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Nobody remembers the party, and even her female friend she specifically named to be at the party doesn't remember anything. She told nobody except her therapist 10 years ago, although didn't name him, and refused to give Congress the alleged notes about it. A girl gets flashed by a dude, apparently as a crude joke. If that's sexual assault, I don't know a single man or woman in college who wasn't sexually assaulted. She eventually walks back her accusations and abandons Kavanaugh. I do the same thing every time I go out with my friends to big expensive dinners. They are all embarrassing hackjobs no better than anybody at Fox News. At least most people at Fox News aren't under any delusions about their biases. The rest of the press thinks they are the bravest fucking people on the planet who literally risk their lives to tell the truth 100% of the time. Evangelicals making excuses for Trump are IDENTICAL to feminists and progressives who made excuses for Bill Clinton. The only difference is that the latter populate our entire news industry. No credible accusations have been made against him, AND he will be a few thousand miles away from you. The redacted declarant contacted NBC and told them that that declaration was not her words and she did not stand by it. Where the hell's the adults in the room to tell these delicate little snowflakes that if their mental state is that fragile that they need to go check into the nearest mental health institution. An actual court proceeding on this would go to summary judgement after the prosecution rests. In fact, it's so weak that a grand jury might not even indite (and we know how rubber-stamp those things are).

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Man, that movie ruled. But yeah. The combination of explicit supernatural nonsense with a period setting really works for me in the horror genre, which isn’t something I generally rush out for. I like a lot of the tropes, but straight horror movies rarely draw me to the cinema. And apparently they’ve been reviewed far better than the movies to which they serve as prequels too. The board's planchette flies up and pierces the doll's eye. Even with a decline in ratings, the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic. We realize that we’re a few days past Christmas here, but in my world. All this week we have been celebrating the end of 2016 by looking back at. Written and directed by Kim Henkel, fourth installment Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation isn’t exactly a. All of my Christmas wishes were granted when the Alien: Covenant trailer was dropped on Christmas day. Believe it or not, it’s already been a year and a half since. With nostalgia dominating the box office at the moment, it’s kind of odd that a franchise like Gremlins hasn’t. The slasher films of the ’80s have their own set of tropes and inherent qualities, not the. Christmas morning was a special one this year, as Santa came. Kate Beckinsale once again returns as Selene, while Theo James (Divergent) is also.


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Sedangkan, main hakim sendiri dalam rangka balas dendam enggak punya tujuan semulia itu. Balas dendam adalah supaya pelaku menderita sebesar-besarnya. Supaya mereka merasakan sakit dan perih dan terhina yang kita rasakan, bahkan lebih besar lagi. Menghasilkan sebuah film yang demikian sadis aku berulang kali menyipitkan mata tatkala menonton film ini. Enggak ada yang ditahan-tahan, semua kekerasan dan luka-luka yang terpikirkan oleh pembuat film diwujudkan ke ujung hidung kita. Layar yang seketika penuh warna warni, dengan setting rumah yang mulus bersih seketika menjadi padang tandus berbatu, bersimbah merah. Pada menit-menit awal cerita, film memperkenalkan kita kepada tokoh yang holywood banget. Helikopter yang tadinya berupa titik, kemudian mendekat. Kemudian turunlah penumpangnya; pria macho kaya dan cewek pirang berkacamata hitam, sambil ngemut lollipop. Di titik ini, kita melihat Jen benar-benar sebagai cewek muda yang kerjaannya godain laki-laki. Kamera dengan lincahnya memposisikan mata kita pada pinggang Jen yang mengenakan rok pendek yang kian melambai seolah mengundang pria-pria asing yang tak dikenalnya mendekat. Tapi tak pernah diperlihatkan lebih daripada itu, kamera dan sudut pengambilannya dibuat seolah menantang kita untuk berpikir macem-macem padahal kita mengerti Jen tidak benar-benar berniat melakukan lebih jauh dari sekadar flirt canda-candaan. Bahkan warna rambutnya menjadi berbeda setelah semua debu, tanah, dan darah itu menempel. Film berusaha melambangkan perubahan Jen sebagaimana burung phoenix; lahir dari abu. Ada sekuen Jen di dalam gua, dengan penerangan api unggun, berusaha menyembuhkan diri sendiri. Literally ada gambar burung di kaleng yang ia gunakan untuk membakar luka parahnya; gambar yang kemudian menjadi tato sebagai semacam simbol mockingbird yang beneran terbuat dari darah dan daging.