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At the same time, daario always seemed like someone else in disguise. Because the line follows Rhaegar's line as long as it exists. BUT if Aegon is who they say he is, He becomes the true heir as he would be Jon Snow's older brother. Please feel free to say if that logic isnt correct, but if it is then. That means That Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon are not the true heirs of Winterfell, in the books Rob Stark's wife is alive, and GRRM has stated she will be reappearing, and Rob's child will be the true heir of Winterfell, Right. Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, were delighted to welcome the new member of the royal family. They released an official statement and said how glad they were to have a new grandson. This way, we found out about the new prince, and that him and his mother were doing more than well. Soon afterwards, everyone started sending messages to the royal family and its new member. They said they were both extremely happy to have another grandson, and wish him all the best in his life. He didn’t know how we would keep up with a new grandchild. Experts explained this must have been intentional, but only because Meghan Markle is not part of the royal family yet. After the wedding, she will become the official aunt of the royal babies. We do not know if the delivery was a difficult one.

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But Jaime and Cersei knocked incestuous boots only a few episodes ago. Cersei certainly isn’t showing, and having an incest baby would probably put a damper on the entire realm wanting to be her friend. Methinks Jaime got caught with the classic no-baby prank. You gotta give it to her though, it’s a great prank. I’ve haven’t seen a no-baby prank like that since the Red Wedding. Just forget literally everything you just said and let’s leave immediately. Or that old grumpy fucker in armor that’s always complaining about everything. Maybe that wispy prick I wouldn’t trust with my daughter? . I know Varys has an elaborate network of spies, but I’d like to think he just put a sock on the door or something for old times sake. I’ll always remember when you were recast with an actor I recognized to just be executed a few episodes later for no real purpose. He’s taking Sansa’s scroll out of context to infuriate Arya into thinking Sansa is a traitor. Also, Jon is a true-born Targaryen, and the rightful heir to the throne. -Bran, in a universe where he’s not the worst.


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Movies can give people the wrong idea of what to expect in college, embellishing the truth for entertainment value. Read more. However, it's not the most immoral thing that's ever been thought up. To help you feel better about your situation, here are a couple of movies whose characters have it far worse than you do. Read more. There will be 21 official selections in the competition. Read more. Its animation department, Bron Animation, moved to its new location on 717 Richmond Street. Read more. Save yourself from missing out on some great reads and pick up a copy of one of these books before the movie comes out. Read more. The biggest day of the year for cinephiles is coming up this Saturday, as the 33rd annual Golden Raspberry Awards (a. . .