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Segregation Enforced separation of different racial groups in a country or community. Apartheid System of racial segregation or discrimination in South Africa. Pass Laws Law in South Africa that segregated the population and placed strict limits on the movement of non-white people. Non-white people in South Africa were required to carry passports that gave them permission to travel outside their home towns. These laws were one of the main features of apartheid. Homespun Cloth Cloth that is made on a loom at home. Miner Person who works in a mine to find metal and minerals underground. Indigo Tropical plant used to create a dark blue dye. Rebate Partial refund to someone who has paid too much money for tax or rent. Sedition Speech or action that encourages people to rebel against the rulers of a country or place. Viceroy Ruler in a colony who represents a colonial power. How do you thing Gandhi felt when he heard this I think Gandhi felt confused and upset because he was well educated and didn't understand why he was only allowed to harvest crops and work in mines Why is Gandhi surprised by the discrimination against Indians. He was surprised because he lived and was educated in England so he wasn't aware of what was going on in India and South Africa. He also thought it was crazy because Indians weren't given a chance bc of their skin color What is a barrister. A lawyer entitled to practice as an advocate, in the higher courts. What kind of trouble does the person speaking want Gandhi to cause. Do you think it's wrong for Gandhi to stop the campaign they have spent so much time creating.

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I also asked with whom are they allegedly working in the US as I have been in contat with the FBI. This emails seems to have prompted the press release of Mr. Gan as I specifally called out Mr. Shanmugam for his illegal activities. The Lee regime is falsely claiming to have had my Mother's permission to conduct their illegal search of an American citizen residing in the USA's email account. Please release the proof that she gave you permission to conduct the search Mr. Gan. Also I have included the screenshot which I sent to the Supreme Court which caused the Lee regime to finally admit that it had a data leak but falsely accuse me of leaking the data. I asked for the court to take action against the prosecutors who denied a data leak if it is truly independent of the autocrat Lee Hsien Loong. Further I asked that the evidence be shared with the Judge hearing my husband's appeal. This is the only way to end the oppression of the LGBT community in Singapore by the Lee regime. The only way to get your rights is to stand up for yourselves. They will keep pushing us around until they realise we aren't their cattle. You have a voice. Let's use our voices in unison to speak out against the inequality and discrimination perpetrated by Lee Hsien Loong and the rest of his corrupt cronies. I have met with a United States Senator and Congressman. My husband are I are a members of the LGBT community.

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This is the funniest romance comedy drama ever I watched. I like his acting. He's looking great in school uniform. I hope there's a boy who looking great like him at my school. You're a talented actor. ou're not just looking good. This is my favorite movie, I have watched it repeatedly. Even though it was just a film, I felt like everything is really happening for real. I couldn't stop crying when she finally confessed her love to P'Shone after 3 years and she came to know that he's in a relationship already. The way Nam congratulated him and went away crying. This movie is really the best. he plot was really great. My top favorite movie of all the times:) now I can't even remember exactly how many times I've wAtched this amazing movie lol thanks for bringing this to life. Hi. ) I really love this movie. already watched it for I think more than 5 times, this movie really inspires me a lot and is also famous in our country Philippines;). I really Idolize Nam and Mario:) they are adorable and this story line is so cool and lovely:).

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For Arsenic and Old Lace, Schaefer cast Dorothy Stickney and Mildred Natwick as the two murderous old ladies, with Tony Randell and Boris Karloff. John Patrick’s service comedy set on postwar Okinawa, Teahouse of the August Moon, which Schaefer and Evans produced on Broadway, used the three principals from that stage show: John Forsyth, Paul Ford, and David Wayne, as well as Miyoshi Umeki. Ford received an Emmy nomination for his performance. The calendar year of 1963 was one of Schaefer’s best, during which he directed Pygmalion, The Invincible Mr. Disreali starring Trevor Howard in one of his greatest performances as the title nineteenth-century British statesman and writer, Sidney Kingsley’s The Patriots starring Charlton Heston, and A Cry of Angels, which showcased Walter Slezak as G. F. Handel, with Maureen O’Hara. One of Schaefer’s favorite writers, James Lee, intertwined vignettes of Benjamin Disraeli’s distinguished career with his interpersonal relationships, all played to perfection by Howard as the witty “Dizzy. The prime minister had been portrayed many times on screen, including by George Arliss in his Academy Awardwinning part in Alfred E. Green’s Disraeli (1929) and by John Gielgud in Thorold Dickinson’s The Prime Misister (1941), but by all accounts, Howard surpassed them. Greer Garson co-starred as Mrs. Disraeli with Kate Reid as Queen Victoria, Eric Berry as Sir Robert Peel, Denholm Elliott, Hurd Hatfield, Robinson Stone, and Geoffrey Keen. Howard won a deserved Emmy Award for his performance, and Hatfield and Reid were nominated along with Schaefer and Lee. The show also won an Emmy for outstanding achievement in electronic camerawork. The Patriots brought Heston back to the small screen at the height of his larger-than-life, big-screen popularity. He played Thomas Jefferson debating Alexander Hamilton (John Fraser), through Robert Hartung’s adaptation of Kingsley’s play, on the loftier points of having the people run the country in a democracy. Howard St.


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When the lights are on everything is normal other than Sophie’s lethargic behavior, but when the lights go out Diana comes out to play and nothing is getting in between her and Sophie. Rebecca isn’t unfamiliar to this behavior from her mother or Diana, she is determined to save her mother with Martin from this satanic entity who is taking over the mother she once knew. Diana is increasingly intriguing throughout the film as we learn more about her, and her history with Sophie. Even after the movie when I crawled under the safety of my covers in bed the silly fears of the fictional character Diana didn’t escape me. The way they portray her in the movie is spectacular; she has no identifiable features other than the figure of a female, her “skin” or body is entirely black, she can move lightning fast appearing out of nowhere and even coming to Rebecca’s apartment, her ability to hurt people and even kill them, like she did to Sophie’s second husband and Martin’s father in the beginning of the movie, and her strange backstory make this character what she is. Overall, this character’s originality is so simple yet compelling when paired with the mysteriousness of her history and connection with Sophie and even Rebecca. The dark scenes throughout the movie are expertly filmed and the use of lighting, whether it was the tattoo sign by Rebecca’s apartment or the uv light from the basement scene, make the movie unique. The lighting help tell the story of Lights Out indicating the bright and well lit areas a safe zone and the dark areas a place where Diana’s wrath is reachable. For the majority, the filming and originality are excellent quality, although the few scenes played out through Sophie’s childhood at the mental institution are all too similarly filmed to the ones in Ouija. If the character’s backstories were executed differently and had more content, in order for it to seem more complete, it would have been more effective rather than thrown at the viewer in a quick and displeasing way. It is too big of a jump from one plot point to another and poorly done compared to the rest of the movie. These actresses are perfect in portraying the frayed relationship between mother and daughter and the emotions that go with it. Sophie’s character goes deep with emotions as her depression comes and goes so does Diana feeding off of her unhappiness. I feel like the movie gets really deep when Rebecca decides to put away her grudges toward her mother and try and help her get better. Through the climax of the movie everything is fast paced and action packed and we are just starting to find out the rest of the unknown information about Diana in the basement scene. Then abruptly the ending comes leaving us surprised but more confused than anything. Jumping from Sophie killing herself to Rebecca, Martin and Rebecca’s boyfriend sitting in the back of an ambulance leaves us with so many unanswered questions and a conclusion that ultimately sucks.