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. system,” Art Hsieh, an E. . . instructor and rural medic in Santa Rosa, California, told me. In 1981, President Reagan stripped money for E. . . from the federal budget. In cities and suburbs, tax bases were big enough to keep full-time public ambulance services going, and there were enough customers around for private companies to fill in any gaps. But in rural America countless services could survive only by relying on volunteers, and many didn’t survive. In big cities, if someone calls 9-1-1, an ambulance can be there in minutes, and at the hospital in minutes more. At South Lincoln Medical Center, clinicians can treat minor injuries, but if there’s significant enough trauma they’ll put the patient on a helicopter and fly her to Utah for more comprehensive care. Dia Gainor, the executive director of the National Association of State E.

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The only thing that fascinates me in KL, is seeing how Margaery manipulates Joffrey. A good episode. A lot of set-up again, and a serious lack of action (except for the Brienne VS Jaime-scene). Little or less progression in the King’s Landing storyline and Jon’s storyline. We started where we were left off: Jon Snow’s dead. We get a nice opening scene: a beautiful shot of the Wall. Ser Davos discovers Jon’s body and hides it away from the mutineers. There didn’t happen a lot with the Boltons, but Sansa’s scene did make up for that. Brienne and Sansa form a team together, something I longed for finally came true. There wasn’t much plot progression but damn, Cersei finding out about Myrcella’s fate was so sad. Margaery’s prison scene was a bit pointless and dull, but good to find out was exactly happened to her right now. Then we had Dorne. Dorne didn’t impress us last year, so I was amazed that we did get a follow-up scene. Doran and Hotah were the better aspect of Dorne and they killed them off.

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Older Cuban-Americans tend to vote for politicians with the most conservative stances on relations with Cuba and Venezuela. “Foreign policy is domestic policy in South Florida,” Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who lives in south Florida, recently said. side from short-term electoral gains, Trump himself appears to care little about what happens in Latin America. After taking office in 2017, Trump payed lip service to Cuban-American voters by taking rhetorical rather than substantive steps to roll back relations with Cuba. U. . businesses with investments in Cuba wanted to keep the relationship open, and Trump understood this. (At one point, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts scouted land in Havana. But Rubio was not satisfied. In recent months, he has pressured the White House to put Cuba back on an international terrorism list, impose sanctions on Cuban officials, and end U. . travel and academic exchanges to the island. Last year, at Rubio’s urging, the United States withdrew most of its diplomats from Cuba. The real feather in his cap will be if the Maduro government falls in Venezuela, which could have devastating effects on Cuba, since it relies on subsidized oil from Venezuela.

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Cersei gave him the power to form the faith militant, he's beloved by the people of KL for not wearing overly fancy rich guy clothes and being one of them instead of above them. He's following his faith and laying the godly smackdown where needed. I fail to see exactly what he's done that's so horrible. He was asked about Syrio and said he was very much dead. Whatever his long game is he's had the power to take kl for as long as he's had the people under his sway anyway. Or could we see them backing Daenerys as a way to get paid. He's taken kings landing without bloodshed, he's far more cunning than most assume. If the Iron Bank came knocking, I suspect she'd send them on their way. If it were to Royce and Sweet Robyn, then there would be no need for the secrecy. There's no way that letter was for anyone else but Petyr. Hodor maybe, but he'd come back as one of the undead and probably have to be killed by one of his former friends. I'm pretty sure there is going to be a lot of things happening in the final three. Sansa knows that Ramsey wouldn't be able to resist going after her ally so that he could then gloat about destroying them when he meets Jon's Army. Ayra being so open doesn't make sense with what she knows and with her, you'd think, being more concerned with hiding.