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At least the “worst” season in such a great series is still pretty damn awesome. Does anyone know how to get the stains out of fabric. I’m surprised they have delayed “ToJ part deux” this long. So excited about tonight, although the ending of the season is always bittersweet. I’m really enjoying just sort of leaving myself open and taking whatever happens as it comes. Makes sense to do it now for maximum impact heading into the off season. Have they ever done more than one cold open in a season. You have every right to your valid criticisms and you shouldn’t be shouted down for having them. I haven’t agreed with a lot of what you had to say this season, but you’re no less of a fan because you didn’t slobber over every episode. I don’t see it, unless they won’t care about the Emmys anymore. Hope some big (unexpected) stuff goes down tonight. I have no idea how many times I’ve watched BotB all the way through this week but it might be the most in one week of the series for me and still love it. I hope we don’t get a ton of depressing cliffhangers again in this finale to dampen it. I just started today and the posts are interesting. On that note, should part of CA fall into the ocean, and I end up with ocean-front property, you pop over and enjoy some meat and mead on the beach. It seems like that man could film a bowl of oatmeal just sitting on a table, and somehow make it so it produced goosebumps (ok, a bit hyperbolic, but you get the idea). She hasn’t been in the preview or any of the episode pics. Should be fascinating going behind the scenes for these final two episodes. I agree with everyone saying Sapochnik is a genius.

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Devil's Tower D. Gateway Arch E. Gettysburg National Military Park F. Mount Rushmore H. Mount Washington I. Stone Mountain 4. Something Other than the 'Silver' Screen: Name one of these movies with a color in the title. A. Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov (1985) B. Jackson (1997) G. Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen and Lea Thompson (1984) H. Same Letter Showdowns: The recently completed 2017 Stanley Cup Final featured teams with nicknames (Penguins vs. Name the teams involved in one of these championship matchups which also fit that description. A. 1975 World Series B. 1992 World Series C. 1971 NBA Championship D. Super Bowl V E. Super Bowl XVIII F.


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They will be able to fit a hell of a lot more story in the same episode time. My biggest inclination, after Sn 6 went Vin Diesel with pacing, is that the Sn 5 doldrums were when GRRM knew he couldn't pace with the show. The entire production crew, including D D's are fucking wrecked. They go nearly year round, and haven't had a real hiatus since 2009, with development going back to 07. There just is so much a team even as good as this can do to now infer huge details that are not explicit. You can only throw money at it to help relieve the crew and get the shooting sched complete. With GRRM at least out of the writing for four years now, it feels like he is going to do his version maybe knowing there could be some land mines the DDs trip on. All said, I don't think enough people will ever know how fucking hard it was for the writers to do what they did these past seven seasons. There are far too many storylines to wrap up in only 13 episodes. I'm worried it's going to be wrapped up far too quickly. I think there will be a lot of OOC moments in order to keep the plot moving quickly. Also that the armies will be marching amazingly fast. I accept this. The alternative would be to skip the show and wait for the books. You really think they are just chillin and like making shit up. No way, they kill it every year to even get these out on time. I would prefer that Season 7 is delayed a year rather than getting awful garbage like Operation Grab a Wight and the Dragonpit scene and Dany-Jon's weird relationship with Dany as a dominatrix. You can criticize whatever regarding quality as you see it. There is no wrong or right here as to what you think the show is doing right or wrong.

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Agave tequilana isn’t the only major Mexican crop that is currently under threat. In the US, the price of avocados has soared largely due to a summer heatwave causing shortages in Mexico. On top of this, there have also been reports of a worldwide chocolate shortage due to climate change. Who wants to live in a world without tequila, chocolate and avocados. And, more importantly, what will millennials put on their toast. Even though the game is out, the team is still working on the game, and not just to fix issues, as work on DLC has already begun. Speaking recently with SkillZone TV, as translated by ResetEra user Paul, Warhorse Studios co-founder Daniel Vavra confirmed that the team is already working on a DLC questline where it will be possible to play as a woman. Additionally, it’s been confirmed that the team is planning to support the game for quite some time, with people keeping tabs on forums and streams to find bugs and other issues. Daniel Vavra has also touched upon modding tools, and it’s not clear if they will ever get released. The team will start looking into the matter soon, but it’s likely they will have to negotiate with Crytek, as most of the CryEngine has been rewritten. Speaking of mods, some have already been released for the game, allowing players to do things not normally possible. Yesterday, we talked about a mod that makes it possible to save anywhere during the game, something that’s quite useful given the game’s unique saving mechanics. Kingdom Come Deliverance is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. We will keep you updated on the game’s future updates as soon as more come in on them, so stay tuned for all the latest news. At the “ Code Media 2018 ” conference in California organised by the famous tech portal ReCode, Facebook’s Head of News Partnerships Campbell Brown said “her job is to make sure there is quality news on Facebook”. But “my job is not to go recruit people from news organisations to put their stuff on Facebook,” she was quoted as saying in The Verge late on Tuesday. Facebook hired former NBC and CNN anchor Brown to lead its news partnership team last year. If anyone feels this isn’t the right platform for them, they should not be on Facebook,” she was quoted as saying. Facebook in October launched a new programme that would allow publishers to sell subscriptions to their news sites on Facebook.