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Also, he’s been mentioned by Ramsey as apparently on his (Ramsey’s) side, so there is a possibility of a change of sides there. Other forces, not possible here I think. (Except that Vale army. . There will need to be people at the wall when the winds of winter sail in in episode 10. The drama part is quite good but as expected the actual history is fudged some for the sake of drama. It’s great to see the actors acting in similar roles though; Russel and McEIhinney are inspiring commanders while Beattie is still a slimy bastard. If(speculation), Littlefinger becomes part of the winning team and sides with the Starks, where would that leave Davos. And despite his rabid desire to get back to Cersei I am not discounting Jaime and the Lannister army showing up. It was after all, one of the Bolton men who chopped off his hand and he did swear an oath to deliver the Stark girls to their home. In Blackfish’s words last week, “She’s just like her mother. In addition the number of separate story arcs in GoT has decreased as of late (no data, but there’s been consolidation, numerous deaths). Adding Lady Junior Stoneheart in now works much better than when Stannis was alive, Dorne was getting time, Tyrion wasn’t with Dany, etc. However I am not spoofed to spoilers, being the got fan that I am ill still watch Tbotb twice when I get home.

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'You will hear that in 2004, part way through the investigation he then moved schools. 'In 2015 he was suspended following allegations made from another student. He is charged with two counts of indecently assaulting two school girls while they were on a school coach trip. The court also heard how Ball sat at the back of the coach with two victims and inappropriately touched them under a blanket while it was dark and they were watching a DVD. The one victim was left 'extremely upset' and said the defendant in her words had 'felt her up'. The same victim in the following years then engaged in sexual intercourse with the defendant and thought she was in a relationship with him, the prosecution claimed. Mr Perrins said: 'He was regarded by the deputy head as a confident man and a man who got on with the students in the school as well as the teachers. He added: 'It will become clear to you during the course of this trial the way in which the school handled the complaints made by the girls at the time was seriously lacking. The trial continues. The court issued a 6-0 decision in the appeal of Derrick Bouknight, who argued prosecutors didn't adequately prove a Facebook account they used as evidence was his. His appeal noted how easy it is to create fake accounts, hack into accounts and doctor photographs. While courts in other states have issued varying opinions on how to authenticate social media accounts, Connecticut justices instead said evidence against Bouknight was overwhelming and he didn't prove the admission of the Facebook evidence had a substantial effect on the jury's verdict. Bouknight, 27, is serving a 70-year prison sentence for fatally shooting a man in New Haven in October 2010. A judge allowed into evidence photos from a Facebook account that police said was Bouknight's.

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The Speaker said that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has taken a unique step to make this year’s Independence Day celebration exceptional. This was despite rain came in between but students with stayed hooked to the critical issue in discussion. In natural balance is what is called Child Sex Ratio (CSR)- the ratio of girls against 1000 boys. Bijral said girl child is first and crucial role model of new born. This destroys whatever other quality is there in them”. Bijral saying ignoring women, the 50% of country’s population would end up country as a paralytic body, stressed the need to accept and groom girls with same spirit as we do for a boy. Kamal Choudhary member state committee, said that mother favours the boy while father favours the girl child out of nature’s way of opposite sex attraction. He said women folk must not underestimate the importance of the girl child, the future mother as they well understand the importance of the mother not only for individual development but for the nation as a whole. He called upon the girl students to bring a change in mind set about girl child which would be great service to the society as a whole. Seven girl students who had excelled in their 10th class board exam scoring 100% marks were awarded medals for their recognition and motivation by the state convener S. . ijral former IGP. MD MIER Aditya Gupta and Principal Promod Srivastva appreciated the general awareness spread by the state committee about a national issue since launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi. The meeting was attended by State Vice-President Parmodh Kapahi, State Secretaries Rajinder Sharma and Anil Parihar, State Addl.

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Ygritte questions why he's still dressed, and they start kissing. Ygritte starts listing off some wildling boys she's had sex with before. Jon and Ygritte then slide into the hot springs pool to take a bath together and they romantically cuddle more. Ygritte tells Jon she wishes they could stay in this cave forever instead of having to leave and face the winter, wars, and monsters outside. Ser Jorah Mormont tells Ser Barristan Selmy how he was knighted at the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion, in which they both fought. Jorah explains that he was the second man through the breach during the Siege of Pyke, right behind Thoros of Myr, who charged in headlong waving about his flaming sword. Barristan thinks this is amusing as he wasn't there (he was commanding the Siege of Old Wyk at the time). King Robert Baratheon himself knighted Jorah for his bravery that day, the proudest of Jorah's life, though he says what he was most thinking about was that he really needed to piss because he'd been sealed in metal plate armor for sixteen hours straight. Barristan is sorry that he wasted so much of his life defending kings who didn't deserve it. He spent seventeen years defending Robert, and the Mad King before that. Barristan explains that a man of honor must keep his vows no matter what, whether he's serving a drunk or a lunatic. Barristan says she'll have good men to advise her, though he respectfully warns that it might not be well for her to be seen with Jorah at her side when they return to Westeros; Jorah admits that he may never be rid of the moral taint of selling slaves, which is abhorred in Westeros. Jorah then begins to subtly ask about the advisors on the Small Council, if any of them spoke against Robert when he wanted Daenerys, the last Targaryen, assassinated. It becomes apparent that Jorah is trying to figure out if Barristan knew that Jorah was initially a spy for King Robert, reporting back to Varys.

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The shocking video has angered social media users who feel even if the animal was tamed it still was a dangerous situation. “This is a wild animal and its instinct is to attack, so regardless of the time spent taming it, its nature never changes and it’s killing readiness remains strong,” one Saudi user Khalid Al Mutairi commented. “All the necessary measures should be taken to ensure the highest levels of safety. Unfortunately, some people today look at keeping wild animals as a harmless fashion. There have been a number of similar attacks in the Gulf States, largely due to the trend for keeping large wild animals as pets. In March, a Kuwait man died in Saudi Arabia after being attacked by a pet lion. READ MORE: Tiger in Saudi Arabia attacks man after he tries to play with it (VIDEO) In 2014, a cleaner died in Kuwait after being mauled by a pet lion in the house she worked at. Saudi Arabian girl is mauled by a TIGER which was being walked around market dailymail. o. k. Suspect Theresa Wiltse, 49, showed up to receive the money and was tailed and then arrested by Kennewick police last Friday night. Court documents say blood was found in the back seat of Wiltse's vehicle, and that she confessed to being part of a plot to kidnap 69-year-old Sandra Harris. Harris' body was found Sunday along a rural road near Kennewick. Police say Harris and her husband, Randy, owned Ace Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Kennewick.

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Tan also said he had not had contact with the European Central Bank, which is considering a possible assessment of Deutsche Bank's two largest shareholders, including the Qatari royal family. Tan said he was unaware of a timeline to close HNA Capital's proposed buyout of SkyBridge Capital, the hedge fund platform founded by newly installed White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. The regulatory process may take more than a few weeks, he added. Separately, Tan said that HNA revenue had increased by an estimated 199 percent in the first half of the year, while profits were up more than 40 percent, without providing detailed numbers. Fortune said earlier on Monday that HNA had moved up in the Fortune 500 ranking this year to 170th from 464th. (Reporting by Matthew Miller and Rachel Armstrong, with additional reporting by Olivia Oran in NEW YORK; Editing by Ian Geoghegan)NOW WATCH: Scientists overlooked a major problem with going to Mars — and they fear it could be a suicide mission. The firm lost a third of its assets after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges last September. And this includes abilities that we would normally consider superpowers if humans were to have them. But these powers really do exist in the animal kingdom. In the superhero world, Matt Murdock, who was blinded by radioactive waste as a child, developed a superhuman ability to sense using sound waves and became the superhero Daredevil. Bats, despite being nocturnal animals, cannot see in the dark. The bat emits a very high frequency sound and listens for the echo that bounces off objects. Sounds that take longer to bounce back indicate that the surroundings are further away. Most of the impersonated species are poisonous, and so pretending to be them helps the octopus ward off predators.

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While the Obama administration allowed Europe to take the lead on the Minsk process, Volker has been empowered to make the U. S. a player in the effort. The objective now is to change Russia's strategic thinking, one official said, and providing defensive weapons to Ukraine would be one way to do that. To many adults ages 20-36, these furry creatures are much more than cute companions—they’ re starter children. A recent study from business solutions agency Gale found that 44 percent of millennials see their pets as “practice” for the real deal, with 21 percent citing that as the main reason for welcoming an animal into their homes and another 23 percent saying it was at least part of the reason. And The Washington Post reported last year that three-fourths of Americans in their 30s own a dog and over half own a cat. Marketers say they’ ve noticed that the perception of pets has changed with this generation—and they can take that animals-as-kids perspective to the bank. Here’s what millennial pet parents told us they want from brands, including customization, convenience and quality: Mollie McGill, 26, and Patrick Sullivan, 29, are proud parents of Cooper, 2. In fact, McGill liked the company so much that she left her job in advertising to become the lead designer for Ollie Pets. The couple looks for brand voice, values and high-quality products before bringing them to Cooper. A study from Wakefield Research recently noted that for millennials, it’s essential that products are BPA-free, made of organic or natural materials and hypoallergenic. She also looks for cute products at Target or online from other social media accounts of dogs, aka “dogfluencers. According to the Wakefield study, millennials think differently about what an “essential” purchase is for their pets.