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Lowenstamm, Jean. 2010. ? erivational affixes as roots (Phasal Spellout meets English Stress Shift). Unpublished manuscript, Universite Paris 7. Morris, Lori. 2009. ? toughish problem: The meaning of -ish. LACUS (Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States) Forum 24, 207-215. Morzycki, Marcin. 2011. ? etalinguistic comparison in an alternative semantics for imprecision. Natural Language Semantics 19 (1): 39-86.

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! Beauty and the Beast (movie, 1946) T here have been several film versions of Beauty and the Beast. The 1946 Embassy version shot in France, is the classic fairy tale of a man transformed into a werewolf by a curse and redeemed by love was made into a brilliant motion picture by Jean Cocteau. Actor Jean Marais accomplishes a tour d’force by appearing as the beast, Belle’s arrogant village suitor, and the prince who awaits restoration by the charming Belle. The film stars Jean Marais, Josette Day, Marcel Andre, and Mila Parely, and it was directed by Jean Cocteau. A 1963 version of Beauty and the Beast, was directed by Edward L. Cahn. Starring Eduard Franz, Mark Damon, Joyce Taylor, and Michael Pate, it is a retelling of the classic fairy tale in which a prince is afflicted by werewolfism on the nights of the full moon. George C. Scott assumes a boar’s head mask and, together with his real-life wife, Trish Van Devere, fashions a stylish presentation of the classic fairy tale for television in a 1976 production directed by Fiedler Cook. Scott was nominated for an Emmy for his interpretation of the Beast. ! Beaver People T he Osage tribe has a legend that until Wabashas, the first human, was created, the Great Spirit had appointed the beaver to be chief over the birds, beasts, and fish. In fact, Chief Beaver would offer Wabashas the hand of his lovely daughter in marriage to cement their friendship. In the eyes of the Osage, and perhaps all the tribes of the Northeast, the beavers in their streams were the Little Wise People.

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If we have the privilege of being raptured, there will no real sense of departure and arrival; we will simply be there, in the Lord's presence. In that moment, God will give you a brand-new resurrection body. Perhaps you struggle now with the effects of old age, disease or some other physical difficulty or problem. The tribulation period, inaugurated by the emergence of the Antichrist and lasting for seven years. So God is sending his special operations team of Michael and His angels to evacuate the church—to get us out of here before the Tribulation begins. Sometimes there is confusion about the Second Coming and the rapture. But the Bible is very clear; it speaks of two distinct events. The rapture will be a stealth event; the Second Coming will be a very public one. In the rapture, we meet the Lord in the air; in the Second Coming, He returns to the earth. In the rapture, He comes for His church; in the Second Coming, He returns with His church. In the rapture, He comes before judgment; in the Second Coming, He comes with judgment. We have a great Old Testament prototype of these things in the life of a man named Enoch. Enoch had what we might describe as a solo rapture. Be disciplined enough to maintain that relationship. Walking implies steady effort and speaks of regularity—doing something over and over.

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Marcus started right at the top, directing a miniseries in a continuum that is among the most popular and admired of all time. Prime Suspect 4 again starred Helen Mirren as Inspector Jane Tennison, investigating a series of brutal sex crimes that make her believe that she may have put the wrong man behind bars on a previous case. Once again, Mirren won the Emmy Award for outstanding lead actress. Guy Hibbert wrote the script and the cast included Stuart Wilson and Joyce Redman. Charles Edwards played the young Arthur Conan Doyle and Ian Richardson starred as the intrepid Dr. Joseph Bull, the apparent model for the former’s Sherlock Holmes persona, in both Murder Rooms mysteries. Hans Matheson played Roman ruler Nero in the six-part Imperium: Nerone. Margolin’s friendship with James Garner led to five of his TV movie directing assignments. In the undervalued Garner series, Nichols, Margolin had co-starred as the town miscreant, Mitch. The brother of actress Janet Margolin, Stuart won Emmy Awards for his performances as Garner’s sidekick, Angel Martin, on The Rockford Files in 1979 and 1980. Margolin won a Directors Guild of America Award in Children’s Programs in 1996 for Salt Water Moose. Suddenly Love was a vehicle for Cindy Williams, and A Shining Season starred Timothy Bottoms in a biopic, as dying, cancer-afflicted former University of New Mexico track star John Baker, who decided to dedicate himself to coaching the Lobos’ girls team to a winning season. Margolin’s Garner films as a director are Bret Maverick, The Long Summer of George Adams, The Glitter Dome, and two Rockford Files movies. The Adams movie was based on a Weldon Hill book that also drew on Garner’s roots in mid-twentieth-century Oklahoma as he played a railroad worker whose job becomes obsolete. The Room Upstairs concerned a lonely woman played by Stockard Channing and her romance with a cello player (Sam Waterston).

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The kind man drinks and turns cruel; the frank man kills and lies about it. He had a tendency to forget where he was supposed to be going and miss the train that was supposed to take him there. However, from 1932 until his death, Chesterton delivered over 40 talks per year. He was allowed (and encouraged) to improvise on the scripts. Chesterton died of congestive heart failure on the morning of 14 June 1936, at his home in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. His last known words were a greeting spoken to his wife. The homily at Chesterton's Requiem Mass in Westminster Cathedral, London, was delivered by Ronald Knox on 27 June 1936. Chesterton wrote around 80 books, several hundred poems, some 200 short stories, 4000 essays, and several plays. He was a columnist for the Daily News, The Illustrated London News, and his own paper, G. K. s Weekly; he also wrote articles for the Encyclop? ia Britannica, including the entry on Charles Dickens and part of the entry on Humour in the 14th edition (1929). He was a convinced Christian long before he was received into the Catholic Church, and Christian themes and symbolism appear in much of his writing. In the United States, his writings on distributism were popularized through The American Review, published by Seward Collins in New York. Of his nonfiction, Charles Dickens: A Critical Study (1906) has received some of the broadest-based praise.