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The smartest soldiers realize that knowing how to swim and being able to swim in armor are two different things, and surrender. He obviously knows who she i s, and she can guess who he i s: the man who stabbed her father in the back. Behind Dany, Jaime can see the last of the wagons hurtling for the city gates. Jaime needs to keep Dany from turning her attention to them. He loves Dany, he wants her to win the Iron Throne. EXT BLACKWATER RIVER Jaime charges at Dany and Drogon. Just before Drogon strikes, Bronn dives in from the side, and tackles Jaime off his horse and over the side of the bridge. Above them the water’s surface boils and steams under dragonflarne. Their eyes look up at Jaime, beseeching him for a help he can’t give, as they drown. He's actually a very decent person with a very hard exterior. Loved this video. There's only one way this character bows out next series IMO. Think Snake vs. Ocelot at the end of MGS4 - no weapons, no armor, fist on fist until both fall on their knees and stab each other through the neck at the same time. I assume a lot of people will want something more fulfilling than that, Arya's forgiveness, serving a King he respects, etc. not me. He wants to be punished, fighting is his life and he needs to settle the score with his brother, that scenario is the only way that character gets peace (which he deserves). At war with himself, feared by all, tortured and alone, he is. He is a soldier who has PTSD and has done terribe things. His arc is one of turning into peace from war as represented by gravedigger in the books.

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The important thing is that she seems a sweet kid and she acts well which is what I want from my actors. You can review our moderation policy here. Thank you. Maisie has a chance of actually getting good roles that will help her bettering her acting abilities. And while I’m not saying Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke will have their careers in ruins after Pompeii and Terminator Genysis, the relative box-office failures sure won’t make them the go-to lead actor candidates for another multi-million production anytime soon. Maisie Williams might have a safer albeit longer route in front of her. It’s all up to her, although definitely a lot of pressure from her surroundings. There was Mel’s vision of Bolton banners coming down. Well, it is true that Rose Leslie lives in the area, and she and Kit Harington are routinely seen around town, and in the general area and are often not bothered by the locals. She personally has not seen Kit in recent days but if he is there, it’s entirely possible he is visiting Rose. She tells me he is a frequent visitor usually spending 3 or 4 days a week up in that area with Rose Leslie. Of course it’s possible sighting of him have to do with the show too, but I just wanted to add that piece of info that’s not a guarantee either as he has additional reasons for being seen in the vicinity. That’s the most obvious conflict he brings (you can’t conquer a continent without it) — as for what else. You probably have not read the “How to Train Your Dragon” series, unless you have young kids. I have a 7 year old son, and they are great books for getting young kids to read for two reasons. One, they are written at the “early reading” level, and, two, the stories themselves are pretty good despite the narrative style. One great thing about kids stories is that they frequently do not just tell stories: they introduce kids to what stories are. At the conclusion of the penultimate book, the narrator stops and basically summarizes just how different Hiccup (the protagonist) has become over the series. Then it emphasizes just how much the primary antagonist (Alvin the Treacherous) has become. Alvin is introduced in the 2nd book, and most (albeit not all) of the stories stem from some conflicts between Hiccup and Alvin that lead to the further evolution of both stories.

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