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Because, as I already said, the original makers did a lot of research into paganism and also into where to set the film. No we don't know for sure that virgins were sacrificed, but they went off what the folklore says. That's a generation of American kids growing up thinking Americans were the heroes when it's not true. It's all very well changing storylines in remakes, but changing History is an entirely different thing. It's just wrong! So after all the Americans went to see it, do you think their parents told them what really happened. I doubt it, they'll go through life with the incorrect history. That's sad. Does it really bother you that much that some people are ill-educated. If so then it isn't just the fault of America - look closer to home and you will find people who don't ahve any understanding of history in this country - and that's not because these people watch a movie. t is because some people don't care about learning. A movie which twists facts a bit isn't going to change the fact that people are not taught subjects. Heck, politicians manipulate facts all the time to even worse degrees (some people still anxiously await the discovery of the Weapons of Mass Destruction believe it or not! yet this is acceptable, but a movie. ow dare they do it to entertain. Or perhaps you all remember Captain Pugwash and the rude names?

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There’s certainly something poignant about the people of Winterfell huddling around Robb’s statue as they listen to the battle overhead. Seated right by Robb’s feet is Gilly, along with Little Sam. Now an assassin who has trained with the Faceless Men, Arya has finally returned to Winterfell to check some more names off her list, and help her siblings in the fight against the Army of the Dead. I look forward to seeing this one. Unfortunately Arya’s usual sword, Needle, isn’t made from Valyrian steel, so she’ll have to use dragonglass if she wants to kill a White Walker. The blond-haired leader looking over the troops is their leader, Harry Stickland, who is played by new cast addition Marc Rissman. It’s a powerful reminder that even if Jon and Daenerys succeed in defeating the Army of the Dead, there’s still a dangerous enemy to the south who is ready to pounce while they’re weakened. They’re accompanied by Jon’s old friend Edd, who was left in charge of the Night’s Watch after Jon’s departure. It’s unclear where exactly they are in this scene, though it’s possible that Tormund and Beric headed to Castle Black after surviving the assault on Eastwatch. Following a vision, Bran was able to reveal that Jon is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Bran said last season that Jon “needs to know the truth,” but knowing the truth could spark a struggle for power between Jon and Daenerys. In the two close-up shots we get of Queen Cersei in this trailer, she looks pretty confident that things are going her way (more so in the above shot; in the second she looks more conflicted). Accompanying her in the above shot is Ser Robert Strong, the reincarnation of the Mountain, and Cersei’s Hand of the Queen, Qyburn. Cersei’s costume here features armored shoulders and chains, indicative of a monarch who is ready for war, but Cersei is all too happy to let the battle between the living and the dead play out without getting her own forces involved. This over-confidence may well prove to be her final downfall. The streaming service used to be able to save face by citing creative reasons.