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On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about one of the craziest and most prolific murderers the world has ever seen; and one who was left roam the Russian countryside for almost 30 years without conviction, killing and eating his way through 56 victims in the most brutal and gruesome murders either side of the Iron Curtain, Andrei Chikatilo - The Russian Cannibal. Also known as the Butcher of Rostov, Chikatilo had a messed up childhood in a famine torn Ukraine. With maternal sexual abuse and some questionable choices in his early teens, Chikatilo resigned himself to the fact that he would never be normally sexual. He got away scot-free with the murder of a young girl near a hut he owned, and despite clear evidence, another man was arrested and convicted. After a shameful youth and a bogus career as a teacher where he was consistantly ridiculed by the students, Chikatilo finally snapped and attacked one of his students and the wave of attacks and sexual nightmares began. He got a job that would keep him mobile throughout the country without much suspicion and he would attack and kill at will. After capture Chikatilo would become one of the most famous murderers in Russian history and officially their first 'Serial Killer'. Mark and I discuss the upbringing and the psychopathic tendencies of this Soviet mad man and decide if it was his destiny to become this monster to dissuade so many more from going down this very dark path! If you want to get some Ukulele Tips from Mark you can get him on Twitter or subscribe to his channel on YouTube. On this episode we talk about one of the darkest patches on US history and a pan-atlantic collusion that could have been the driving force behind the global actions of military, scientific and political powers for the last 70 years, Operation Paperclip. In the last days of WW2 the Nazi elite were wondering what their future would look like. Impending trials for war crimes would definitely be a possibility; and some took the opportunity by pawning their military and scientific knowledge in exchange for freedom and exclusion from prosecution in Nuremberg. Operation Overcast and later Operation Paperclip was the US intelligence services plan to gain as much Nazi engineering, military, scientific and espionage intelligence they could before the Russians. Flocks of now ex-Nazis with no fuhrer to guide them, ran into the arms of the waiting US and Russian soldiers on both sides of Germany. They were interviewed and spilled all the info for a chance to be installed into US military intelligence, and in some cases, get to stay living in Germany spying on the USSR from their own home town. The US has had a shady history at the best of times, but harbouring Nazis and cooperating with them as they greatly advance the space program, increase military might, give intel and previous files owned by the SS to the US intelligence community and eventually become revered members of western society, made a lot of people suspicious of the motives of these ex-Nazis. But on this episode we argue the ethics of sucha an information acquisition, how the scientific experiments done on prisoners of war can be not only flawed but just cruel torture; and the collusion of huge respected organisation to smuggle uninterred Nazis out of Germany to escape prosecution in a program known as the Ratlines. Season 6 will bring us up to May and Season 7 will bring us into the start of 2019 so both of these are addressd here.

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If it weren't for this dear sweet man, Wayne Cilento and Joey McKneely, my career on Broadway would have never begun. He and his longtime friend Judy Rich also kickstarted my career on television by bonding together over how to get me an agent. They put me in touch with their best friend. casting director for a very popular show. I remember fondly, with anticipation, every year when all the Christmas specials would come on television. You see, at that time, there were no DVD's or the internet. You had to wait once a year to see your favorite special. For me, it was Santa Claus is Coming To Town and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It's a technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. As a matter of fact, 3D printers were often used in the his animating process. Whew! I know their hands must be seriously broke down. ol. The animators got only one rehearsal, which can take up to three days. This week, we have the pleasure of watching another creation of stop motion animation released by Focus Features - The Boxtrolls. You know the one where the wooden boy desperately wants to be a real boy. In this case, we have a real boy, who thinks he is a box.


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For Jon looked more like Ned than any of her true born sons. It will be a forth night before he is ready to depart. When she sees the girls whispering amongst themselves. Arya ask what their talking about, and Sansa says about Prince Joffrey. But Arya makes it a point that he his their brother. — Sansa clearly believes that Jon is below her like lady Catelyn does but Arya sees him as her equal. Her eyes were yellow and when the sunlight caught them they gleaned like 2 golden coins. They were the only ones who took after the Starks. But as Jon says “girls get the arms but not the swords. They were to leave for the south on the morrow. — no idea why I worded it that way. Catelyn says Bran learned to climb before he learned to walk. Catelyn was always terrified that one day Bran would slip off a wall and kill himself. The man replies “give me honorable enemies, rather than ambitious ones. . The man pulled Bran up and then shoved him out the window. Jaime was the only one who showed him the smallest measure of affection or respect. The creature is outside his window day and night, howling.

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