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GrupB bersaing Meurah Dua, Ulim,Bandar Dua, dan Meureudu. Bupati Pidie Jaya, H AiyubAbbas, saat membuka turna-men berharap dari turnamenini lahir pemain-pemain andalyang ke depan dapat memper-kuat PS Pidie Jaya. Ketua UmumPS Pidie Jaya ini juga memintadukungan semua pihak sepertiKONI, Pengcab PSSI serta DinasPemuda dan Olahraga untuk bersama-sama mendukung ke-majuan sepakbola di Pidie Jaya. Turnamen ini juga diharap-kan dapat lebih meningkatkanpembinaan pemain usia mudadi Pidie Jaya. Kegiatan kaliini akan dipusatkan di Kota Pa-dang, Sumatera Barat. Turut hadir dalam kegiatan itu,Komisaris Lima Erik Tohir danSekjen PB Perbasi Agus Mauro. ima adalah kejuaraan olahragayang dikhususkan bagi mahasiswadan mempertandingkan limacabang, yaitu bulutang-kis, futsal,bola basket, renang, dan golf. Untuk season 3 akan berla-ngsung mulai Oktober 2014hingga Februari 2015. Babakregional akan dimulai pada 28Oktober di Jawa Barat, kemu-dian Jakarta (3 November), JawaTimur (18 November), Sumate-ra (12 Januari), dan Nusantara(23 Januari). Komisaris Lima, Erik Tohir,memuji penyelenggaraan kegia-tan olahraga bergengsi bagimahasiswa di tanah air kali ini. enurutnya, event ini terus me-ngalami peningkatan dari sisi Lima Rambah Pulau Sumaterajumlah peserta maupun penon-ton. Tentunya sangat diharap-kan event ini terus meningkatkualitasnya ke depan, tegas Erick. Karena atlet yang baik ha-rus punya pengalaman di semualevel termasuk level universitas. e depan saya mengharapkanLima berkembang lebih besardan bisa menyentuh kampus-kampus di luar Pulau Jawa,pungkasnya. (yuslan) Dennis Duhawan, Gilang RezaKesuma, Suharta, Ansyari Kar-nanda Akbar, Mufti Mustafa Adi-tia, Raja Hagai Jeskri Tarigan. SkuadSMAN 15 terdiri atas Farhan Hel-mi Lubis, Tommy Gunawan, Fa-ris Rionaldi, Muhamamad Rizky,Yunus Supriadi, Anzas Mara Putra, MEDAN (Waspada): Timfutsal SMAN 15 Medan siap ber-saing dalam babak grandfinalPocari Sweat Futsal Champion-ship 2014 di Bandung yang ber-langsung pada 30 Oktober hingga1 November.

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Golden Cockerel Press — r. . . . Printer bibliograhpies, 4432. Gottingkam gelehrten Angeigen — r. . . . Reviewing periodicals, 4323. Government — i. . . Producers’ (material) bibliographies, 441. Government bureaux — i. .

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It's NOT ANIMAL, VEGETABLE NOR MINERAL and although it is ABSTRACT in one way it's also a real thing. I'll bring them back if it seems like it's too hard). There are some rather specialised senses in which it can be seen, although most people would say that it can't. OK, I'll try and think up one that could have no ambiguous answers - or could it? Vegetable. No Audience starts to doubt that the players will pin this down with wild guesses. Apologies to anyone who may have assumed there was no animal involved whatsoever. YES Again, sorry about forgetting the animal content, but well done, Gusset Login. YES I'd hoped that would take longer to guess, well done Projoy. And now for something completely different. ANIMAL. Thanks for the share of the 'wow' - nearest I've come in this game for some time. At last I can share the trivia that the volume of a squash ball is only 3% less than that of a standard box of matches, as its diameter is 40mm, giving a volume of 33510 cubic mm, compared with 34595 cubic mm. NO CLARIFICATION: I've just found out that there are two distinct Balfour declarations, one dated 1917 and the other 1926. It is to the latter that I referred in replying to Raak. I didn't bother to visit any but just assumed that shamrocks were edible.

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They should have hyped it more instead of just happening totally out of the blue. ? His death has been the subject of thousands of discussions since the release of the book two years ago. It was a strong moment in last season's finale and became the subject of many interviews with Kit, the actor, who kept repeating his character was dead. Let's not mention all the fansites and reddit going crazy with theories for years. We had to wait an entire year to find out the real truth since the book ends with his death. Jon was also nowhere to be seen alive in any of the trailers. It was obvious his death meant something more than a simple disappearance of the show ala Robb Stark. Melisandre doing what she did was the number 1 theory about Jon since last year's finale. Don't blame the show if you couldn't see this from miles away, you just didn't pay attention enough to all the details: His sword wasn't destroyed when he fought a White Walker, which strongly implied he was special and played a bigger role. It was obvious there was more to his death than what we thought. We saw Melisandre doubting her visions and her power at the end of episode 1. We saw him again at the beginning of episode 2, still dead. They could have burned him right at the beginning of episode 1, but the characters somehow waited, and waited. Or a scene where he's alone and consider the possible aid of Melisandre. Or for the producers to wait until episode 6 when we obviously have more important plots to uncover.

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bas publisbed a number of poems, clc. Ward, John. Tbo Firat Set of Englilh Madrigals to 8, 4-, 5, anu 6 Parte, 1613, 4to. Chinggoy Alonzo as Carlos Romualdez Marc Abaya as Joel Ehra Madrigal as Mandy. Chinggoy Alonzo as Carlos Romualdez Marc Abaya as Joel Ehra Madrigal as Mandy. Diva Montelaba Down to Mars Ehra Madrigal. Diva Montelaba Down to Mars Ehra Madrigal. Mayton Eugenio Maxene Magalona Michelle Madrigal. One bird reports unto another In the fall of silver showers, Whil. in the papal choir and afterward in Paris. His finest compositions were madrigals: he also wrote many masses and motets. Also Archadelt, Archadet,. asor of graphics at Columbia University since 1891. Vynah ( Ehra Madrigal ) - Umbra of Carab. Salye. ra when Juno was killed.

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In order to understand where the ? ld stands, I apply three perspectives on requirements for an academic discipline from outside the ? ld and come to the conclusion that while much progress has been made, there are areas in need of further attention, in particular when it comes to formal programs of study. Conversely, I identify the development of degree programs as an area needing particular attention in order to create an academic discipline. This means we are looking back at more than half a century of practical work and more than three decades of scholarly enquiry. And yet, it is still unclear where this kind of work belongs in the academic landscape. I will ? st reflect on fundamental and historical aspects of research in interactive narrative: speci? ally the interdisciplinary origins and relevant influential historical developments in video games studies, before proceeding identifying a number of pertinent contemporary issues in interactive narrative research. Then, criteria for academic disciplines will be discussed and applied to evaluate the current status of the ? ld against them. On this basis, I will consider the way forward - what acting as a discipline entails, and discuss the creation of a professional association (ARDIN - Association for Research in Digital Interactive Narratives) and its signi? ance for the ? ld. Finally, I will provide an outlook on future developments. 2 Foundational and Historical Aspects 2.

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ART DIRECTOR I. RSEN, MCilC, ACME SCENIC ARTIST 5TUDI0S VI w SUITE 308, 36 Without any interruption to performances improvements of an ex- The Imperial Theatre last week. The company has purchased a 33-acre estate, and erection of stages has started. Before the company disbanded there came a call from Astoria that took the complete trouple there for a week and maybe for an Indefinite season. Her rendition of a ballad lionaires'' Intended to secure a chain in minor key gained considerable of theatres on the Pacific coast. Martin, with new smart talk, songs stelle was to try out a new play of and neat dancing, coupled with their his. Announcement was made that the prospects for next year were bright. Without reserve every hat in our shop has been There are hats reduced. That the ex- CLAIRE had a beneficial effect was evinced by heavy attendance tra display early in the week. Importer: 130 West 45th —Maker the auspices of Sam Canter, local restaurateur, the Jewish Theater Co. They emphasize that burlesque has been the cradle of many of America's most distinguished players. And the same process of evolution is as certain today, and will continue to be, as in all times past To be associated with burlesque and not have conspicuous representation in the advertising columns of Variety's Special Burlesque Number now in process of make-up would amount simply to self-elimination. Special rates have been granted, not only to the people directly engaged in burlesque, but to merchants and all others who may desire to publicly congratulate the Columbia Amusement Company on its 20th birthday and ex- tend wishes for All its copy should be continued success. For the present the apis this of all the the Shuberts ness stand. New York own theatres while on the wit- Rorick's Glen. The story, disclosed in three acts, is that about a woman wronged and the satanic scorn that the woman wreaks upon the son of the guilty man.