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David and Dan are doing away with their beloved Ramsay this season but gaining Ramsay 2. in Euron. Should be fun. Seems like an awful waste of one of the best actors the has but such is the Game of Thrones. I read in one of the many recent Alfie interviews that Euron and Yara are going to steal the show quote unquote GQ: So have you seen any of Season 6 yet? “I’ve seen the scenes in which I’m in but nothing else really. But I can tell you that there’s going to be a lot more Greyjoy action going on. Pilou Asb? , who plays my uncle, and Gemma Whelan, who plays my sister, steal the show. And it will fit perfectly with the introduction of the Tower of Joy flash back. Nothing interests me less than doing a romantic comedy. . I dunno, there’s just something enigmatic about the man. I really hope this resurrection takes place in the first or second episode, dragging it out any longer will just make people more fatigued. If anything he’s been neutral to slightly skeptical. There’s no reason for him to point out that the guy from the trailer isn’t Jon, he could’ve just said nothing. Betraying Robb and the Starks was bad, but he was torn between them and his family. Theon has been broken by Ramsay, and him turning into a mad villain like Ramsay might make for a good tv arc. About Jon Snow: What if the marriage that Ice Maul crashes is the one of Rhaegar and Lyanna and the battle of the bastards is a Bran vision.

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What is the reasoning behind these design elements. Obviously Turel's could relate to his blindness, and Mortanius to his possession, but that still leaves Moebius. Well, Moebius is a man who has to contain them, and it's ruined his vision. lol: Yep, the washed out pupils help show whose 'side' they were on. Moebius had washed out eyes because he sees the time stream. His pupils were actually becoming hourglass shaped like the Elder Gods to show how in alignment he was with him. I seem to remember that when he played the doddering old soothsayer, that he also played either blind or nearsighted. Vampires had yellow eyes, Rahab's changed because he was becoming water resistant. Regarding The Dark Prophecy, I'm particularly curious about one thing. When Divine Shadow first uncovered it, he came across this image, which was created by Ritual Entertainment, and seems to depict Kain transitioning into his SR1 emperor incarnation, probably some time not long after BO2. That's an idea I think could've had enormous potential if done right, but was it ever seriously considered for TDP. If not, do you know if young Kain supposed to appear anyway. The thought was to either play Kain in this Era, or use it as part of his disguise, which would fade in direct sunlight. There was a lot of back and forth on the story but either one would have been cool. One thought was to have Elder Kain in the Hylden Realm, and Young Kain in the material realm, playing different chapters. Even having Kain 'help out' his other self from the shadows, taking out heavy foes that would have outmatched his younger self. (And get this. getting caught in a Moebius time trap that put him on the field facing his younger self from BO1. This is regarding Umah and Vorador?

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Cline doesn’t dodge the fact that he ripped the premise off of “The Last Starfighter” movie from the 80’s. Premise is that aliens unwittingly pirate enough music from Earth to bankrupt the galaxy. Remeinds me a bit of The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Morgan: Great audiobooks, a couple of my favorite from this year. I’m finishing up reading the 3rd book Woken Furies as the narrator changed and didn’t bother to read up on how to pronounce the main character’s last name. The performances were perfect and the story engaging. This is soon to be made into aTV series on Showtime I think. I cannot count how many times I caught myself thinking back on the stories. I’ll definitely be listening to these again in the future. A good amount of violence and some sex as well, so be warned. Clarke: decent book that introduced the idea of the space elevator. Each book seemed to have a new perspective, not like a continuation of the previous ones. I’ll try to explain it a bit more if I have time to go back and review the books individually. I had planned on reviewing The Force Awakens when I got back from Christmas vacation, but I kept putting it off. I certainly did not stop listening to, reading, or watching Sci-Fi. The last movie I watched was actually Rogue One, which was great. I guess I’m a bit selfish, as I certainly could have carved out the time to write reviews, but I had other priorities. I was working with my wife on a job search that took up almost all most of my free time, and hers. What free time I did have was spent watching TV to unwind after applying for jobs.

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This is essentially an arcade-perfect port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, complete with classic music and sprites, and it's fully online-enabled. In the arcades, Super Street Fighter II would be followed up by yet another update, Super Street Fighter II Turbo (known as Super Street Fighter. Download Street Fighter II Turbo for Super Nintendo(SNES) and play Street Fighter II Turbo video game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. Game description, information and ISO Game Title? ? uper Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD. Stream Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD ReMix Official Soundtrack, a playlist by OverClocked ReMix from desktop or your mobile device. Here's all of Jamie Lee Curtis' Super Street Fighter II Turbo. It received two bit console ports (that both included Champion Edition as well): a Super NES version, titled Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, and a Sega. Cleaned, tested, and guaranteed to work. On Sale. Find a Various - Super Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl first pressing or reissue. Shop Vinyl and CDs. Learn more details about SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO REVIVAL for Wii U and take a look at gameplay screenshots and videos. Play Street Fighter II Turbo Online Games and many other Free Games on KBHGames. EXACT COPY of the classic Street Fighter 2 game that was played on the. Compare current and historic Street Fighter II Turbo prices (Super Nintendo). Loose, Complete (CIB), and New prices updated daily. Several of those ports have seen a Virtual Console release already, and now the latest addition to the eShop is Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

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The footage of the cast rehearsing This Is Me is particularly unmissable. Even the dedicated Concept Art and Storyboard extras are more beautiful to browse than most. So I’m sorry to say that even if you happen to be the world’s most cynical hater of musicals, this disc still has to be added to your 4K disc collection. Whether you saw it and loved it or missed it, get excited because tomorrow, April 24th, it officially releases on Bluray. Not only can you bring home a copy of this fun family-friendly film, the special features will get you up dancing, literally. To celebrate this new release, I’m giving you a sneak peek at the bonus features that you can find on the DVD and Bluray copy of this new Disney Channel feature. Disney’s Zombies Disney’s “ZOMBIES” is a music- and dance-filled story set in the fictitious world of Seabrook, a cookie-cutter community brimming with perky conformity 50 years after a zombie apocalypse. Today, the zombies pose no threat, but are required to live in Zombietown, an isolated, rundown community infused with their unique creative spirit. When zombies are finally allowed to enroll in Seabrook High School, the charming, charismatic zombie Zed, who is determined to play football, meets freshman Addison who dreams of being a cheerleader — the ultimate form of status in Seabrook. Addison takes a lot of flak for befriending Zed and his zombie friends, but comes to learn that zombies and cheerleaders aren’t so different after all. Zed and Addison work together to show Seabrook what they can achieve when they embrace their differences and celebrate what makes them a community. Cast: Milo Manheim as Zed; Meg Donnelly as Addison; Trevor Tordjman as Bucky; Kylee Russell as Eliza; Carla Jeffery as Bree; Kingston Foster as Zoey; and James Godfrey as Bonzo. We go down the list of some of the most important survival tips for Zombies and humans on how to get along and make the best of high school. Disney Channel did a great job of getting the message across about acceptance. I believe this message is so important for our youth to see nowadays. Although the film was about zombies being accepted into the school by regular kids, it set the stage for deeper conversations with your kids. Addison is a regular teen going to high school that just wants to fit in and be accepted. She is not a zombie but she deals with being different in her own way, a difference she feels she needs to hide. She also learns that taking a stand for doing what is right is not always easy and you may lose friends over it.


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