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He has notably not written any episode screenplays for Season 5-6 and he has all but openly stated his current involvement as a consultant on the series holds no actual deciding power at all and is purely advisory, noting that HBO could decide to include an Alien Invasion and he wouldn't be able to stop them if they wanted to go through with it. Hostility on the Set: Jerome Flynn (Bronn) and Lena Headey (Queen Cersei) were in a relationship that did not end well. At all. The result is that the two are never on the set at the same time in order to prevent any hostility from occurring. I Am Not Spock: As you might expect from a hit TV show with a gigantic cast, few roles are filled with actors with a more high-profile role under their belt. Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Charles Dance were perhaps the most recognizable actors before the show. I Knew It! An interesting case in that the show has confirmed several existing fan theories about the books, or ambiguous situations within them, that had yet to be resolved by the time the episodes aired: Loras and Renly are gay lovers. This had already been repeatedly and heavily implied in the books, but never explicitly acknowledged. Littlefinger hid a poison capsule on Sansa, which Olenna uses to kill Joffrey. Valyrian steel (aka dragonsteel) kills the White Walkers (aka the Others). Jon and Sam discuss this in the books, but the show confirms it first. While one of Craster's wives implied this happened, they're not a particularly reliable source. For a show-specific spoiler, on-set photos depicting Meryn Trant and Mace Tyrell in Braavos tipped both book and show fans on a major Death by Adaptation, which did come true in the final Season 5 episode.


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The two characters are poles apart, Aisha strives to be independent, is organised and has a set of goals, whereas Sid on the other hand is carefree and childishly immature with not a care in the world. As the story evolves Sid has a spat with his parents and leaves home. He takes refuge in Aisha's flat and is slowly forced to delve deeper into his way of living. He has virtually taken everything for granted in his life so far, including his friends and his parents. It can be safely said that he admires Aisha's opinion of him and transforms himself to please her in ways he never knew before, and in the process he matures in his thinking and takes responsibilities seriously. How he nurtures his hobby and utilises it to make a living, thus turning a new leaf in his life forms the rest of the story. Not to mention, he even realises he is in love too, as one is wont to expect. This is the first movie i watched of his and i think he has a very bright future, though i would hate to see him go wandering into stereotype bollywood. The way he gets all childish when he has learnt to fry eggs is as admirable as it is funny. He is pleased as a punch and puts a smile on your face. Konkona Sen Sharma as Aisha does here what she knows doing best. She has acted in various roles doing justice to them all and the role of Aisha is no different. You just cant help but admire the various emotions that she can pull-off. A pleasing change from all the eye-candy mainstream actresses who have flooded bollywood of late.


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Feature film: Rhino (English, 1964) Touita, Okacha (b. 1943 in Mostaganem). A self-taught filmmaker whose two films offer an idyllic view of village life and a harsher insight into shanty-town society respectively. Feature films: Laada (1990), Haramuya (1993) Toure, Kitia (b. 1956 in Ayama). Ivorian filmmaker. Studied filmmaking in Paris. His first feature looks at the impact of a young ethnographer on the traditional community he wishes to explore. He made his first short in 1987, followed by two features, the first tracing the adventures of an African in Paris, the second looking at travel and borders within Africa itself. He also made a number of medium and feature-length video documentaries in the 2000s, including Nosaitres (2006). Feature films: Toubab Bi (1991), TGV (1997) Towers, Harry. Feature film: Gor (English, with Fritz Kiersch, 1986) Traidia, Karim (b. 1949 in Annaba). Dutchbased filmmaker of Algerian descent who has lived in Holland since 1980.


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L’Rell kills the dying Klingon to stretch their resources. They discuss how everyone onboard is starving and losing faith. L’Rell says they need to take more drastic measures but Voq pushes back, telling L’Rell she may not kill anyone else. Then, as seen in the final version, he goes to the ready room to hear his analysis as acting captain, which he cancels. Cut to Stamets and Tilly discussing Burnham’s risky plan with Lorca, who was locked in the brig by Mudd, and wondering if Mudd will take the bait of being able to turn Burnham over to the Klingons if he resets the time loop one last time. Then back in the engineering lab, Stamets and Tilly discuss the crop and how to treat it. Our Stamets mentions seeing Hugh in the mycelial network and that he told him what Mirror Stamets was doing. This scene was part of a Comic-Con photo spread in Entertainment Weekly from July 2017. Mack told the podcast Literary Treks: “They cut an entire character, they cut half of a scene. . After Trek was made by production company Embassy Row for CBS, which means different licensing, and it would also mean upping the number of discs in the set to fit more bonus content, so it’s not surprising After Trek isn’t there, but a bit of a bummer nonetheless. It’s also recommended for collectors, as well as anyone who wants an offline copy of the show; this includes people who can not or do not want to stream the show, and folks who have concerns about the fleeting rights to streaming media. Most of the other shows had their moments, and their disappointments. Frakes’ re-introduction to the Mirror Universe was well done, but it was still an ill-considered detour from what was supposed to be an epic war arc that had been shortchanged from the beginning.


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Aby nie dopuscic do powstania efektu domina, Henry Paulson (William Hurt), sekretarz skarbu w administracji George’a W. Busha, decyduje sie na wprowadzenie w zycie programu ratunkowego. Zespol skupionych wokol Paulsona wybitnych ekonomistow rozpoczyna negocjacje z szefami najwiekszych bankow i instytucji finansowych. Wyprodukowany przez HBO emocjonujacy obraz jest kronika dramatycznych wydarzen, ktore doprowadzily do jednego z najwiekszych kryzysow finansowych w historii USA i zachwialy gospodarkami wielu innych panstw. W zywy i wciagajacy sposob przedstawia okolicznosci tamtych wypadkow, ujawnia tez wiele sensacyjnych szczegolow na temat zakulisowych rozmow, jakie toczyli miedzy soba kluczowi gracze amerykanskiego rynku finansow. Od szesciu kadencji zasiada w Senacie USA glosami mieszkancow stanu Arizona. Polityk zgodzil sie na udzial w projekcie HBO niedlugo po tym, jak zdiagnozowano u niego raka mozgu. McCain otwiera przed szeroka publicznoscia drzwi do swiata Kongresu Stanow Zjednoczonych. Produkcja obfituje zarowno w jego najnowsze, jak i archiwalne wypowiedzi. Kresla przy tym sylwetke czlowieka, ktory cale zycie poswiecil sluzbie swojemu krajowi i nigdy nie zdradzil swoich idealow. Rok pozniej dostal sie do niewoli, z ktorej wydostal sie dopiero w 1973 roku. Pod koniec lat osiemdziesiatych zostal wybrany na Senatora. W 2008 roku w amerykanskim wyscigu prezydenckim byl kandydatem swojej partii do Bialego Domu. Latem 2017 roku zdiagnozowano u niego agresywna postac choroby nowotworowej mozgu, mimo to w dalszym ciagu jest aktywny politycznie.


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By no means a perfect movie, particularly structure wise (as both a filmgoer and an avid fan of the books), the casting for this movie was perfect. The kids, Justice Strauss, Mr Poe, Aunt Josephine, even Jude Law's melancholic Lemony Snocket, straight out of how I pictured them in my head. The aesthetic was straight out of every child's imagination of what their world is like, and the score ties it all together. I shall forever be sad this never got a follow-up. HOWEVER, this is my favorite book series in the history of the world, so there’s no way i can hate this movie. ever. jim carrey? perfect fucking choice for count olaf. Country: USA, France, Argentina Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Crime Actor: Amber Heard, Odette Annable, Karl Urban, Adriana Barraza, Cesar Vianco, Michel Noher, Luis Sabatini, Daniel Figuereido, Jorge Booth, Gia Mantegna, Javier Luna, Andrea Verdun, Nicolas Dolensky, Walter Pena, Esteban Pastrana Watch movie Add to favorite. Max gets himself transferred to the cold case office where he can continue. Country: USA Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller Actor: Peter Cilella, Vinny Curran, Emily Montague, Kurt David Anderson, Skyler Meacham, Josh Higgins, Zahn McClarnon, Bill Oberst Jr. Carmel Benson, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, David Lawson Jr. Glen Roberts, Bob Low, Michael Felker Watch movie Add to favorite. He has created the most efficient and productive distribution pipeline since.


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Nominated in the same category were Gavin Millar’s The Crow Road, Patrick Lau’s The Fragile Heart, and Charles Sturridge’s Gulliver’s Travels. Nigel Hawthorne won the BAFTA for best actor for his work under Lau’s direction in The Fragile Heart. Gina McKee was named best actress for her performance in Our Friends in the North. Golden Globes: Uli Edel’s Rasputin on HBO won the Golden Globe for best TV movie or miniseries. Nominated in the same category were Mark Rydell’s Crime of the Century (HBO), Robert Harmon’s Gotti (HBO), Martin Bell’s Hidden in America (Showtime), Cher and Nancy Savoca’s If These Walls Could Talk (HBO), and Kevin Bacon’s Losing Chase (Showtime). Alan Rickman and Ian McKellan won Golden Globes in the title role and supporting category, respectively, under Edel’s direction in Raspution. Helen Mirren won the Golden Globe for best actress under Bacon’s direction for Losing Chase. Kathy Bates won the best supporting actress Golden Globe under Betty Thomas’s direction for The Late Shift. The BBC, WGBH-TV in Boston and Mobil’s Masterpiece Theatre were all cited for the series of miniseries that followed Francis Urquart’s corrupt advance through high-level British politics in the person of Ian Richardson in the adaptations of Michael Dobbs’s fiction: Paul Seed’s House of Cards and To Play the King, and Mike Vardy’s Final Cut. Also nominated in the same category were Anjelica Huston’s Bastard Out of Carolina (Showtime) and three other HBO productions: Robert Harmon’s Gotti, Cher and Nancy Savoca’s If These Walls Could Talk, and Christopher Reeve’s In the Gloaming. Philip Davis’s Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgment (PBS) won the Emmy for outstanding miniseries. Nominated in the same category were Graeme Clifford’s The Last Don (CBS), Mick Garris’s The Shining (ABC), Jonathan Kaplan’s In Cold Blood (CBS), and Andrei Koncholovsky’s The Odyssey (NBC). Winning the Emmy Award for direction of a movie or miniseries was Andrei Koncholovsky for The Odyssey. Also nominated were Huston, Harmon, Reeve, and Mark Rydell for The Crime of the Century (HBO).