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7 when he is expected to enter his guilty plea. Until then he needs to continue to go to an outpatient program and must stay out of trouble. Anti-Semitic vandalism painted outside Jewish homes in Seattle Anti-Semitic vandalism was discovered outside the homes of Jewish residents of West Seattle. The red spray-painted words were discovered on Monday. Residents believe it was painted there overnight, the West Seattle Blog reported. The residents of the affected homes told the blog that they are Jewish, but said that they have not had any problems with neighbors or received any threats. The Seattle Police Department told the blog that they are investigating the incident. Dutch rail says it will compensate for transporting Jews to Nazi death camps The Dutch national railways company will for the first time pay individual compensation to relatives of Jews deported to German death camps during World War II, the country’s rail provider announced Tuesday. The announcement comes after talks between National Rail (NS) top director Roger van Boxtel and former Ajax football club physiotherapist Salo Muller, who lost both his parents during the war. Muller has been fighting since mid-2017 for individual compensation from the NS, who transported his parents by train from Amsterdam to the notorious Westerbork transit camp in northeast Netherlands. As with many other Dutch companies, the NS continued in the service of Nazi occupiers after Germany overran the lowlands country in May 1940. Michigan professor unearths inmates' music from Auschwitz In 2016, Patricia Hall went to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum hoping to learn more about the music performed by prisoners in World War II death camps.

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Maybe he’ll refuse to be a part of her planned ambush once he sees the wight and grasps what is at stake. I am both super excited and kind of sad about the final episode of the season. But then Dany should show up soon, so could Euron. But her chief lieutenant appears to be a bloodrider named Qhono, played by Staz Nair. He was one of the two Dothraki who were leading her as a captive to Khal Moro in Season 6, and making insulting comments to her. You can see him in the trailer for the finale as well (at 0:33), standing with Jon and the rest. Thought, in S6, he would have been in the front row of Dothraki for Dany’s Drogon-locker-room speech, but he wasn’t. Thought Ornela might be back, she was there with Qhono in the Blaze-scene and the submit to Dany deal, but nope S6E4 was the last we saw of her. Just a theory, Cersei will want to try Tyrion for his crimes against Tywin back in season 4, so they’ll hold a trial by combat. Cersei will pick the Mountain to go against Tyrion, and the Hound will volunteer as champion after he realizes his brother is about to ruin the best chance they have of beating the white walkers. It’d take away Cersei’s final bit of power, redeem the Hound(we all know that face off has been coming since season 1) and be an amazing battle scene. Thoughts.

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The Federation gets to see what it's like when the shoe is on the other foot. If you're one of those, set some time aside and give it your attention. I was distracted when I first watched it and missed some things, but a second viewing was really one too many. I suppose with Barnabas covered in the previous one they also wanted to show Quentin (David Selby), the other major breakout character, but they chose to present his first appearance as a malevolent, non-speaking ghost possessing two children. So if you want to watch two soap acting children run around screaming for a couple of hours, here you go. Incidentally, there was a pretty good werewolf story going on at the same time on the show but none of that is included. They burnt out before my time but I saw the Partridges first-run so I've always been curious about them. No relation to same-name Cole Porter 30s Broadway musical with Ethel Merman. Songs here are by Frank Loesser who also has a part as a gangster. Know that I need you? etc. so when Betty suddenly belts out a LOUD reprise to alert her boyfriend where she's being held by gangsters it takes on a new meaning -- WHERE ARE YOU.

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To ease my suffering through generosity and forgiveness. To offer no resistance to fear, but to navigate it skillfully. To hold my attention here and not in past injuries. To be creative and passionate and spontaneous, even ambitious and competitive, while causing no harm. To respond to both doubt and certainty with curiosity and investigation. To discover who I am, find my purpose, accept my mortality, trust, risk, appreciate, be easily delighted, take nothing personally, delay gratification, react sanely to frustration, give myself validation, limit self-justification and serve without hesitation. These are the strivings of my human spirit, which I understand to be the functioning of awareness, understanding, insight and discernment. Unencumbered by conviction, I bring an attitude of maybe to all my understanding, turning towards all arising phenomena, not away from. This is the 11th type of person you can meet if your eyes are open. There’s at least one of us is in every meeting in SoCal. You might not notice us, because we’re busy not taking anything seriously. Miguel B.

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Thanks for watching, and come back for the Sunday live stream for my review of Game Of Thrones season 8 episode 3. The Game Of Thrones season eight premiere was held in New York last night. The 39-year-old Aquaman star rested his head affectionately on his dainty 51-year-old wife as they posed for pictures on the red carpet. The couple share children Nakoa-Wolf, 10 and Lola, 11, together. Lisa is also mum to Zoe Kravitz, 30, from her relationship with rocker Lenny Kravitz, 54. Jason played Daenery's Targaryen's husband Khal Drogo in the HBO fantasy series and looked happy to reunite with his old co-stars. Illegally downloading Game of Thrones episodes exposes you to VIRUSES that hijack your computer. Game of Thrones’ Jaime Lannister reveals creepy fake arm prop behind the scenes. Game of Thrones season 8 trailer: Jon Snow and Daenerys prepare for battle with the Night King as Sansa looks to betray them. Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know. Game of Thrones is finally on the way back for its final season, promising to bring answers to all of our questions about dragons, white walkers, and, presumably, whether Hot Pie’s new restaurant business was a success. What happens to Tyrion Lannister in the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones.

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It basically says that all information on a page conforms or has a conforming alternate version that is available from the page. The requirement also explains that no conformance is possible without at least satisfying all of the Level A Success Criteria. The note points out that authors are encouraged to go beyond conformance to a particular level and to complete, and report if they desire, any progress toward higher levels of conformance. See also Understanding Conforming Alternate Versions which includes techniques for providing Conforming Alternate Versions. Full pages: Conformance (and conformance level) is for full Web page(s) only, and cannot be achieved if part of a Web page is excluded. This provision simply requires that the whole page conform. With longdesc, a long description of a graphic might be on a separate page that the user can jump to from the page with the graphic. Alternatives can also be provided on the same page. For example creating an equivalent to a user interface control. Complete processes: When a Web page is one of a series of Web pages presenting a process (i. . a sequence of steps that need to be completed in order to accomplish an activity), all Web pages in the process conform at the specified level or better.

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His artistic practice has been funded directly by Arts Council England, The National Endowment for the Arts, USA and numerous public galleries both within the UK and abroad. Consequently I have developed a fascination in the parallel limitations of an artist as a fallible mortal, in particular the inadequacies of memory and eyesight. They are able to see beauty and design where others see the everyday. Some of these may be due to condensations of vitreous collagen which degenerates with age - creating increasing numbers of floaters. These may look like specks, worms, single or clumped, hair - like, forms. Others may be remnants of debris from the hyaloid artery that nourishes the eye of the foetus but starts to disintegrate by the seventh month of development. It disappears by birth bar a small amount of debris inside the eye. However they are constantly falling away from the centre of the eye so can only be seen clearly for a brief moment. If your eyes move more quickly the floaters will flick around your eye, rushing to keep up with the movement but always slightly behind or overshooting it. This flickering movement gave rise to the latin name - muscae volitantes - fluttering flies. It will certainly be a unique vision but whether this will enhance or degrade the image I couldn't say. Performance art, too, is variable, perhaps too multifarious to define, even with semicolons.