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€™â€™ GREEN: So we used that directly in the movie. COMDEN: The other bit, of course, was that some of the actors forgot to keep close to the hidden microphones, so the sound kept modulating up and down, and you could only hear part of a song. It shouldn’t be in sync! 6 CLASSIC AMERICAN FILMS Given that you’re both great lovers of the silent pictures that you saw when you were younger, I wonder if either of you actually ever saw John Gilbert’s His Glorious Night (1929), which supposedly ruined his career. GREEN: Well, it was quite a shock, and it ended his career, pretty much overnight. It was very sad. As a kid, I was crazy about John Gilbert, but when I heard him speak for the first time in His Glorious Night, it definitely didn’t sound like him—or, at least, like what I expected him to sound like. GREEN: And, in some cases, the sound hadn’t been properly adjusted to equalize their voices and make them sound okay. Apparently, they delayed making a talkie with Garbo because they were afraid her accent wouldn’t work. GREEN: Yes, in Garbo’s case, her voice—accent and all—sounded exactly like what she looked like. He was the biggest star in films back then, and the studio had to pay him enormous sums of money over the next seven years while his career just frittered away. It’s especially funny when Gene Kelly insists on saying the line. As a matter of fact, we loved it from the very beginning, but we had no idea it would reach such epic proportions as it grew older.


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I did struggle just a bit with the initial premise that she’d just bust out her duffle bag full of money and shove it at the Meals On Wheels guy. Mikey: Sorry. Give me your shocking twist of a rating. It was scary enough to fit in a horror marathon, but did such a nice job of avoiding stereotypes and tropes that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so stuck. I really want to give this a 4. out of 5. But I don’t know what is wrong with it to knock it down from 5. It is doing something very unique and I really respect that, but somehow I feel like I need to not give it the 5 (maybe because I’m no fangirl! . Green Room, The Uninvited, and House of 1000 Corpses are the other 5s. Solee: See for me, Intruders is just as good as The Uninvited. I should have given House of 1000 Corpses a 5.


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Can you imagine a serious, powerful poet today writing about one of the contenders in the next election in the U. S. It would be absurd. In fact, he's poised to enter the Guinness World Records as the only director to have three narrative features bow in the U. S. in the same calendar year. The Club, a Spanish-language drama about corruption and depravity in the Catholic Church, debuted Feb. 5, while his first English-language film, Jackie, about the iconic first lady (played by Natalie Portman) opens Dec. 2, just two weeks before Neruda 's Dec. 16 debut. But this story of a poet on the run, being chased by an obsessed, Ahab-esque police inspector, is in many ways the most personal of the three, perhaps the most personal of Larrain's career. But it wasn't until 2008 (around the time the brothers were releasing Tony Manero, a Chilean crime drama about a man obsessed with John Travolta's character from Saturday Night Fever ) that they started to develop a script about their favorite poet. He handed his script over to writer Guillermo Calderon (who also co-wrote The Club ) to see what progress he could make.


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If you are really loving the show you can buy merchandise at which is a link to our TeePublic store where you can get hundreds of conspiracy designs. We also have a new podcast on the way in the coming weeks all about Movies, TV and Video Games called 'Why Press Play' and you can find us onany platform by searching WhyPressPlay. On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss one of the more famous miscarraiges of justice with an Arkansas trio of young men, known as The West Memphis 3, who were convicted of the murders of three boys in the city of West Memphis, served 18 years in prison, and were released after a celebrity star studded campaign for justice allowed them to be set free under a legal technicality. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Miskelly Jnr were said to have brutally taken the lives of Stevie Branch, Chris Byers and Michael Moore in what was purported to the court to be a satanic paedophile sex ritual. These lads were put through the legal system ringer and evidence and testimony stacked up against them. With new evidence, reinterviewing of witnesses, multiple documentaries and a concerted public effort to rebalance the scales of justice, the West Memphis 3 were released from prison in 2011. But the question remains, who did kill those three little boys. Fingers are pointed at many people involved closely with the case and even a few mysterious figures. Cormac Moore from the Project 10 podcast joins me to discuss the various theories and how the facts in this case were grossly misrepresented to convict some innocent people. If you want to talk to Cormac you can find him here. On this episode we talk about one of the most important revelations in modern technology, suggests tangible solutions to the energy crisis and the definitive answer to whether new are alone in the universe (the answer is we aren’t) we discuss Dr. Stephen M. Greer and the 24 year long mission to disclose to the world the existence of alien life forms in The Disclosure Project.


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The aim of SONM venture is to replace hash-primarily based conventional cryptocurrency mining, which now dominates the blockchain community. What would you recommend about your post that you made a few days in the past. Any sure? y homepage mouse click the next web site. Roy Estate: The winery off Soda Canyon Road in Napa reportedly was extensively damaged by the Atlas fireplace. The people and businesses who will lease or buy from you start with location, and then they consider different standards like the lot and the home. There may be entry to the property from Valley of Peace, however with a half mile of road the property would be within minutes of the community of Spanish Lookout and about 15 minutes from Belmopan. Certain high-priced markets may not work financially for house leases. A net of about 1,000 folks a month are nonetheless transferring to Loudoun, lifting values in the eastern end of the county. Prime funding property positioned in Belize’s stunning countryside. There was an effort in 2000, supported by County Commissioner Pat Holloway, to determine if the property certified for National or State Historic Register listing, and if so, to make sure preservation of the ranch after the decommissioning of Rocky Flats. Additionally get neighborhood advice from local real property brokers and property managers. The epicenter of First Evening happens in boutiques and galleries situated within the stockade district; Wall, Street, Kingston, NY.


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Last week, the government outlawed gatherings of more than five people in Islamabad and neighbouring Rawalpindi. Scores of Khan s partyworkers have been arrested since, the party says. Documents from the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm in April appear to show that Sharif s daughter and two sons owned offshore holding companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. Holding offshore companies is not illegal in Pakistan, but Khan has implied the money was gained by corruption. Khan admitted in May that he himself used an offshore company to legally avoid paying British tax on a London property sale. Pakistan s Supreme Court is set to take up a case regarding the allegations on Tuesday. The Pakistani opposition leader Khan on Sunday dismissed accusations his planned shutdown of the nation s capital could lead to a military coup, saying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can t hide behind democracy in danger to quash protests. Khan, a former national cricket hero, has vowed to bring a million people into Islamabad on Wednesday to paralyse the government and force Sharif either to resign or allow an inquiry into the Panama Papers revelations about his family s offshore wealth. Sharif s ruling PML-N party has accused Khan s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party of endangering democracy by attempting to draw Pakistan s powerful military into a political dispute a sensitive issue in a nation where the army has a history of staging coups. Reuters interviewed Khan at his plush home in the hills above Islamabad, where he says the police have him under virtual house arrest after the city banned public gatherings ahead of Wednesday s planned protest and arrested scores of PTI workers. He dismissed claims he wants the army to topple Sharif, as it did when Sharif was in power in the 1990s, and said the protests aim to hold the prime minister to account for alleged corruption. How can a democrat want the military to come in? Khan said.


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The loan was made by Benkons MMC, a conglomerate based in Baku, Azerbaijan, that seemingly had no sports-related businesses in its fold. The money was to go for the World Series of Boxing in North America, a new semiprofessional league. Mr. Wu declined to say why AIBA borrowed the money from this company but said Mr. Kim, his former deputy, had “wide discretion in the negotiation and in the implementation of the transaction. €ť Representatives from Benkons and the boxing federation in Azerbaijan did not return requests for comment. Some former AIBA officials noted that the loan coincided with an uptick in medals by Azerbaijani boxers. Since the loan was made, Azerbaijan has won nine medals, including four gold, at the three world championships since 2010, up from four medals, without a single gold, before that. Azerbaijani boxers won four medals in the past two Olympics, compared with three at the two Olympics before that. Former insiders looked askance at the loan and suspected it was aimed at buying influence, whether successful or not. AIBA called speculation about a medals-for-money scheme “misplaced” because an internal review “found no evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever. €ť According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers investigation, the loan helped pay for boxers, coaches and officials and to rent venues for the World Series of Boxing, but the organization ran up millions of dollars of losses in its first 18 months. These losses were not accounted for on its books, a potentially criminal offense in Switzerland, the auditors said.


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Become a soldier - try on a battle helmet for size. Visit the spectacular State Rooms and feast your eyes on Victorian party preparations. (Entrance to Warwick Castle Dungeon is not included in this tour). This tour will drive through the Cotswolds, a charming blend of breathtaking natural beauty, bustling market towns and sleepy villages. Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon: Stratford is a market town with a difference. Bask in the birthplace of arguably the world’s greatest writer, William Shakespeare, situated on the outskirts of the Forest of Arden. You will visit Shakespeare’s birthplace - the half timbered house where he was born - to gain a fascinating insight into his childhood. ptional Lunch- tantalize your taste buds at a historic pub in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Renowned for over 900 years as a centre of academic excellence, follow in the footsteps of its famous students; from Bill Clinton to Lewis Carroll and C. . Lewis. Uncover the university town of Oxford at a leisurely pace and take in the Bodleian Library and the captivating college courtyards on your travels. Be guided through unspoilt narrow alleys and ancient squares of the historic town.