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That’s an entry-level option that’s a real step up from integrate Intel graphics but significantly less powerful than gaming-oriented GPUs like the GeForce GTX 1050. The biggest question is how well the ZenBook Flip 14’s thin chassis can handle the heat the chip generates. As it turns out, the ZenBook Flip 14 makes decent use of the GeForce MX150, at least when stacked up against most other similarly-sized convertible 2-in-1s. Not surprisingly, its gaming results are almost identical to those of its sibling, the ZenBook 13. As our benchmark results demonstrated, the ZenBook Flip 14 provides a much more satisfying gaming experience than machines that rely solely on Intel’s UHD 620 graphics. Essentially, the MX150 is an upgrade from the older GeForce 940MX, meaning it’s about midway between integrated graphics and the GTX 1050 used by 2-in-1s such as the Surface Book 2 13. Notably, the ZenBook Flip 14’s implementation falls a little behind some thicker machines, such as the 15. -inch Acer Aspire 5, that benefit from a thicker chassis that can dissipate heat a little more efficiently. Consider a few benchmark results, where the ZenBook Flip 14 falls short of being able to comfortably run a few modern titles at 1080p resolution and medium to high graphics settings. For example, while the 2-in-1 managed to run Civilization VI at Full HD and medium detail at 33 frames per second (FPS) — a playable result — it couldn’t manage ultra details, running at only 16 FPS. The ZenBook Flip 14 fell far short on the rest of our higher end titles, such as Deux Ex: Mankind Divided. If your preferences run to lower-end or older games, though, the ZenBook Flip 14 is a more realistic option. Consider Rocket League: Even at the highest detail at Full HD, the 2-in-1 ran at a decent 47 FPS, while dropping to medium detail netted 69 FPS. Interestingly, that’s the one result that was faster than the ZenBook 13. Ultimately, these results are good news for other lighter titles, such as esports games, as well as many recent but not quite current options. If you’re willing drop to 720p resolution or to reduce graphics a bit further, you’ll enjoy a decent gaming experience — a nice plus for a convertible 2-in-1 that’s around half an inch thick and converts to a tablet. Note as well that the discrete GPU is good for more than just gaming. If you need to do some video encoding on the run, for example, then the MX150 is going to prove a speedier option than the integrated graphics on other 2-in-1s. Asus packed in 59 watt-hours of battery capacity in the ZenBook Flip 14. That compares to the 63 watt-hours in the Spectre x360 13 and the hefty 70 watt-hours in the Yoga 920.

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Friday, Nov. 17: Waverly Place Tree Lighting - Santa and Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht will light the tree at 7 p. . Afterwards, Santa will stay and visit with the children. DJ Gary Gibson will spin holiday tunes and a local team will dance. There will also be food, drink and in-store sales and specials from Waverly Place businesses. Saturday, Nov. 18: North Hills Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration - This year’s event will feature snow slopes, trackless train rides, kids crafts and activities, a bounce house and a vendor village. As Santa Claus arrives at 6 p. . the 41 foot Christmas tree is lit. Saturday, Nov. 18: Lafayette Village Tree Lighting - Take a stroll through the village grounds, enjoy music or take a ride around the village by horse and carriage. Thursday, Nov. 30: Fuquay-Varina Tree Lighting - There will be choirs, a tree lighting and other festivities downtown from 6 to 8 p. . Friday, Dec. 1: WRAL-TV Tower Lighting - Watch the 300-foot tower at WRAL's campus on Western Bouelvard be lit and enjoy carols and Christmas stories. Friday, Dec. 1: 13th Annual American Tobacco Tower Lighting - There will be performances by multiple schools and bands, Santa selfies and a 7 p.

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He won one world championship, and it was in the Olympic Games. heap Jerseys free shipping. Those aren’t the only issues swirling around the team. At a pregame news conference on Sunday, questions surfaced again about star goalkeeper Hope Solo. Solo is widely considered the best goalkeeper in the world and, arguably, of all time. heap nfl jerseys. The classic greatest hits albums known as the red one and the blue one (each covered different time periods) were bestsellers on the album charts. And it wasn’t only the old Beatles that were selling, but the new ones too. holesale nfl jerseys. Ben, I know your mother has no words to describe how very proud she is of you, and of Matthew for stepping in to help you finish your journey. I can’t imagine how she felt watching Matthew carrying Ben across the finish line. heap Jerseys china. Obviously I’m delighted. Mr Warren, who is chairman of Vale of Leven Remembrance Day Association, intends to display his award in the school and is donating his prize money to CHAS. heap Jerseys china. I’ve already started reading into the background of a number of his cases. Consider the case of a coal fired power plant in the state of New Jersey that emits 10,700 tons of SO2 per year. If their CEM is calibrated using a gas whose accuracy is off by 1 percent, the facility is incorrectly measuring and therefore overstating, their SO2 emissions. Some of the cutouts of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, Italy, not to mention Ivory Coast, have already found their way to the streets. Stewart took a step back against UTEP after blistering Southern Mississippi and Rice.

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I swear, we answer it, and we have to, go back and— supervisor: How long do you have to be there. But you’d better check him out anyway, just to make sure. Alright, we’ll try to get, we’ll try to get Peter Barry. We’ll try to get Peter Barry and, let’s see, who else? 177 Welfare elaine: How about Larry Janice. It has to be in the court’s hands so long as he’s getting income. And then he’s not using it while he’s in the hospital. He’s in the hospital. She’s sick. She’s got diabetes. She’s got arthritis. What is she supposed to do while she waiting for a fair hearing. I’m tellin’— daughter: Well, it’s not my fault either. It’s not her fault. She’s sick. Whose fault is it? worker: I’m tellin’ you what they tellin’ me. They have, they have— daughter: Who’s responsible for her. And she’s sick. worker: He’s getting disability payments from the union.

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Your relocation organization should really have a presence on web site on the 1st working day just. The actuality is that even just after times of planning, and ideal execution of the strategy, when anything is in its location anyone will choose it would be better a bit diverse! Possessing any person on site signifies people tiny. This is by no usually means an exhaustive description of the broad alternatives associated in office environment relocations. The total look of your website is magnificent, let alone the content material. The clearness to your put up is just spectacular and that i could suppose you are an expert on this subject. Well together with your permission allow me to seize your feed to stay updated with approaching post. As with most things in life, planning is the crucial. On the other hand, you should start off involving the applicable contractors. If confidentiality is paramount, it is generally possible to program site. Acquiring time on your aspect will imply your quotations may possibly very well be cheaper, and you will have a better choice of contractors. Dealing with individual contractors for the numerous. Most Amenities Supervisors and enterprise owners now employ the service. Any changes to the first strategy will only have to be communicated after. Audits and internet site surveys should really then be carried out. Audits can incorporate furnishings, to observe quantities and. Site surveys will take into account this kind of issues. The website survey will also enable a possibility assessment. Potential - Is there more than enough actual physical house? Will the desks fit?

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Aria did a walk and talk with the Hound all over the kingdom, the subject never came up. The Hound and the Merry Men have surely heard of the Role, Little Finger played in the Battle of the Bastards, the Hound didn't mention Littlefingers treachery then. Beric Dondarrion, hasn't run into any old pals from court who knew the story by now. It just does not make sense that something like, Little Fingers public treachery isn't being performed in stage productions about Neds beheading, let alone known by anybody. - - Y? once A R Y A I S T H E G I F T. Scifi FantasyGirl Y? once Isn't the gift from Euron the Dragonbinder, or a dragon he caught with the dragonbinder. And why do you think it is in the crypts next to Lyanna's statue where Jon is strangling LittleFinger. Both:Let's Do it! PiepMiau04 Y? once 08:40 I'm soo sure that they will gloss over it actually Sander Y? once It makes no sense how the Sand snakes and Ellaria could take Dorne, after slaughtering Oberyns family to avenge(? Oberyn naturally the other houses in Dorne would rise up all wanting the paramouncy. House Yronwood would be the likely successor to the Martells. Really bad writing Christopher Iuliano Y? once I dont think the wolf in the preview is nymeria. Nymeria will show up to stop it from attacking arya. As you say he has ceased to be very relevant so they will make him sand in the good guy machine. I mean, are they all just bunch of complete idiots.

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At one point in the film it does incorporate unique spirits with their own backstories and both movies take place in a large labyrinth-like house. The ghosts in Winchester aren’t as fleshed out story-wise though as in Thirteen Ghosts. It would make even more sense if I’d seen Winchester and watched Thir13en Ghosts again! Haha. And I might appreciate the aesthetic more in a post Ghostbusters (2016) world. I remember hating those movies, but I really should give them another chance. I start with Noel Carroll’s “category jamming” theory of monsters, then review a range of theories explaining why we like horror. In general, the students responded well to it, and I could tell who the horror fans are by the reactions when I dropped examples (e. . mentioning Pinhead and metal hooks). For extra fun, we had some prospective students visiting the class, so they got the experience of watching a professionally-attired psych prof at a conservative evangelical college lecture on the difference between Jason Voorhees the psycho backwoodsman and Jason Voorhees the lumbering immortal revenant, in a way that connects with legitimate psychological theories. I was going through Freud’s theory of the appeal of horror, and just as I was talking about the dark and twisted stuff that he says we repress into the unconscious, the chapel worship band started warming up, and the slow gradually-building sounds fit perfectly with the theme. But then, as I was explaining what Freud’s explanation would be for the appeal of Robert Egger’s “The Witch,” the worship band started practicing a peppy upbeat number that totally did not mesh with the material at all. But I 100% guarantee that they’ll remember Freud’s theory now. Welcome to Introductory Psychology, where we’re Dead Serious about horror movies”). Those students will likely never forget that lecture. Reminds me of some of the Criminology courses I took. I swear some of my professors were secret cult followers to notorious serial killers. Haha That must be incredibly distracting when the music from the chapel doesn’t flow with your lesson plan as well as it sounds like it did here. Hilarious.