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Maher and Mrs. Street were invaluable to me in many ways, but their education in horror and science fiction was lacking at times. Not that I blame them, despite the fact a librarian should know it all, there is such a thing as taste and preference. In fact, I can remember picking up a Christopher Pike book in elementary school and having Mr. Conner tell me it wasn’t for me, stating it was a little too gory for my mind. Looking back now, I’m not sure if he was saying that because I was a girl, or because I was only in Grade 4. Little did he know I’d been devouring Stephen King since Grade 3 and could definitely handle the subject matter contained between the covers of Scavenger Hunt. I signed it out anyway and then asked him to bring in more by Pike in the coming months (I already knew he wasn’t going to bring in King, despite having been asked more than once). If I were to pause to question why he was less than thrilled to satisfy my demands for decent horror reads, I’d say it had a lot to do with what he felt I should be reading. I was constantly pressed with Roald Dahl, Charlotte and Emily Bronte and Lucy Maud Montgomery, and there’s nothing wrong with any of those choices, but they weren’t what I was interested in reading. And if reading’s not fun, you’re less likely to do it. If I hadn’t been persistent in searching out those books and authors, (keep in mind the internet really wasn’t readily available back in the mid-to-late 80s the way it is now) I would never have found them. So what bearing does all of this have on Women in Horror Recognition Month. Well it helps to answer the question of why we need it.

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On top of that, this has to be the season most shrouded in mystery. We are now past anything in the books and entering uncharted territory. That’s why speculation of what’s to come is at a fever pitch and this trailer just poured a ton of gas on this fire, and the cold winds are rising. Instead, I’d like to address the parts that really stuck out to me and like always, offer some insight and prediction. Now I’m certainly not saying these predictions will be accurate, but I will be referencing several behind the scenes leaks and rumors. Therefor, if you really want to go into next season with a blank slate I should probably warn of possible spoilers. In this first part I’m going to discuss Winterfell and the northern realm. She has a look of uncertainty mixed with what could be guilt as she seemingly want’s to look back, but can’t quite bring herself to do so. Littlefinger speaks over this shot leading us to believe it’s Sansa he’s addressing. However, it strikes me as a strange conversation for him to have with Sansa as he speaks of battles in all directions. Many believe Littlefinger will attempt to manipulate Sansa into taking power of Winterfell, allowing him to rule through her just as he does with Sweet Robin Arryn and The Vale. I also believe this and perhaps Sansa begins down this path or at least gives it serious consideration. However, there’s a major problem in Littlefinger’s scheme that’s shown to us in this trailer. Early in the trailer we see he and Meera in front of the gate located in The Wall leading us to believe they’re heading back south.

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He begins a series of successful raids upon The Reach, which bring in much land and titles for his followers. He also has a dragon horn that he claims will let him control dragons. Euron is described as having black hair and beard and wearing a patch over his left eye. But they do know the endgame for the series, which perhaps involves Euron as a threat to Westeros from the Iron Islands. Dany should have fire shooting out her hands or something. His father, Randyll, heads to Kings landing in support of his liege lord Mace Tyrell in the whole Maegary vs the Faith saga. As for Sam's father, he is a very respected and seasoned battle commander. That's all that's really known, but the show may change a few things, but since they cast his whole family, including Sam's younder brother, Dickon, they will play a big role, but that's no surprise since the Tarly's have an ancestral Valyrian steel sword called Heartsbane. Secondly,he never cut his hair; Kit always said he only wears it long because it's stipulated by his GoT contract. Thirdly, there were numerous pictures of him filming a particularly epic scene. Does he just vanish in the books never to return again. ETA: Do any of you remember a character from the books named Coldhands. Rickon is supposedly on Skagos, which is a very dangerous place. The Lord of White Harbour, Wyman Manderly, has sent Davos to find him.

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Tyrion is then forced to break the marriage news to Sansa in front of Shae, much to the dismay of everyone involved. When Varys enters the Red Keep’s throne room to find Littlefinger contemplating the Iron Throne, Littlefinger tells him that he knows about Ros double-crossing him. It’s then revealed that Littlefinger gave Ros to Joffrey to torture and kill as punishment for spying on him. As Littlefinger’s ship sails away from King’s Landing, Sansa is shown crying, knowing that she made the wrong decision by staying behind. Melisandre looks into Arya’s eyes and seems to experience an ominous vision that some believe foreshadows Melisandre dying at Arya’s hands. “I see a darkness in you,” Melisandre tells her. “And in that darkness, eyes starring back at me. Robb agrees to formally apologize to Walder Frey, gift Harrenhal to him and marry Edmure off to his daughter Roslin (Alexandra Dowling). At Harrenhal, Roose Bolton tells Jaime that he will send him to King’s Landing if Jaime agrees to tell his father that Roose had nothing to do with his hand. However, Roose says that Brienne must stay behind as his prisoner. When he wakes, he tells Bran that he saw Jon surrounded by enemies. They begin their climb and Jon saves both their lives before they reach the top of the Wall and kiss. Tywin also affirms that he doesn’t see Daenerys as a threat and isn’t planning on doing anything about her. After sending a messenger to tells Yunkai’s ruling elite that she plans to sack the city if its 200,00 slaves aren’t freed, a slave-master named Razdal mo Eraz (George Georgiou) pays her a visit to attempt to negotiate.