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Yerbury leads the trio with 796 yards on the season, with Morrison (731) and Noah McFadden (695) right behind him. University of Washington commit Connor Wedington’s two touchdown runs led the Spartans to a road win at a very muddy Memorial Field. Sumner (7-0, 6-0) is two wins away from going undefeated in league for the third time in four years — in 2013 in the 2A SPSL, last year in the 3A SPSL and now this year in the 4A SPSL. Sumner can capture the 4A South Puget Sound League championship with one win over in its final two regular season games. Touchdown runs by Tyquan Coleman and Zackary Bartolome backed a strong performance by Cascade Christian’s stout defense in a win in University Place. The undefeated Cougars (6-0, 3-0) will host games over the next two weeks against Bellevue Christian (2-5, 2-2) and co-league leader Port Townsend (4-2, 3-0) in what could decide the 1A Nisqually League title. Makeo Gillespie threw for three touchdowns, connecting with Cade Barrett on two of those throws, but the Rams couldn’t outduel the Wolves at Sparks Stadium on Friday. Rogers (0-7, 0-6) closes out the season against the top two teams in the league, traveling to Sumner this week before hosting Graham-Kapowsin (6-1, 5-1) to close out the regular season. Elsewhere, Emerald Ridge (2-4, 2-3) played a makeup game Monday night (after the press deadline for the Herald’s print edition) against Curtis (1-5) after Saturday’s game was postponed due to heavy rain and winds. The video starts with the cyclist heading through his lane with the traffic lights ahead of him green. From his right side a moped rider, wearing a black helmet, appears in front of him and the cyclist topples to the floor. The bruised cyclist can then be seeing laying on the floor in pain. The moped rider stops and engages the cyclist in conversation. Last week a calamitous bicycle crash was captured on camera showing riders thrown from their bikes in a painful pile-up on a London cycle-superhighway. The clip shows a woman powering on the pedals to attempt a risky overtake on the congested track. But her risky manoeuvre ends in disaster on the narrow path near Blackfriars.

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He's always giving us stories that are more than just about the main character's journey, but the effects of it. Alexandre Desplat returns from an Oscar winning score for The Grand Budapest, to make a potential Oscar nominated score here. Easily one of my favorite aspects of the movie, the fast pace oriental score sets the tone for (Continues below). If the good guys don’t stand a chance, maybe bad can triumph over evil. Suicide Squad was without question one of my most anticipated. Suicide Squad was without question one of my most anticipated films of 2016, as with a lot of people. It was a film ripe with potential to be one of the most unique comic book films to date, especially with such a promising cast of characters and actors. The early negative buzz around the film did temper my excitement for the movie, and even went in bracing to be disappointed. Granted, it’s not the incredible film I wanted it to be, and I have my fair share of criticisms with it. But I think there is a lot to love about the film overall, and I’m going to start with what those aspects were. First off, the element of Suicide Squad that needed to work more than anything else is the squad itself. I loved Will Smith’s interpretation of Deadshot in this movie. From his personality, to his skillset, to his badass costume design, everything about him was super awesome. I have a lot of the same sentiments about Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn as well. Robbie’s portrayal of the character is one of the most accurate to the source material I’ve seen in a comic book film, providing the film with a great deal of levity and a whole lot of crazy. He had a fulfilling arc throughout the film that really sold me on the character.


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As smartphones have become more ubiquitous, the number of things they can actually do has expanded. There's a whole industry devoted to making add-ons for the computer in your pocket, and while a good chunk of them aren't exactly necessary for day-to-day life, they're often fun and creative enough to be worth it for the right niche of people. No one device gets more of these weird little add-ons than the iPhone, so here are a few accessories for Apple's flagship device that we enjoy, even if they aren't totally practical. If you find the flash of the current iPhone camera to be subpar, Concepter wants to help with the iBlazr 2. If you're looking for a way to protect your phone and bring back memories from your old point-and-shoot camera days, consider the SNAP! 7 by bitplay. The SNAP! 7 also has a grip, which should help cut down on your number of blurry photos. Speaking of interchangeable lenses, Loha Life's solution lets you take macro and wide-angle shots on the go with a level of detail that the iPhone's default shooter can't quite match. During a discussion at the Aspen Security Forum on Friday, Army Gen. Raymond Thomas, head of US Special Operations Command, cited estimates saying that the US-led fight against ISIS had killed 60,000 to 70,000 ISIS militants. To underline his point, Thomas elaborated on the damage done to ISIS' personnel network. Those comments come several months after Thomas claimed that more than 60,000 ISIS fighters had been killed since the campaign against the group started in summer 2014. It is typically hard to estimate how many fighters such groups have, and it is not always clear how many have been killed during military engagements. In 2014, an observer group estimated the terror group had 100,000 fighters. The Pentagon said in summer 2016 that it had just 15,000 to 20,000 fighters left in Iraq and Syria.


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I'm hoping to start up again because I like being to connect to others through the different experiences we all have. I'd like to chat with any of you and I look forward to it. I love with my whole heart and put my all into everything I do and all that I am. I'm a pretty positive person, the ones my friends always turn too for help or advice. Yet, wounded and need people I myself can relate with. The new Android version is right around the corner. Letters to Vint Cerf are fascinating about the Internet. I love travelling, photography, food and meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Hit me up. I am a very social and open minded person and I love learning about the world around me. I love to cook, read, write, dance and engage in great conversations with family and friends. I want to talk about any and everything and just enjoy getting to know others. My biggest turnoff is being lied to and wearing a mask when talking to me. I am an avid reader and spend most of my time thinking about life and trying to figure out a meaning for things. I am looking to meet new interesting people with whom I can talk about anythg and express anythg without judging. like people with a purpose in life.