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Jenny Allen, external affairs manager for the South West at the National Housing Federation, said: “Spiralling house prices and low, stagnant wages are changing the nature of many towns and villages in the South West as many young people and key workers are forced to move elsewhere to set up home. New affordable homes are vital for the stability of communities across the region. Famous cellist to play Bach at Choral Society INTERNATIONAL cellist Thomas Carroll will open this weekend’s Dorchester Choral Society Concert at St Mary’s with Bach's First Unaccompanied Cello Suite. The November 1st event will also feature A Child of our Time and Haydn's Te Deum. Thomas Carroll is a soloist and chamber musician who teaches at the Royal College of Music and the Yehudi Menuhin School. Hesaid of the Cello Suite: “It is one of my favourite pieces to play and I love sharing my interpretation of this Bach piece. ” Tickets cost ? 5 reserved in centre aisle, ? 2 unreserved side aisles, and are available from Harmony Music, Trinity Street, Dorchester, from choir members and from the DCS Box Office,1 Pitcote Lane, Poundbury. Concert at Stintsford STINSFORD Church hosts an evening of words and music this evening, Thursday 30th, to help towards the upkeep of the building. The event, from 7pm, will include musicians Hayley England, Soprano; Carol Davis, flute; Malcolm Davis, piano and organ and Susan Clarke, readings. Tickets cost ? from St Michael’s church members, or at the door. Piddle Valley fireworks FIREWORKS and a bonfire feature at the Piddle Valley First School this weekend. This new version is similar, but the scammer puts pressure on the victim by getting them to pack an overnight bag and wait outside their house or meet them near their bank. The whole procedure is designed to pressure the victim into giving their bank details and obtaining your cash. Please be vigilant and if you have vulnerable friends or family, please make sure they know.

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Her father Uf? i ( Jason Scott Lee), a priest, is determined to seek out Dracula and rescue his daughter Liz. The church withdraws its support, saying that the priest has been tainted from his last encounter with Dracula and wishes for him to return to the church. Father Uf? i refuses the church, turns in his collar, and goes to rescue his daughter along with Luke ( Jason London), her lover. Dracula: A Chamber Musical is a ? m based on Stoker’s novel that uses music to explore the character’s emotions without the use of gore and other traditional characteristics typical of Dracula adaptations. Dracula is unknowingly resurrected by Johnny (the great-grandson of the servant who buried the vampire’s remains) and Jessica (the granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing), whom Dracula plans to kill. Producers: Kyeong-hie Jeong; Writing Credits: Do-won Seok; Director: Do-wan Seok; Cinematography: Myeong-hun Kwak; Film Editing: Ki-hyeong Jo; Original Music: Jeong-rim Lee; Cast: Na-a Oh, Hyeong-jun Ko, Seok Won, Ae-jin Jeong. A man meets a vampire bent on revenge after ? ding a strange computer disk. Producers: Richard Wenk; Writing Credits: Fred Olsen; Director: Richard Wenk; Make-Up: Laurie Aiello; Cast: Barry Gomolka (Ren? ld), Peter Loewy (Dracula), Steve Rubell (Himself ), Karen Tull (The Girl), Whitey Wenk (Customs Of? ial). This 22-minute short follows Dracula throughout his trip to New York City. Daniel Farson investigates our obsession with Dracula, the iconic ? ure Farson’s great-uncle Bram Stoker created in 1897.

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I figured I could get out of the neighborhood fast. I can’t. “Where is Amanda? “They left around one. “No police car around to help you get somewhere safe? “Haven’t seen any, no. You have enough battery to talk until you get there? “Yes. “Then don’t hang up. Talk to me. If anything suspicious happens, run. But run towards the club and wait for me there, around people. You got that? “Yes. She heard him grab the keys of the car then the entrance door was slammed shut. She began walking back, her eyes inspecting each hidden corner in her path. “Adam, I am so scared.

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Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, Lombardo said that while Season 7 was not yet technically ordered, HBO and the writing team felt that there were about two more seasons worth of story (matching the expectation that it is based on a series of seven novels, one of which was so large it was split and adapted as two TV seasons). What if Martin cannot finish the next novel (the sixth, The Winds of Winter ) before Season 6 has to enter production? Thus while Martin is hurrying, he has accepted that it a real possibility that he cannot finish the next two novels in time, admitting on his personal blog that the show would catch up with him starting season 6. The cast grew even larger in the second and third seasons. The cast is also notable for including a number of teenage and child actors in prominent roles: Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark, Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark and Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon. No further details have been given for the reason behind this decision, except that it was amicable. In a similar manner, Tamzin Merchant was initially cast as Daenerys Targaryen, but after filming the pilot she was replaced by newcomer Emilia Clarke. The main setting is the continent of Westeros, which was home to seven feuding kingdoms until they were united by the Targaryen family using dragons some three centuries ago. The dragons died out and the Targaryen Mad King was unseated in a civil war led by Lords Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn. Robert has ruled as King ever since, but when the series opens his rule is increasingly undermined by other factions. At the same time, the only two known surviving Targaryen children, Viserys and Daenerys, having grown to adulthood in exile on the eastern continent of Essos, are now planning to return to Westeros and retake the Iron Throne, and to this end are seeking military alliances with other factions. The only defense lies with the Night's Watch, an undermanned, underfunded order of soldiers once held in honor but now used as a dumping ground for criminals and exiles. Houses Stark, Arryn, Tully, Greyjoy, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell, Martell and Targaryen are the nine original Great Houses. Each of the Great Houses rules a large region and commands significant armies and power in their own right. A list of the Great Houses and some of their more significant vassals follows. Led by Lord Jon Arryn, whose heir is Robin Arryn. Led by King Robert I Baratheon, whose heir is Joffrey Baratheon.

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And then Tywin moved to war to get Tyrion back when Cat Stark kidnapped the Imp. Tywin is dead because Tyrion is willing to kill his kin while Tywin was not. Now his pride and arrogance have decimated Dany's forces. His contempt for his father and greed for Casterly Rock netted him another burned naval fleet, unsullied stranded in an empty castle and the loss of Highgarden. Although, Casterly Rock being empty of gold is absurd. That plot line is ridiculous, no way all the Lannister's mines are dry, especially for years. That would mean thousands of people no longer working in various occupations, towns becoming ghost towns and no one realizes this. The Army of the North didn't find this out when they captured areas of the Westerlands. If the mines ran dry 3 years ago, why would Tywin have been covering the crown's debts, loaning money to it. No actions to safeguard what remained of his family's wealth, I mean a mines just don't go empty in a day, production slows down not vanishing in a flash across an entire region. Not to mention that no more working gold mine doesn't mean no money; Tywin just went ahead and spent all their money while knowing little else was coming in. It was a poorly constructed plot line that should have been left out, it was not needed to show that the Iron Throne's debt is separate from House Lannister's finances. Now the richest family in the kingdoms is really broke. He fought in the Battle of the Bastards when they were greatly outnumbered. He was ready to throw down on the NW traitors while again being badly outnumbered. I turned on close captions on this scene to see how they spelled Davos' pronunciation of knight: Davos is a real curd. I don't know what's up with close captions on youtube, but it's almost like someone is trolling.

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Was it Arya in her disquise who served Jaime and Walder Frey at the feast, or was that the real serving girl whose face Arya later stole. How far is Arya willing to go to get her revenge on the people on her list. Then I was team Margaery and really hoped she would be Cersei's undoing. So when Margaery is frantically trying to leave the Sept and the faith blocked her. And I thought Cersei said no to using the throne room as a place for the King's wake. It was the only option they had after she blew up the place it was traditionally done. If Lena said Cersei doesn't anticipate his suicide. And she was baking his sons into a pie in whatever face. No, Qyburn suggest that they should bury him at Casterly Rock, the Lannister ancestral home. My take on that scene was that Cersei wants him to be with the rest of the family, who were all buried in the Sept of Baelor. Since it doesn't exist anymore, she wants him cremated and his ashes spread among the ruins. A wake might not be happening since the way they shot the scene suggest that his body was severely damaged from the fall. Anyway, I doubt we're going to see it since there was most likely a time jump to Cersei's coronation and a body doesn't really keep long in a warm climate like that of King's Landing. I have no idea what role they'll put her in but that would be awesome. l Angela Lansbury. I loved Arya kicking ass in the first five minutes. Overall I'm excited about this season but I could have done without the Ed Sheeran cameo.

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He only told the imp (in TV GOT anyway) The hodor story was another brilliant but sad story line hook. I agree, too many direwolves are dying too easily, but I also felt that way when drogo saved Dani last season. Yeah he roasted a couple dozen people, but he was so wounded he couldn't take her back to Mareen. Rob's wolf (was) and ghost have been pretty badass so far. But hate (if) shaggy dog died already and how tonight's episode took summer. Reading this would leave no room for debate, but did Bran wargs into Hodor from his dream, causing him to realize what was going on with his future self. That scene actually felt more natural and less cringe-worthy than scenes in the past between the two of them. Lost spoilers here if you care, but this seems exactly the same way Time Travel works in Game of Thrones. Fucking dumb. Yeah, was pretty obvious what was about to happen. Still enjoyed it. Looks like Big Head is going to lose his 20 mill though. So you're telling me Bran is going to warg into the conveniently nearby Drogon and peace the fuck out of that clusterfuck with the walkers His body would still be vulnerable, not to mention Meera. If that were to happen, which I really hope it wouldn't, he'd have to warg into him and kill any wights nearby or somehow build a contraption for him and Meera to ride the dragon. She only lied about where she'd heard the info, not the content. She doesn't want to risk losing the backing of the Knights of the Vale because John kills Littlefinger and the semi functional cousin of hers decides to withdraw support. LMAO I liked how Sansa bowed up on Littlefinger, even if in the long run it doesn't help her cause.