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Oldtown is important because that is when we hear about the three heads of the Dragon, which I guess doesn't exist on the show. Oldtown is additionally important (aside from the interesting artifact of Sam becoming a maester) because it sets up a possible reconciliation between Sam and his father, Randyll. In terms of logical plot development, this could hold several possibilities, most of which go badly for the Lannisters. But we are now beyond the books, the future is unknown. As for Stannis and the Boltons - remember that in the books, Stannis has already overtaken Deepwood Mott, has custody of BOTH Greyjoys and then becomes bogged down in the snow, short of Winterfell. There is too much intrigue that was left on the cutting room floor of the show. Victarian Greyjoy, Aegon, Griff and the battle at the Roost, Sam in Oldtown, Davos sidetrack quest etc. art of the fun is wondering where these plot lines go. Those who want easy answers should watch formulaic crime dramas. prefer the full plot lines. The best Fantasy Series adaptation remains as Lord of the Rings. Many people also gloss over the fact that Jaqen Haggar is in old town and on his way to the citadel. No one knows why, but could potential be on course for a clash with the sparrows and high septon.

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