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THAT was the important thing: Dany had finally got her army onto some ships and was about to invade. I know they lacked radar and satellites in those days but somehow I could never imagine that Dany's fleet was going to remain a great big secret, so that Cersei and Jaime would not hear of it. And whether or not Jaime agrees with Cersei, we know he is totally FOR Westeros and has absolutely no love for any Targaryans, let alone the Mad King's daughter. So for me, knowing Jaime's character and the fact that he would always defend Westeros against Dany, I found it perfectly reasonable that in the time gap between S6 and S7, he would have put aside (or at least shelved for another day) any issues he may have had with Cersei about the Sept etc. This was also made clear in his scene with Olenna, where you could sense how Jaime was still obviously trying to rationalise things as regards Cersei's behaviour. He was clearly not happy within himself with what Cersei had done and even her attitude to him, but he was quite right in saying that the ordinary people would put aside the Sept explosion if they were given peace and good government. Jaime understands that the vast majority of people aren't interested in politics and power games - they just want to be left in peace and quiet to get on with their lives. But I found the “simmering tension” about the sept lacking and too subtle for the massive iconic moment that it was in S6. Cersei acting like Aerys when Jaime has gained his reputation by stopping that very act from happening was a huge deal. All it would have taken, IMO, were one or two scenes that gave Jaime’s own personal inner conflict a bit of time and space to breathe, or that made it clearer that he was putting aside that issue for the greater threat.

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I felt good. Special teams, we had some good reps, and then on defense, I think there's some things we got to clean up. Obviously, you want to get more time in (with starters), but it's the preseason. My job here has been pretty clearly defined so far. I'm the special teams guy, roleplay linebacker and that's where my focus is at. Benson's birthday was July 12, but this celebration was the official soiree, and as such many came far and wide to the museum to celebrate. Benson was situated at a table near the front door - best to receive partygoers, but it also gave him the perfect spot to watch the festivities, which included music from the Victory Belles (the Bensons danced a bit to one of the songs they performed) and Sarah Jane McMahon. Their performance space on the Great Hall landing was framed by lush floral arrangements by Johnny Lopez of Perfect Presentations, whose other floral arrangements accented the dining tables. There were not one, but three cakes by Haydel's Bakery. Each depicted a building: the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Smoothie King Center and Benson Tower.

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And takes my pulse. So we shall see if tonight’s address gets us back to an easy joking style. Which prognosticator profoundly predicted perfectly. Didn’t you? Mr. Kleine, former state treasurer, former Michigan mathematician mastermind, is the 2013 winner of the Public Sector Consultants annual state prophecy contest. The PSC tossed 57 questions at him and all contestants and he answered 46 correctly, for 80. percent. Okay, not exactly in the realm of spoon-bending with your mind on national TV, but pretty darn good. In a tie for second place was John Bebow at the Center for Michigan and George Wood of Mason.