadian membuat hubungan keduanya pasang surut, yang tetap digambarkan dengan gaya 2 sudut pandang remaja perempuan dan remaja laki-laki yang sungguh lezat untuk dinikmati. Saking lezatnya sajian film ini, durasi 90 menit pun jadi terasa berlalu terlalu cepat dan ahh, so baperingggg. Agak sulit merekomendasikan film sejenis Flipped (2010) ini yang sama bagusnya. Sejauh yang bisa saya ingat, ada film Bridge to Terabithia (2007) yang juga berkisah tentang tarik ulur cinta monyet antara sepasang remaja putra dan putri yang begitu syahdu. Flipped benar-benar sajian pas di hari Minggu yang santai. Jika Anda memiliki masa kecil yang terus Anda ingat hingga Anda dewasa, maka saya pastikan Flipped akan membuat Anda baper abis! Hehe. Tak terkecuali film Incarnate (2016) ini, dimana judul dan posternya belum-belum sudah memberikan kesan bahwa film ini hanyalah film horor biasa yang akan mudah dilupakan. Ditambah dengan rating yang lumayan rendah di IMDb, saya sebenarnya agak ogah-ogahan untuk berangkat menonton film ini. Namun seperti pepatah yang mengatakan bahwa garam tidaklah asin sampai kamu merasakannya sendiri ( emang ada ya pepatah ini?


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When you’re a young designer or young editor, and this could be the same for a young composer, one of the classic problems you run across is over-composition — too much sound, too many instruments. You end up clouding the specificity of what you’re trying to show the audience to tell a story. This is a skill that I’ve been working on for years, and something I trust and hold dear is my ability to make articulate, purposeful decisions about what sounds I use. In entertainment in this genre, you have to be very quiet, so you have to make smart decisions about the things you do want to hear and you don’t want to hear. I feel there’s a couple of things that made this relationship and this project so special. It depends on my ability to make good decisions, and part of that is luck and part of that is skill. It’s about the high-pressure situation of delivering a first viewing of your work and having it be close to a final product, but also the relationship with these clients. We were on the same page, we had a vibe, and it was a good fit as far as being able to create something that is super-cool in a very short period of time. Did that translate at all into you having a little more time, or putting more attention on it. Or was it slamming through the process the same way you would for any other episode of this show. Hiro had alluded to this as kind of the crown jewel when we went in for our spotting session, which is our meeting to talk about sound. I consider myself a man of my craft, so part of my identity is that I take pride in excellence. No matter how we do it or when we do it or how much time we have, I always deliver something that i’m proud of. But it was apparent going into this that it was something interesting. And that was something that I communicated to my team. What was really cool about this — when we were done mixing this episode, Hiro was very happy. Over the course of my career I’ve been part of more than 100 films, so I’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with lots of people.

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Other standard features include: 30 inputs: two outputs, each with mono mixdown: three muting circuits: remote starts: internal test oscillator: cue amp: set -up meter: two auxiliary switches, and programmable cue logic. Audio specifications include:. 3 percent total IM and THD and mic noise 80 db below -50 dbv. The low profile styling is highlighted by multi -segment LED meters and a bright clock and timer. Specialized equipment for playing and copying cylinders, discs, tape and wire. Equipment has been used in various significant projects during the last several years. Only SERIOUS INQUIRIESfrom qualified institutions or individuals will be answered. All popular models In stock Best prices you'll see in '83: PLUS we pay freight. Sale or Trade. S13, Call Dan at (415) TECHNICS TURNTABLES IN STOCK' AKG. Neumann. UREI, Orban Eventide. dbx. Lexicon Best pro -audio equipment Lowest prices IMMEDIATE DELIVERY UAR Professional Systems. (512) USED RECORDING equipment for sale. Dan (415) CASSETTE DUPLICATION IN real time from Nakamichi cassette decks used for optimum quality. Best rates, labels, inserts and shrink wrap available.

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0 in 2009. Maybe new pitching coach Rick Peterson can nearly get Parra and Bush down a run per game. Then end up being be time for Jonathan Papelbon to stamp Boston's ticket on the playoffs. For you to September 20, Papelbon had blown only one save all season. While he'll be most remembered for his career with the Braves, Glavine also pitched for the York Mets for five seasons before coming full circle a concern. Braves in 2008. For that Mets, Glavine only posted one season with an archive above the. 00, but went in the record books with the franchise as he became the 23rd pitcher and your fifth southpaw in leading league history to record his 300th win in 2007. The most important way is to call the group box office at Turner Field (404-577-9100) and inquire if there are any tickets left. About if it matters you r where you sit, there usually a few straggler seats or cheap seats left hand. If you are more particular, may refine wait discover if there are any ticket purchase cancellations that may get you better seats. Perhaps crucial lesson that will be learned is; are they a nfl team. Around this time last season, the Phillies were being questioned with regards to their starting pitching and their struggling felony. Eerily similar to 2008, the Phils find themselves in a position where they should push in front. Raul Ibanez hit the DL - so John Mayberry and Jayson Werth must carry weight. The bullpen is weary - therefore the starters must, must pitch more innings. Besides, women often have a tiny bit better much older than 40, don't they.