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. Why don’t you get a head start running a check for missing pharmacists, lab techs, medical professionals, and so forth. Any other profession you can think of that would need to use industrial strength lab solvent, hit them, too. . Going to put you two right to work checking out the rails and subways to see if she worked for any of them. So, flash her picture around the MTA offices, the Long Island Rail Road, PATH, and MetroNorth. As you can see,” said Nikki, gesturing to the overhead shot of the victim in the suitcase, “she is dressed like a manager or an executive, so start there with HR, but don’t rule out conductors or yard workers. . Jane Doe may not be an employee but a commuter who tried to escape her killer on the tracks. . She read their excitement and said, “Meeting adjourned. . You won’t be unhappy. He made sure she was ready and hit play.

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A. Who invented the HOVERCRAFT? A. S. Sperrow B. O. Stricheg C. T. Henman D. C. Cockerell Answer: D 8. In which decade was the AEEE (now the IEEE) founded? A. 1850s B.

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Other work includes: Kapow-i GoGo, Happy Little Trees: A Bobyssey, Cool Chefs Jr. and The Kapow-i GoGo Holiday Special. His work has been produced at New World Stages, The Elektra Theater, The PIT, The Tank, and The Flea Theater, among other places. As artistic director of Ephrat Asherie Dance (EAD), she has presented work at Jacob's Pillow, FiraTarrega and New York Live Arts, among others. Ephrat has received numerous awards to support her work including a National Dance Project Award from NEFA, a Mondo Cane. Commission from Dixon Place and an Extended Life Residency from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Esperance Theater Company (Katie Hartke, Charlie Murphy, Ryan Quinn). Esperance is an NYC-based theater company founded in 2015 by Ryan Quinn, Charlie Murphy, and Katie Hartke. He moved to Brooklyn in 2013 where he makes short films through his company Super Twisted Productions. Jason Jacobs is a New York-based director, writer, and teaching artist. His original musical Miss Blanche Tells It All was seen at the 2017 New York Musical Festival. Recent directing include a co-adaptation of Uncle Tom's Cabin at Pittsburgh Playhouse, Lavender Songs at Pangea and Subprime at Jersey City Theatre Center. His play Another Horatio Alger Story was presented at Pride Plays and Film's Gay Play Fest 2016. Jason is a member of Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, a Master Teaching Artist for Roundabout Theatre, and Associate of SDC.

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None of that probably matters to you, but just take this away from it: you may be alienating potential buyers by forcing an agreement on price before viewing the item in person. I remember studying deviance in my sociology class but it didnt cover issues. But then again this was a sociology class and not a class on human sexuality. Some people might even try to argue that and homosexuality arent deviance topics since those people believe they are behaving in the norm, their kind of norm. But ladies and gentleman, lets a spade a spade: an ugly 66 year old deep voiced man wearing a wig and dress, whether he has his penis cut off or not, THAT IS A FREAK. The golden rings have been put on hold by the Board of Directors. Maintaining a portfolio based on one commodity could have negative implications for institutional invors. Diversification into other precious metals as well as a mix of T-bills and high technology stocks appear to be in order; customise adidas football boots If you want to continue this discussion, youre going to have to be more clear. Galesville keti bunder south wildlife sanctuary 21. You consider your plate personalized, because your father made it. I told her, while both parents beamed, but, you dont have to wait until youre to do that. If you did, then like any luxury car dealer, theyll assume youre loaded and charge you appropiatly. A leaking hose sounds like something any mechanic should be able to fix easily. But then again Some German cars are a royal pain to work on.

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The system was supposed to include information about whether a recipient was dead or a convicted felon, but the GAO found that the system “offers no access to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) prisoner records” or even “SSA’s death records. Since the database is not complete, agencies don’t always use the DNP system, the GAO said. In fact, three of the six databases required by the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Improvement Act of 2012 are only partially available, or are completely missing from the DNP, the GAO found. Most agencies have their own systems for avoiding giving contracts and grants to ineligible recipients. Reportedly, the Biebs was staying at the residence and decided on a leisurely sit to take in the town. In December 2014, William Groth, an Indianapolis attorney, first sought the contents of Pence communications with the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who sued the Obama administration shortly after President Barack Obama announced reforms to the US immigration system. The Pence administration joined the suit — State of Texas, et al v. United States — with the consent of Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller. The Pence administration offered the requested documents, but redacted portions of communications sent by Gov. A white paper, or informational text, was part of the communications but not included in the offering from the Pence administration, according to court documents cited by IndyStar. In April, the Marion County Superior Court issued a decision that said the administration was allowed to withhold a public record, even out of the purview of a court order. That decision was issued days after the Indiana Supreme Court said in a separate case — Citizens Action Coalition, et al. v. Indiana House Rep.

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On this basis, we discuss a more general perspective on the state and issues in IDN-focused pedagogy. The latter affordance allows for encyclopaedic depth of information that can be presented, while the former two in concert empower the interactor to make her own decisions and experience the consequences of particular choices. The educational aspect of IDNs is further supported by the ability to replay, the potential to revisit earlier decisions and explore a topic from additional perspectives and thus allows for insights that cannot be offered by linear and static representations. Speci? ally, the paper describes our overall approach towards interactive narrative design, the educational challenges we have encountered during the project as well as the pedagogical interventions we have implemented to counter these dif? ulties. We chose to focus on the critical topic of migration. We gave a team of four students the assignment to develop an interactive narrative that could show the complexity behind the integration and socialization of migrants in Dutch society. The students worked fulltime on the project for one semester, and were given some freedom to choose speci? ities, such as target group, platform and overall goal. Its main purpose was raising awareness; by playing the IDN, the target group should become more aware of the dif? ulties that migrants face when trying to integrate in Dutch society. During the semester, the students had regular sessions with teachers and researchers to collaboratively work on the project and overcome conceptual, designerly and technical challenges. This paper in particular focuses on the educational challenges we have encountered in supervising this project, and we share relevant pedagogical interventions we have implemented.

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Just about everyone has daydreams about being an author. Most of us are able to read and speak English reasonably well. We have even written things, now and then: letters, thank you notes, maybe reports of various kinds at school and work. Learning to write well is probably no easier than learning to remove a kidney or replace a heart valve. Some aspiring writers think they don't really need to know proper usage of the language. They think that whatever miserable errors they make will be fixed by an editor. Wrong. Most editors (especially here in the U. . , know less than the writers. If your story should somehow end up on the desk of a good editor, he isn't likely to fix the writing for you. The rare, good editor would be so disgusted by your crappy writing that all you'd get is a rejection slip. Chances are, however, that your manuscript will be read by a lousy editor. Such an editor might accept badly written material simply because he doesn't know any better.