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There's also an option to have warn against accessing a category without actively blocking it. In testing, the filter blocked all the racy sites I tried to visit, and it wasn't fazed by the three-word network command that disables a few old-school filters. When I set it to just warn, it clearly stated that visiting the site may be inappropriate, and pointed that the act of proceeding would be logged. Unlike most other content filters, it's not independent. It supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, but did nothing when I tried with Vivaldi. Sophos doesn't attempt to force Safe Search or cover up naughty pictures. If your teenager just wants to view naked girls (or guys), a simple image search will do the job. This component won't prevent a determined youth from ogling nudes or watching violent content. It could work to buffer a younger child against accidentally running into something nasty. Note, though, that you configure it on a per-device basis, not for each user account, so whatever filters you set up affect all users. At least it's a bonus, not a central feature of this product. Sophos Home Free earns a very good score in our hands-on malicious URL protection test and an even better score in our antiphishing test.

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It can be applied to a AP discounted room as well as one that's rack rate. Unless otherwise stated, discount excludes alcoholic beverages, applicable tax and gratuity, and is valid for the Passholder and up to three guests. The discount with an Annual Pass is normally 10%, but could vary at each restaurant. NOTE: If you order your card and it doesn't arrive before you leave for WDW, you can pick up a temporary voucher at any Guest Relations location. Some stores may offer a different discount, so be sure to ask whenever making a purchase. You must present both your Passholder ID and valid government issued photo ID at the time of purchase. The locations listed below are not owned and operated by Disney, but do offer the discount. Valid for Passholder and the number of Guests permitted on the reservation. Certain age restrictions apply (excludes Specialty Cruises, Holiday Event Specialty Cruises, the Grand 1 Yacht, and Surrey Bike rentals at Disney's Boardwalk Inn). Discounts cannot be applied to any other discount or special rate including, but not limited to, Twilight Rates. Tee times at this rate are limited and may be made up to 14 days in advance by calling (407) WDW-GOLF. Discount not vali on holidays or special themed carriage ride events.

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As a proper solar king, dark though he may be, Jon does have two lady loves that fit the love triangles of ice and fire pattern. The fire moon bride would be Ygritte of course, with her kissed by fire hair and tragic death via an arrow to the heart, which is similar to Nissa Nissa taking Lightbringer to the heart, and you’ll recall that although it wasn’t Jon’s arrow that killed her, in his nightmares it was. Of course I just mentioned that Jon kills her with a flaming red sword in his Azor Ahai dream, reinforcing the message. When he climbed to meet the red star, he did a bunch of Lightbringer forging stuff with Ygritte; namely, he came very close to executing her with Longclaw, but instead did something that was later interpreted as stealing Ygritte and thus implying his intent to marry or partner with her. That’s the sex and swordplay dual-edged Lightbringer motif that we have been pointing out since episode one, so I assume everyone is well familiar with it. She is Jon’s first love, she’s only described as kissed by fire a thousand and one times, and she is Jon’s fire moon queen. And Val is an obvious winter queen, as we see in ADWD. Val was clad all in white; white woolen breeches tucked into high boots of bleached white leather, white bearskin cloak pinned at the shoulder with a carved weirwood face, white tunic with bone fastenings. It had been a long while since Jon Snow had seen a sight so lovely. That’s a very Night’s Queen sort of thing to do, since it is said that Night’s King gave her his soul when he gave her his seed. I don’t know about you, but I thought that was a really clever one by George. The weirwood broach is a nice touch, and seems a clue about Night’s Queen and weirwood magic, which I definitely think is a thing.

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Because they live in the vast ocean, it is difficult to study whales—scientists have to rely on dead carcasses and the occasional sample taken from a whale when it passes near a research vessel. This has resulted in limited knowledge regarding their biology and evolutionary history. In this new effort, the researchers focused on the history of baleen whales. They obtained six samples from baleens that had been darted and from dead animals, and subjected them to genomic sequencing to learn more about their past. The researchers soon realized that the history of baleens was far more complicated than thought—so complicated that they were averse to describing their evolution as depicting a family tree, instead preferring to call it a network. This is, they report, because of extensive interbreeding. This was surprising, they note, because of the huge differences in size between different baleens. Blue whales, the largest animal ever to exist on Earth, for example, mixed with the sei, the third largest of all whales, but which is nonetheless dwarfed by the enormous blue. The team reports that they were also able to see that the North Atlantic right whales and bowhead whales had become separate species approximately 28 million years ago. The researchers note that many of the species appeared to evolve to their current state due more to personal tastes, rather than location or geography, which is more often the case with land animals. A taste for tiny creatures obviously drove the evolution of the baleen in general, they add, but differences in which prey they fancied appeared to be the driving factor in the development of shape and size differences. This might be caused by genomic admixture that may have taken place among some rorquals.

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ryarod 8. For all those wondering what that radio broadcast was, It was Vladimir Komarov. A russian cosmonaut cursing at the engineers for the faulty capsule. Was actually a woman, though ItzGhost 8. Perfect for a Five Nights at Freddys game with the twisted animatronics. Alien isolation, Dead Space and Doom 3 Living Dead Fitness. I listen this while reading Edgar Allan Poe ? 400 ? 1:30 1:40 N3T0. Reading Star wars Death Troopers,AWESOME SHADOW. Azathoth, the dark lord of evil and chaos shall sleep no more. His spawn Cthulhu shall rise and be his instrument of destruction.