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We discuss the final scene and the potential damage it does to the Unsullied's fighting reputation, what to make of all the Rhaegar talk going on, the Faith Militant's rampage, the further adventures of Jaime and Bronn, as well as the promising beginnings of the Tyrion and Jorah traveling road show. All this, tons of feedback, and don't forget, more to come. That's right, we'll have a full featured SpoiLORE podcast out on Friday to discuss the latest theories and speculation from a book reader perspective. Don't forget, the SpoiLORE cast comes out Friday, so it's not too late to get those bookish takes and theories in! We discuss awkward teenage dragons, how an Iron Coin based economy works, Brienne's thrilling rides through the woods of Hazard County, Jaime's two man Dornish invasion, Littlefinger's marriage proposal for Sansa, Jon's steadfast refusal to stand up and be the hero this series needs. All this plus tons of your great feedback, and hey. See you spoiler type people back for the official SpoiLORE cast Friday! Jon becomes the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Brienne swears fealty to Lady Sansa, Arya takes up residence outside the aforementioned House, and Jaimie decides to pay a visit to his daughter in Dorne, where the Lannisters are none to popular. Rejoin us Tuesday for our full cast, where we'll try to see where all of this is going, and consider a bunch of your thoughts and feedback as well. This, as well as your feedback, and some debate on fandom's approach to deviations from accepted canon as well as the ethics and wisdom of binging on leaked episodes. We discuss improvements and changes to our coverage this year, all of our favorite characters, how Jim feels as a non-book reader about the series leap frogging the books, and much more. Next week, the spoiler section! A. on will host a book reader support group for those facing the trauma of having the books spoiled by the show, discuss what the hell is going on with some of the changes and alterations that have been revealed thus far in trailers and print, and preview the video enhancement to the upcoming and totally revamped SpoiLore section! We give our overall opinions on S4, talk about how it stacks up to previous seasons, wrap up some loose ends, do an in depth look at key differences between the books and the series in an effort to gain background information and a deeper appreciation of both, and consider listener feedback. Then A. on hosts a final spoiler segment, discussion previous tin foil theories as well as talking about casting and potential plot points for season five! In what turned out to be a behemoth, two and a half hour extravaganza, they boys discuss the merits of mounted cavalry versus untrained foot soldiers, whether the tree cave was more LotRy or Fraggle Rocky, who had Arya's best interests at heart, what's worse; a punch to the nuts or a savage kick to the vagoo, and finally, just how Effed in the Bee is Westeros at the close of this season. All this, plus a ton of feedback, and A.

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Farm (2011) and Dexter (2006). He has appeared in guest starring roles on The Guardian (2001), Judging Amy (1999), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000) and recently Everwood (2002), and has been cast in some of the most successful productions in that. He is an actor, known for Prime Suspect (2011), One Mississippi (2015) and The Young and the Restless (1973). From an early age, Cameron knew he wanted to be an actor. He started his career in TV, filming a children's programme called Hank Zipzer (2014) starring the Fonz ( Henry Winkler ) and also doing commercials. His first attempt at acting followed in the footsteps of his father, stuntman Tad Griffith, when he auditioned for a commercial role requiring stunt work. While he did not get that part, Gattlin did catch the eye of the. Dartanian began his career in commercials and online short videos. He loves Hockey and has his own team with his triplet brother, Robert Daniel Sloan, and triplet sister, Anastasia Sloan. He is a director and actor, known for 28 Weeks Later (2007), The Man in the Mist (2016) and Up Close with Carrie Keagan (2007). He has appeared in several feature films Adam has had a varied career including T. . Drama, Presenting and Radio work. He has also appeared in the theatre production of Lord of the Flies in London's Regent Park Open Air Theatre. At the age of just 7, Griffin would play Clark Morrow, the son of Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow 's characters. Soon after, he appeared on NBC's Chicago Fire (2012), and was cast in. He has performed in film, commercials, radio and in over 45 plays. His mother, Wendy Koeth is the producer and director of Stagecrafters Theatre and his father, Jamie Koeth, is a professional actor, acting teacher and director. His high energy and adventurous spirit keep him busy and engaged in a variety of sports and other extracurricular activities.


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Did anyone bother to tell Asbaek that his idea for Euron made him look rather white trashy with his facial hair, haircut, and overall getup? - - 11. I knew that none of it would reflect what he is like in the show. You have to remember, Benioff and Weis weren't even planning to have Euron at all when they first started. As with so much they have done, they have been playing it by ear since season 1. Euron was added in season 6 because they realized they needed a new villain. I knew from the moment he first appeared that he was going to end up as Cersei's stooge. Euron Greyjoy is the equivalent of a child that took scavenger hunting to the next level to Messiah TheLetterM 11. I have to admit that by this point I am past caring. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed TV Euron for the weirdo, jokey Jack Sparrow type pirate that he was. You could tell that he was having fun with the role and he brought some much needed life into the otherwise mostly dull acting of season 7. Do I wish they had included things like dragonbinder, Victarion, shade of the evening and his Valyrian steel armor? Obviously. But since the show is so different from the books now anyway, I'd rather have them just embrace the differences and go full fan fiction instead of still trying to pay homage to the books that they have been blatantly ignoring since season 5. TheLetterM 11 ? ? beachp23 yeah the script is pretty bad. It really shows how amazing of an author George RR Martin is when you compare his story to the on the producers are telling. I almost glad that the wight hunt and wight dragon bringing down the wall cause I know George will be more clever in the books and I don’t want his work tainted by poor writing in the show.

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Big pensions that can break the scheme if the people (presumably the directors) live too long. Whole thing is a car crash in very, very slow motion. Buttonwood over at the Economist was banging on for years about pensions - well worth a read. Though whether G4S needs to say anyting, we'll find out in time. I obtained it from the company - they have a bloke looking after pensions. What those conversations develop into and in which areas they stray, who knows. It probably provides a natural hedge against drug sales. (Actuaries did try and persuade the industry to take on longevity linked bonds, but it never took off). Most reasonably ran scheme have generally tried to close out the risks in their scheme by now. The remaining ones are generally special cases of one sort or another. It has taken action to address these issues and monetize the assets that it has invested in over the last few years. This may see consensus FCF forecasts increase but PBT forecasts are unlikely to improve until market sees evidence of improved trading. Previously-reported group sales increased by 14%, with GM down 50bps, the latter helped by a surprisingly robust Q2. Actives are up 16% and frequency is ahead by 4%, albeit the basket is down 2%. The only concerns around customer KPIs reflect company actions last year, which had a more profound impact than anticipated; ASOS dialled back European activity ahead of the Eurohub automation. ASOS has responded by dialling back up marketing activity, sharpening European prices, more influencer activity and strengthened product ranges, all of which we expect to reverse the slowdown in active growth, specifically in Europe. US-billed sales increased 80% YoY in the early days of the Atlanta warehouse coming on stream, an encouraging start before staff were overwhelmed by the volumes. Atlanta is now operational, with ASOS able to start offering improved delivery, including next day to some territories as we move forward. This is well within FCF capabilities at a sub-3% EBIT margin.

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Littlefinger could tell Jon about his feelings for Sansa and I imagine that Jon doesn’t take that too well. Perhaps Littlefinger might want to get rid of Arya all the same. It looks like someone with a serious condition of greyscale. I’m really looking forward to see this epic battle. Missandei seizes the opportunity to study Grey Worm’s trained body. This scene could well be happening right before the naval battle. This last shot proves that we are getting at least one another Battle of the Bastards scaled episode. For those who wants to rewatch the whole trailer, here you are. Door verder te gaan op deze website, ga je akkoord met het gebruik hiervan. Voor meer informatie, onder andere over cookiebeheer, bekijk je. While the cast has been spotted wandering around Belfast, where filming is currently taking place, the only real potential snippets of information about production are all about Daenerys. The latter was briefly seen murdering Balon Greyjoy in season 6. Worse still, rumours have it that he's planning to join forces with Cersei to bring down Daenerys' army. It's also thought that Euron will take out at least one of the Sand Snakes. He was one of the orchestrators of who would do what. Given that it's not specified whether anyone's figured out the White Walkers killed Waymar, it stands to reason why Lord Royce would be leery of allying with the people he no doubt holds responsible for his son's death. Given that it's not specified whether anyone's figured out the White Walkers killed Waymar, Waymar (since the testimony of the only surviving witness to the attack was dismissed out of hand), it stands to reason why Lord Royce would be leery of allying with the people he no doubt holds responsible for his son's death. Littlefinger being himself, with what he knows, would not deduce that Bran is all-knowing medium. This should certainly raise his suspicions, and make him afraid that Bran could expose his true character, but it would not give him the whole picture.