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I would find it funny if we found out about Jon’s parentage while he’s dead and before he actually finds out. I’m not sure how a lot of people will feel if Jon really is gone. I was really pissed when I read it in the book, but assumed after a while that he would be back. If not, that calls into question a lot of storytelling and how much trust I ought to be having for both D and D and George. I mean I love the show and the episode was pretty great and I loved the first three books and liked the last two somewhat (even though I thought there was a ton of filler, I still care about the characters), but I’m sort of taken aback by the interviews and all. I think they’re making a big mistake and perhaps misjudging the audience. They didn’t have Melisandre learn about resurrection from Thoros in Season 3, develop an unusual interest in Jon this season, then return to the Wall exactly when she’s needed, all for no reason. The guy should just off himself and leave us out of it. Clever, though I immediately guessed Ellaria had the antidote. The ship won’t turn around, so I’m curious about what Trystane will do in KL, how Jamie will handle the death, and how Cersei will react. She will certainly feel Maggi the Frog’s doom coming true. That level of brutality was surely provoked by Trant’s outrageous behaviour in the brothel.

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But according to co-writer and director Guillermo del Toro, while there will be a delay, it's not yet a cause for panic. Well speculate on, since Randyll Tarly has now been officially cast, as have Melessa and Talla. These fans are so committed that even the critically-trashed Sex and the City 2 hasn't killed their appetite for more about Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. Unfortunately, if you're waiting for Sex and the City 3 you'll need to keep waiting. The bad news is that fans will have to wait a little while longer to see it. This is because Paramount Pictures has announced that the movie is being pushed back a bit in the release schedule. Apparently, this isn't so, as Zachary Levi got the scoop from Kevin Feige himself that actors can play more than one Marvel character. From Edward Scissorhands to his innovative take on Gotham city in his Batman films, the director has developed a style that has become decidedly signature. However, beyond their artistic merit, his films have now become a means by which scientific progress can be achieved. Joining co-stars Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins on the hired list is Aldis Hodge, who is in talks for Jack Reacher 2. Best known as an actor in movies, television, and now on the stage, he is also a writer, director, and poet. Yeah, the guy certainly has varied tastes and interests.

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Premiering on December 18, with its second and third parts on December 19 and 20th, the miniseries is a very violent and very watchable early Guy Fawkes gift of sorts from the Holiday Night King. Based on the 1605 effort of some besieged English Catholics to destroy the House of Lords and kill King James 1 to put one of their own on the throne, Gunpowder is a welcomed and strong toni. Game of Thrones is going to disappoint us in the end. Not because its seventh season wasn’t its strongest or because of its pretty damn mediocre season seven finale. Not because of the struggles the show has faced since it outpaced its source material. Rather, Game of Thrones is going to disappoint us because it’s put itself in an impossible position, and no matter what happens, its ending will dissatisfy many, or even most, of its viewers. Since its very beginning, the show has been built at. HBO has teamed up with seven streetwear brands — including Billionaire Boys Club, Alife, and CARROTS — to create pieces inspired by the blockbuster series. Fans have been using clues from previous seasons, George R. . Martin’s books and the newly released trailer to figure out what’ll go down in the Seven Kingdoms when the show returns to HBO. A number of theories have emerged on fan sites, Reddit and elsewhere, speculating about who will take the Iron Throne from Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), when winter will hit the Seven Kingdoms, and how the relationship between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) will unfold.


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18 companies in Sao Paulo executed a pilot program aimed at reducing congestion by helping people explore options such as staggering their hours, telecommuting or carpooling. After the pilot, drive-alone rates dropped from 45-51% to 27-35%. It’s the government’s responsibility to ensure that the growth of a country doesn’t compromise the natural environment that sustains it, however, a substantial amount of responsibility also lies on each citizen to lead an environment-friendly lifestyle. Simple lifestyle changes such as being cautious about usage of electricity, using public transport, or choosing locally sourced food can help reduce your carbon footprint, the collective impact of which is great for the environment. Ola is committed to reducing the impact of vehicular pollution on the environment by enabling and encouraging shared rides and greener mobility. They have also created flat fare zones across Delhi-NCR on Ola Share to make more environment friendly shared rides also more pocket-friendly. To ensure a larger impact, the company also took up initiatives with City Traffic Police departments, colleges, corporate parks and metro rail stations. This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of Ola and not by the Scroll editorial team. A spokesman for Moreno told The New York Times in September that Manafort, who was under investigation for his ties to Ukraine's pro-Russian ruling party at the time, met with Moreno but he did not explain why. The president's office declined to comment when contacted by the AP. Correa said he was not aware of the May trip and only found out about it in the press some days ago. But the attempt was later deemed illegal by an electoral tribunal and leaders behind the attempted purge were suspended for six months by the party's ethics committee.


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