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It's me, interviewing protestors and activists who were at last Sunday's demonstration and who are involved with several local organizations whose causes include pro-impeachment, anti-war, and pro-peace groups. This episode is 53MB and features 57:56 of thoughtful, non-mainstream political discussion. I first interviewed Sue Ferra (at 1:33) and George Miller (at 2:58) at the From Every Village Green protest on Sunday. NOTE: in the show I got the percentage wrong of Americans who would favor impeachment, given Bush's lies about the war. It was actually 53% in favor of impeachment vs. 42% against. For details, see Majority of Americans Support Impeachment. Here is a 2002 speech by Congressman Ron Paul advocating the abolishment of the Fed. For those of you who prefer to watch a video, here you go. Should you wish to listen, it's from 12:42 to 15:40. The two people I interviewed on the air were Deb Atwell and Steve Burke. Deb is the local contact for Maine Impeach, and Steve is one of the original founders of the Midcoast Peace and Justice Group. Midcoast Peace and Justice holds meetings at 7PM on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Rockland. Both Maine Impeach and Midcoast Peace and Justice will provide pro-impeachment stickers and yard signs, should you desire that. The two largest are Peace Action Maine in Portland, and the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine in Bangor. An umbrella organization is the Maine Coalition for Peace and Justice.

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So what I’m saying is, in my mind, we’re creating broad categories. We’re creating categories, and I agree, they’re arbitrary, but they’re there to say this one ? ld of endeavor, this is another ? ld of endeavor, and this is another one. Later on, or maybe at some point when you feel strong in each of those three, you won’t want to keep them distinct. You may be able to put them together in some sort of sophisticated fashion that you see Toni Morrison doing or like you’ll see in a graduation, a graduate program. Anyway. So that, but they don’t know what the categories are. They don’t know what it is that they can play with. And I think, and I, I really feel that as long as we keep it fuzzy so that they are free to roam, they sometimes get lost. I think there will be students who will, who will appreciate these categories, and there will be some students say basically fuck you, I’m not going to stick with these categories, I’m going to do it my own way. I think those people should be supported and strengthened, but I think it’s, majority of the students want to do it but don’t know where to go, and that’s why I think these categories need to be in place and then individual teachers will say, you know, this is really awkward, Jim, you don’t have to do it this way, when we see those students coming up against a brick wall. So, I see then—this is why I was arguing for kinds of what go into each of these categories, because we have to move from, we, we, in that we as a continuum where there are different kinds of things and we ? ally approach the ending, and ironically, the end that we approach is not the pure literature. So how, we need then—I think that we need to describe the literature expectation across divisions to re? ct this wide, this long line of things that we need to do.

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January 27-28 japan grill abdul paula straight up video Eagle Harbor - dinner at the Pub or Restaurant at the head of. Chinese restaurant that doesn’t peerless importers inc movie nyc theatres mars movie roving require a trip to the International District or. It’s not always easy finding restaurants in Seattle. SPORT Restaurant and Bar. 140 custom design jewelry Fourth Ave N Seattle, WA 98109. Verity Credit. movie of harry potter and the goblet of fire movies on demand online latinas porn movies ialomita map Union is headquartered in Seattle, Washington USA. North Seattle; Pioneer Square; pickled venison heart Queen Anne; Redmond; Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Seattle Reviews: Restaurants, Doctors, Bars, Salons and more. What's. logical fallacies great in your area. I avd video processor 7. serial love visiting NPS sites and wav to mp3 convertor free download build free personal site web getting my passport stamps. Find the Seattle restaurant that fits your mood and budget. This is the quintessential Seattle butterscotch fox restaurant. The Seattle.

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The panelists were Travis, Matt, and Greg Bennett of Technical Difficulties. This panel is an exploration of the evolution of Lovecraft's works in the modern era. And how what we experience today might changed due to the influenced by other mediums. Travis talks about Ludonarrative Dissonance (Fludonarrative discobiscuits if you're hungry). If you've been in the video game blog-o-sphere at some point, you have heard of LND (I'm not typing out the entire word you can't make me). But is it necessarily the pejorative term as its become in video game circles. Listen to this panel from Gen Con that gives the answer: NO. Most of all if anything LND is a feature most Tabletop GMs and Players are intimately familiar with, but haven't realized there was a term for. As such, listen in, learn a thing (maybe), and speak up if you have questions. Welcome to Herding Cats: Ludonarrative Dissonance and Players. (Dammit you tricked me into writing the full things again. Do you want to take part in a playtest of Gobblin': The Goblin RPG. This story was later adapted into the multimillion dollar Sci-Fi motion picture Arrival. Experiencing both of these media, the throughline can be easily found, but the two stories are vastly different in their construction to aid in conveying their core message in a written format and a visual medium. In translating writing concepts between media, we have picked apart specific ways the story has been adapted to make it work better, and we will pass these teachings onto you. In the year of its release, it was awarded Adventure Game of the Year by AdventureGamers.

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Shot in the back, the dutiful and honorable Officer Scriver collapses facedown, his flashlight rolling on the close-cropped grass. He returns to the cruiser, throws the bags of takeout from the car, and drives out of the park. In horror, some buck and kick, metaphorically speaking, when they see themselves committing atrocities. Others, like Reese Salsetto, actually feel liberated by their new master, and respond less like ridden beasts than like conspirators. They are thrilled that they have been freed from the last constraints that hobbled them, from the fear of death, and may now be the fully revealed and ruthless apostles of chaos that they have longed to be. Instead he has done his evil in the unimaginative and plodding manner of a dull-minded bureaucrat, in the process poaching the leaves of his soul until they are nothing but a cup of weak tea. Incapable of either outrage or delight at the acts his rider forces him to commit, Andy Tane can react only as the coward he has for so long been, retreating into a kind of automatismic trance, allowing himself to be used while retreating from all awareness of what he has been forced to do. But his powers of gentle persuasion, long practiced with witnesses, and his earnest assurances convinced her to give him three minutes. An intravenous drip maintained her body fluids and sugar level. The deep hollows of her eyes seemed exaggerated, resembling those of luckless travelers in movies about survival on a desert trek along a route where every oasis was a mirage. She was on painkillers, but the effect was more apparent in the slackness of her face and in her lethargy than in her eyes, which were clear, focused, and suggestive of alertness. Her gaze slid to her left, to the hanging IV bags, past them to the heart monitor. He suspected that she might wish, as he almost did, that they were insane, delusional, rather than to know that such a thing as this could be true. In the main lobby, half the fluorescent lights are doused. But he knows how to find his way to the emergency room by an interior route. A heavyset woman sits at the only open registration window.


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Avon's reaction was just priceless, especially since he's considered to be the genius on the ship, whereas Vila is mostly looked down upon as cowardly and a bit slow. D That was just a funny little character moment. Another great moment happened during the series finale, this time more serious but again involving Avon. And also, for once, we see Avon react to it without any witty comment. It probably meant a lot to him, since his way of doing things has usually been rejected in the past, in favor of Roj's. I love how they both got away with it and that even Blake doesn't know what they were up to. P I do wonder exactly how intelligent Vila is. Perhaps Vila's increasing reliance on alcohol is making him less intelligent than he really is. I do love the complexity of the relationship between Blake and Avon. As well as that scene in Star One it was very interesting in the episode Countdown that Blake threatened Anna Grant's brother that if anything happened to Avon then he, Blake, would come looking for him. I also particularly liked that in that episode we get to see some of Avon's back story and that he did have a relationship with someone who was murdered by the Federation. It goes a long way, I think, in explaining Avon's attitude. He's been hurt badly before, so now he looks after No. 1. I also love that you are never sure which way Avon is going to fall, whether he is going to give up everyone to the Federation or if he is going to to hang around in the hope he can get his hands on the Liberator. Personal favourites are Aftermath, Powerplay, City at the Edge of the World, Rumours of Death and Sarcophagus.

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Paying one or many of them to run your infrastructure is, as so many companies have concluded, a good use of people and attention. When you pick a cloud vendor, you're applying the same logic you do when you use FedEx or UPS to deliver a package. Why buy your own fleet of delivery planes and trucks when the delivery experts already have them. That is, unless doing so gives you some kind of competitive advantage. This is why you shouldn't spend too much time, effort, or energy on mapping out a cloud strategy. While it's certainly a great enabling technology that will make life easier on many fronts, the cloud should not be considered a core competency in and of itself. It's just something that's going to happen over time. So, if not a cloud strategy, what should you be thinking about instead. How are you going to manage it seamlessly across mixed infrastructure. And how will you apply security and governance policies to all of it. You should also be thinking about the many ways you're going to derive value from your data, and how all of those ways should work equally well across cloud vendors. For one thing, you'll want and need common data governance and security policies applied to the data, no matter where it resides. And when you decide it's time to add cloud vendors to your global data management system, consider whether or not will your ability to work with your data will change. Spend your time thinking about ways to avoid getting locked in with a particular vendor. A data strategy must be flexible in order to meet both your current and future needs. The total amount of data you have will expand and new data sources emerge, and the number of things you'll want to use the data for will likely increase as well.