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Meanwhile, the Exxon Mobil PAC focused on taking the House and Senate for the Republicans, greatly increasing the money spent on these races. Perhaps the companies wanted to back the odds-on favorite; perhaps an industry that works on 25- to 50-year timelines decided that it could weather another four to eight years of a known quantity (even an unfriendly one) like Clinton better than an unknown one like Trump, who could cause irreparable damage. Controlling Congress was the security measure against either presidential victor. Bush, Dick Cheney, James Baker, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates reportedly offered “glowing endorsements” of Tillerson either to Trump or to Tennessee Republican Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As I detail in The Bush Agenda, the ties that bind these men and women to Exxon Mobil run deep. In 2000, for example, the oil industry, including Exxon Mobil, spent more money than on any previous election to get fellow oilmen Bush and Cheney into office, while Baker’s law firm has represented Exxon Mobil for decades, and Gates and Rice have a consulting firm that has Exxon Mobil as a client. We have already experienced, and continue to suffer the consequences of, the devastation wrought by this group in pursuit of its crude objectives. Within six years, it was largely privatized and utterly dominated by foreign firms, including Exxon Mobil. “Of course it’s about oil; we can’t really deny that,” said Gen. John Abizaid, former head of U. . Central Command and Military Operations in Iraq, in 2007. The company participated in the Cheney Energy Task Force, which first met just 10 days into the new administration. Its work included reviewing “operational policies” toward Iraq and “actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields. In its final report in May 2001, the task force argued that Middle Eastern countries should be urged “to open up areas of their energy sectors to foreign investment. This is precisely what was achieved in Iraq. For the next decade, former and current executives of Western oil companies, including Exxon Mobil, acted first as administrators of Iraq’s oil ministry and then as “advisers” to the Iraqi government. By that summer, Exxon Mobil had joined with several other Western oil companies to articulate their own goals for post-war Iraq through the International Tax and Investment Center’s (ITIC) Iraq project. The ITIC’s report, “Petroleum in Iraq’s Future,” released in the fall of 2004, made the case for opening Iraq’s oil industry to foreign oil companies using Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) that grant companies control over production decisions, the right to book reserves as their own and contract lengths 10 times longer than is typical. In 2009, Exxon Mobil emerged as one of the war’s biggest winners, joining with PetroChina to sign a PSA for the super-giant West Qurna oil field, one of the largest oil fields in the world, and later acquiring exploration contracts in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

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Duncan is upset at the perceived handling of his son, Chris Duncan, by both the Cardinals media and front office. Tony LaRussa's right-hand man since 1983 has also lost influence with the front office, no longer being consulted on decisions and not seeing his philosophy mesh with the minor league philosophy. Duncan insists any decision will come in the off-season and be a professional, not personal decision. Color us skeptical. Duncan is possibly the best pitching coach in the game now that Leo Mazzone has retired. It would be a blow to the Cardinals' future as fantasy owners would no longer be able to pick up Cardinal pitchers and see them morph into world-beaters on a regular basis. -Rotoworld Duncan has certainly had his share of success. Not sure why he'd go elsewhere over something so minor, but needless to say, on the open market, he might get more than many managers. Hard to believe an administration whose entire strategy involves tax and spend is having trouble eliminating a type of spending. To quote Letterman; please, please, no wagering. 1. Who has played the most 2B this year? 2. Corey Hart B. Jason Kendall C. Mat Gamel 4. With a runner at 3B and less than 2 outs, which two regulars have got the runner in most often? 5. Prince has been walked intentionally the most. ho is 2nd and 3rd?

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There’s been a little bit of stumbling around, some legal stumblings. I don’t know. I assume it’ll be in the first quarter, but I can’t say more than that. Advertisement Midnight: Jaws (1975) Greg McLean knows monsters: giant outback reptiles, vengeful Anasazi spirits, and smiling Crocodile Dundee types who will turn you into a head on a stick. But as possibly the most seasoned director we spoke to for this feature, the Aussie genre pro also understands the value of not showing the monster—an approach he partially learned from one of the most famous creature features of all time. With the Wolf Creek miniseries now in full swing, a third Wolf Creek movie in development, and the death-match thriller The Belko Experiment coming soon to theaters, we spoke with McLean about the movie that made the whole world afraid to go swimming. Greg McLean: Jaws was one of the first movies that I saw where it did something to me, quite honestly, that I’m sure it did to many people around the world. The fear in the movie was so profound and so well-done that it made me scared of going in the water. Even in the bath or the shower, because it’s psychologically so cleverly done that you have this fear of this unknown thing and it’s really because of someone’s skill with creating a fear of something in your mind. And it’s something in the shock—the emotion of what you can’t see below the water that’s really terrifying. And when I saw that movie, I realized the power of that. The power of implication and the power of suggestion. And what a brilliant filmmaker Spielberg was to be able to capture the essence of what the fear of a shark is. A pure terror. So obviously the movie is amazingly entertaining and has so many great aspects, from the characters to the story to the writing. But as a horror film, to be able to capture something that is so profoundly terrifying for everyone around the world is just an amazing feat. Advertisement AVC: How old were you when you first saw it. GM: I think it was early, because I was living in a small town in Australia. I’m trying to think of what year it came out. AVC: ’75.

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saw it more as Littlefinger rolling his eyes at the fact that the Maester of Winterfell not knowing what the longest winter of record is. It's like the tour guide at the Empire State Building not knowing how tall it is. First, because he didn't react until after the line about Maester Luwin keeping copies of every message (not after the line about not knowing), and second, because it was a pretty quick look backward, not an eye-roll. I think Littlefinger realized in that moment that, somewhere in the depths of Winterfell, there's a loose end. It sure seems like Cersei's getting way too overconfident. She's even letting her guard down with the servants re sleeping with Jaime. Granted at this point it really doesn't matter who knows. Also that can't possibly be the first servant to wind up in the loop. anearys said she'd been raped. Again, I don't remember that happening, unless you count her wedding night with Drogo. he was a less than willing partner. o more gross skin Jorah. But does he know where to go now to rejoin Danearys? (Who, by the way, does seem in dire need of competent military counsel. Her wedding night with Khal Drogo is what I thought of when she mentioned being raped. And I'm sure it's widespread knowledge in Westeros by now that Daenerys has set up camp on Dragonstone. I look forward to seeing Ser Jorah take his place as her Master of War and or heal of her Queensguard. Arya couldn't sit though a conversation with Cersei for that long without killing her. hat might be the perfect opportunity for Daenerys to set lots of her enemies on fire, and maybe take the gold. She's got to change tactics and start using the dragons sometime, preferably sooner rather than later.

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There will be no ties (of note: I’ve left out the Walking Dead, a show that pops up on a lot of lists and is extremely popular, but I’ve not seen. If you think it, or any other show should be included on this list, please explain why in the comments section). I know of few shows whose characters stir the emotions of the viewers (both positively and negatively) so strongly. Though the producers of Game of Thrones have an unfair advantage being able to use Martin’s characters from his books, they still do a brilliant job (mostly) staying true to what they are in the text (which not every adaptation of a book has done a good job with, have they Peter Jackson? . Now Breaking Bad has its own set of fantastic characters with Walt, Jessie, Saul, Gus, and Mike (who’s even better in “Better Call Saul”). The wire comes in 4 th because the show’s premise is “The System” more than it is the characters. The way Vince Gilligan connects each part of his five season drama, aligning every dot from start to finish has not been equaled. Of course, I’m a guy who wants all my questions answered (still waiting Lost! . So for those who don’t care as much about that, you might choose the Sopranos here. Any show that can humanize the Mafia the way the Sopranos does is doing exceptional work behind the camera. And The Wire is not that far from either of these two. Truth is, none of these shows would be getting mentioned without the excellent direction and writing. But Game of Thrones is not quite at the level the other three are in this area. The in-depth, balanced look into all facets from the criminals, the police, the politicians, the schools, the parents, and the media gives the viewer the realization that, much like real life, not every ending will be a happy one. I placed the Sopranos second here because of the acclaim actual mobsters gave the show for its realistic portrayal of mafia life. Breaking Bad is amazing, but I doubt any of our chemistry teachers became the top drug kingpin in North America and Europe. And while GoT does have the very realistic medieval times politics of noble houses and ill-fated conclusions for many of its characters, I cannot put a show with dragons, zombies, wargs and fireball throwing children ahead of realistic portrayals of American life. Whether it be “The Red Wedding,” The Purple Wedding,” Ned Stark’s beheading, “The Red Viper vs.

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In any one of the Warcraft Wealth Reviews that you find on the Internet, there is usually specific wordings that state it is the best gold making guide that is out on the market today. This is a pretty big phrase to read by people who have not gotten the guide yet. The reviews that you read about this guide could take you right to a website where your next plan of action will be to purchase the guide so that you can learn how to make all that gold on your World of Warcraft game. Another matter a good World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guide will explain is how you can bring in heaps of gold from just answering the normal quests and precisely the way to do them so you attain more gold. There are certain characters in the game that drop additional trade goods and gold in the game than others and these are the ones to mark as any dependable World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guide will assure you. Once you arrive to the website, you will see a little advertisement somewhere on the right side of the page that says World of Warcraft 10-Day Free Trial. World of Warcraft is a landmark game and has been a sensation in its first year of release. As it proceeds through its second year, it is likely to continue its success and see its fan base become even greater. The game world of Azeroth is also set to grow, as a new game expansion is coming to enhance the World of Warcraft experience. Naturally whenever you know how to carry out World of Warcraft Gold Farming the right way then you'll feel that you love the game much more. Today i'm going to tell you a couple of places that are the better in the game for World of Warcraft Gold Farming so you can stop troubling about being stone-broke. Get the Warcraft Gold guide and let us say that you have a couple stacks of leather and copper ore. The auction house is where you will make most of your money. As a general rule, you should be able to sell your copper ore for between 1g and 3g a stack. Your light leather will be less, probably 50s-1g a stack. The first thing you should do when you make a sale is buy bigger bags because this will let you carry more items, and means that you will not have to unload your bags as often, which means that you save time. Once you have some gold, and you reach level 20, you should use it to buy a mount, which will let you accumulate gold even faster. Besides the existence of the Twilight's Hammer cultists, specifics are scarce Stonecore. The few explorers with ventured into the sanctuary in the Temple of Earth describe jagged and irregular actions - by some not known beast elemental - of which intertwine throughout that, in many instances, lead to dead concludes. The stories talk regarding the scariest rock wyrm whom prowl the darkness in the subterranean region.

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He knows that, as a Fijian in the home side, he will be a target for special treatment. He is prepared to meet fire with fire. 'You know what is coming,' he said. 'You take it and you have got to give it back. They'll know it's coming, too. As well as the injury hampering the younger Vunipola brother, lock Dave Attwood has returned to Bath with a knee problem and his bench place is likely to be filled by club team-mate Charlie Ewels, who could make his senior debut. Fiji players 'furious' at 'pocket money' match fee offered to face England dailymail. o. k. With Xavi retired and Andres Iniesta injured, Manchester City’s magician conjures up most of the best football Spain produce these days. He made two of their four goals at the weekend and is also the fifth highest goalscorer in the country’s history. Full back power Spain’s third goal against Macedonia on Saturday came from a cross by right back Dani Carvajal and a volley from left back Nacho Monreal. Carvajal had also crossed for the opener, and if Spain play a back four the full backs will provide much of the width. Soft centre The odd couple of Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique remain Spain’s first-choice centre back pairing. You wouldn’t put them on a desert island together (unless you were making a reality TV show) but they complement each other brilliantly on the pitch. With both out injured, former Barcelona defender Marc Bartra (now at Dortmund) partnered Real Madrid reserve Nacho at the weekend. That is a drop in quality and England could take advantage. Concerns over coping without Ramos and Pique could even lead to a back three. The new coach has tried it before and Chelsea’s Cesar Azpilicueta plays that system for his club. Senior striker At 35 years and nine months, Aritz Aduriz became the oldest player to score for Spain at the weekend.

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The problem is that the timing of the marriage doesn't line up with the tales of Azor Ahai's victory in the War for the Dawn. If the Night Watch and the Wall weren't created until after the Walkers' defeat, then the Night King is unrelated to that history. Interestingly, when Sam goes through the Watch's records, they don't line up with their spoken history, particularity with regards to the number of lord commanders they've had. There's lots of wiggle room here for the Night King to be something other than number 13. The Prince would have been settled as a ruler at the Night Fort, with his lands the area in which the Wall was being raised. The Wall would then not only have been created to keep out the Others, but also to keep men out of the far north. The only original passage would have been the magical door under the Wall at the Night Fort, which only the Night King would control. The sacrifices would have been people trying to get past the Wall for whatever reason--Wildlings trying to get out, former lords trying to get back their lands. Or perhaps large numbers of sacrifices were needed to create so large a magical object as the Wall. In terms of the Starks, that would imply that Brandon Stark was probably the Prince here, or a close relative. The Wall, being made of ice, was probably mostly raised by the Others, with a series of magical safeguards added by Brandon, who may not have been the nicest of guys. He may also have been long-lived in a similar magical way that the current Three-Eyed Raven is, outliving several generations of human lords and becoming a pale and misunderstood figure. Eventually a younger Stark deposed him with the help of Joramon and set up the Night's Watch we're more familiar with. To hang onto the Stark's legitimacy, the Night King's name (and the Watch's early history) was expunged. As a token of that peace, Joramon is given the Horn of Winter from the Starks, which probably originally belonged to the Watch. If ever the Wall goes back to being a terrible regime, Joramon can destroy it utterly. That would explain how a Wildling ended up with the Horn and also why Joramon hid it away. With the Walkers dormant, the Wall kept the kings of the south out of his affairs and made him the most powerful figure in his lands. It's only in later history that the Wildlings want the Wall to come down. Thank you for putting this here in such a clear, succinct manner.

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This same delight in mimetic reciprocities — in the call and response of growth and creation — is now expressed in Edwards’s touching submission to his wife’s ministry. If Nature is the sacramental book where God records his consent to Himself, earthly marriage schools His creations in the harmonics of the Divine benevolence. Nature’s symmetries and a woman’s voice inspire Lowell’s ecstatic Edwards to a kind of creative action modeled on God’s making. Then God’s love shone in sun, moon and stars, on earth, in the waters, in the air, in the loose winds, which used to greatly ? your mind. Often she saw you come home from a ride or a walk, your coat dotted with thoughts you had pinned there on slips of paper. (Selected Poems, 121) In these verses Jonathan Edwards — in the line of Augustine and More, Newman, Hopkins, and Lowell himself — forgoes narrow dogmatisms. He trades in the sectarian’s coat to put on God’s surplice. Lowell’s depiction of Edwards “writing, writing, writing” (123) shows Edwards converted to a kind of creative activity eschewing predestinarian certainty for a more plangent and instantaneous mode. The very singing echo of the phrase, “writing, writing, writing,” evocative of Sarah Pierrepont’s own song, suggests Edwards’s assent to the reality of human incompleteness and his embrace of constant mimetic e? rt as a making in God’s image. Then there is a question whether my poems are religious, or whether they just use religious imagery. My last poems don’t use religious imagery, they don’t use symbolism. In many ways they seem to me more religious than the early ones, which are full of symbols and references to Christ and God. I’m sure the symbols and the Catholic framework didn’t make the poems religious experiences. Yet I don’t feel my experience changed very much. (Collected Prose, 250) I have been suggesting that the confessionalism of Lowell’s late years is characterized by a more literal reading of Augustinian time than the Protestantism Lowell inherited. Such works as Watkin’s Catholic Art and Culture and Gilson’s The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy, the primer texts of Lowell’s conversion, only reinforced this sense. The table of contents of Gilson’s The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy (chapter 3, “Beings and Their Contingence”; chapter 4, “Analogy, Causality and Finality”; chapter 5, “Christian Optimism”; chapter 6, “The Glory of God”) is itself a suggestive digest of Lowell’s developed poetics. Such a poetics requires an activist image-maker, the poet as upholder and actualizer of a revelation exacting constant renewal.