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These records are part of a data ecosystem that crosses decades and parallels the evolution of information technology. In my, I rely on these kinds of records for information that can help determine the copyright status of works. The data in these records already are embodied in library catalogs. What’s new is the free accessibility of this organized data set for new kinds of inquiry. The decision reflects a fresh attitude toward shared data by the Library of Congress. It is a symbolic and practical manifestation of the library’s leadership aligned with its mission of public service. To understand the implications of this news, it helps to know a bit about the. Today, search engines let us easily find books we want to borrow from libraries or purchase from any number of sources. Search engines use data about books — like the title, author, publisher, publication date and subject matter — to identify particular books. That descriptive information was gathered over the years in library catalog records by librarians. The library’s action sheds light on this unseen but critical network. This infrastructure is invisible to most of us as we use libraries, buy books or use search engines. For many, the idea of a library catalog conjures up the image of card catalogs. The descriptions contained in catalog records are “metadata” — information about information.

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Nine months after that, three of 20 sites tested over the limit of 15 parts per billion of lead. Under federal law, both required immediate action, but documents show the city waited until this fall to start planning to control corrosion. Testing this September found five sites above the limit for lead, the Walton home topping the list at 418 parts per billion. Similar scenarios play out in hundreds of mostly struggling communities — cities built on boom-bust industries like oil and coal, isolated rural places and mobile home parks housing the poorest people in town. Ranger is one of about 130 water systems since 2010 that failed to take timely action, and one of dozens that took a year or more to start the treatment process. City Manager Chad Roberts said Texas environmental officials pushed hard this fall after USA TODAY Network reporters visited Ranger and began asking questions. State officials insist the push came after a weekly review found that Ranger met EPA criteria for the state to take formal enforcement action. Ranger took its first step toward reducing lead in November — nearly three years late — by giving the state a corrosion-control study that called for adjusting the pH of the water. State officials deemed the plan insufficient, however, and are working with the city to improve it. As the city formulates its plan, residents continue to drink water that might be dangerous. A boil notice was in effect in early November when Kay Hodges, 23, said she drank straight from the tap because she was nine months’ pregnant, dehydrated and out of bottled water. “I got really sick. I was throwing up all night,” she said. Hodges lives with her fiance and young children in a low-income housing complex called Austin Acres.

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Pictures for release on July 10, the pair are getting attention from around the globe. Two weeks before the movie’s release, they joined the four stars of the film — Pfeifer Brown, Cassidy Gifford, Reese Mishler and Ryan Shoos for a film junket with domestic and international press at Hollywood High School. A few years ago, Cluff, who has lived in Fresno for the past 20 years, was left in such financial strain by a Ponzi scheme that he went on the ABC competition show “Wipeout” to win enough money to stay afloat. Cluff wanted to be part of Lofing’s project and that’s how the pair met. It wasn’t so much that he looked young, but he was the guy telling everyone where to go, what to do,” Cluff says. “I was so impressed with his drive and focus. . He’s always thinking of new ideas,” Lofing says. “That’s awesome because it gives us so many choices when we are thinking about what we are going to film next. . They did odd jobs to pay the bills while getting their movie made and sold. The movie would be based on stories Lofing heard while growing up in the small town of Beatrice, Nebraska, about a student who died during a high school play production. The film looks at a Nebraska high school planning to put on the same play in which a high school student died 20 years ago. Efforts to sabotage the production leave four students locked in a darkened school.

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Easy to rotate contents for an ever-changing display. Any questions can be answered by calling us at 865. 73. 711. This set of 4 shatterproof cups is made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer which reflects wines color and aroma similarly to crystal, letting you sip, savor and really relax. Also ideal for packing into picnic baskets, these unique wine cups feature a convenient thumb grip to give you a better hold on the glass, so you won't spill a drop either. A special designed tray catches wick residue, keeping your candles looking clean. Reads: You are pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever. The charming piglet will entertain family and friends when placed on the kitchen counter or tabletop. Variations in wood grain are customary in these pieces. The grain and imperfections in the wood make each piece truly and unique and beautiful. Each letter is made from its own edition and features a unique book title on the spine. Since these are made from a variety of recycled books, our staff handpicks from our available letters. Your letter may not have the same pattern as shown in the photos.

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Mischa, an art student, is looking after their apartment in Vienna while they are away. Anna thinks Mischa looks like Andrea, and Anna also has a deja vu experience in Lausanne. Soon the different levels begin to overlap and blur. Anna starts to wonder if she is going out of her mind. She senses that she has become trapped in a different reality. Is it all a result of the car accident she and Nick had when they arrived here. They got it cheap because of the bloody incidents from five years before. They decide to stay in it for the night so they can meet the movers in the morning, but begin to get the creeps when the weird neighbor Orville Ketchum starts poking around. Shortly after the women take showers and consult a Ouija board they begin experiencing an attrition problem. The recent and controversial acquisition of the latter’s landmark building, the Frankfurt Central Market, by the European Central Bank as the site of their new headquarters, allows the film to draw attention to the importance of Martin Elsaesser’s place in the city’s architectural history, and to the neglect of his legacy. Home movies and photographs are combined with personal letters and contemporary interviews to create an intimate portrait of these relationships, and of the protagonists’ collective attempt to create a self-sufficient utopia on Sun Island during the crucial years between the Weimar Republic and World War Two. One evening he comes back from work and encounters a strange phenomenon. Establishing international cooperation in the production and distribution of audiovisual works. Bonne quantite sur vues.

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